You Left Me Here…

Featured Items: DISORDERLY. / Shell Summer (Collabor88), Paper Magic (Crystal Heart Academy), Zibska Polona Headpiece (Salon 52) & Emeline (TLC)

Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Zephyr hair (Store)
Tail- Lorelei Bento Mermaid Tail (Store)

Top- [CX] / [CntrpN] Clam Yo Tits (Anthem)
Hair Flowers- Zibska Polona Headpiece (Salon 52)

Eye Shadow/Hair Piece- Zibska Emeline (TLC)
Lipstick- Zibska ~ Folia Lips (Store)

Shells- DISORDERLY. / Shell Summer (Collabor88)
Book- DISORDERLY. / Paper Magic (Crystal Heart Academy)


Just Want to be Loved

Featured Items: [CX] / [CntrpN] Clam Yo Tits (Anthem), Zibska ~ Ambrosios Set (We ❤ RP), & [Cubic Cherry] {DODO} (Pet Friends)

Hair- Raven Bell – Nereid Hair (Crystal Heart Academy)
Wings- Zibska ~ Ambrosios Set (We ❤ RP)

Top- [CX] / [CntrpN] Clam Yo Tits (Anthem)
Bottoms- [CX] Barrel Slingshots (Store)

-[TWC]- Been Naughty (Store)

Bird- [Cubic Cherry] {DODO} Loving Dodo RARE (Pet Friends)

Fluttering Heart

Featured Items: [CX] x Insomnia Angel – Luvshuka (Kustom9), -[TWC]- Skull Ribbons + Blushful (Eclipse), & Zibska ~ Delphie (Trunk Show)

Hair- [monso] My Hair – Nekotto (Store)

Dress Thingy- [CX] x Insomnia Angel – Luvshuka (Kustom9)
Panties- [CX] Sultry Kunoichi (Panties) (Store)
Stockings- Pure Poison – Nova Socks & Sandals (Kustom9)

Eye Shadow & Lipstick- Zibska ~ Delphie (Trunk Show)
Cheek Scratches/Hair Bow- -[TWC]- Skull Ribbons + Blushful (Eclipse)

*All background stuff is Photoshopped in so don’t ask where you can find it in SL*

From the Murky Depths

Featured Items: CURELESS[+] Galaxias Cinched Bodysuit (Store), THIS IS WRONG Scales Materials Shine, & Spookshow – Diabolos Earring Set (Eclipse)

Hair- booN Lab.035 hair2 (Store)
Eyes- CURELESS[+] Quattrocular & Space Eyes (Store)

Body Suit- CURELESS[+] Galaxias Cinched Bodysuit (Store)
Collar- [CX] XenoCircuit (Store)
Necklace- MG – Jessica Sanctuary (FaMESHed)
Breathing Tool- -[TWC]- Hazard (Store)
Extra Earrings- Spookshow – Diabolos Earring Set (Eclipse)

THIS IS WRONG Scales Materials Shine (Eclipse)

Blue Mornings with Pancakes

Featured Item: DISORDERLY. / June Berries (Belle)

Hair- =DeLa*= “Sommer” (Store)

Dress- :V.e. Loren Dress (Store)
Shoes- .pt. fulda heels (Store)
Necklace- (Kunglers) Mirian necklace (Store)
Rings- (Yummy) Serena Rings (Store)
Pancakes- DISORDERLY. / June Berries (Belle)

Eye Shadow- Zibska ~ Tuesday (Unik)

A Little Clumsy

Featured items: DISORDERLY. / Delicious Adventures (The Arcade), [Cubic Cherry] {Momoka} (Flora), & Zibska ~ Adorn (Shiny Shabby)

Hair- *barberyumyum*L07(05) (SaNaRae)

Dress- -Pixicat- Ruffle.Dress (Store)
Shoes- [Cubic Cherry] {Momoka} (Flora)
Socks- friday – Launa Socks (Store)
Necklace- (Kunglers) Sahara necklace (Store)

Eye Shadow & Extra Back Art- Zibska ~ Adorn (Shiny Shabby)

Cat/Ice Cream- DISORDERLY. / Delicious Adventures / Messy Cat (The Arcade)
Butterflies- {anc} butterfly of meadow (Uber)

Rainbow Dreams

*Special RL Project*

I happen to have a sweet little lady in my life who loves checking out my art on a regular basis and tell me how wonderful they are. Though, she does wish I did pictures with girls more often and apparently guys aren’t allowed to have long hair or wear skirts lol. The conversations around my pics are actually quite funny and have usually ended with her asking me to make a special one just for her.

So, this year for her 9th birthday I decided to find out what her “Dream Picture” would be and make it for her as a present (She gets to have a huge version of this as a poster for her room along with being the front art for her birthday invitations)… She fan girled so much and squealed in delight like crazy when she saw the finished piece. Also from what I hear, this pic got rave reviews at the printing shop \o/.

Doing this was a lot of fun even with the hard task of finding a blue princess dress that was appropriate and wouldn’t have all the very conservative parents freaking out. My Roomie sat next to me for that and it was a lot of OMG that skirt is so short & that neck line is too low… are all the boobs that big?…can you make them smaller?”. He doesn’t play SL so yeah, I had to explain a few things one of them being that his idea of me using a sitting pose with this dress was just not gonna happen and I was going to stab him if he ever suggested it again!

But, Yays… happily completed and now I can go back to my usual dark long haired skirt wearing boys… hope you all like the pic as well (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・°


~Just gonna say that 90% of what is in the pic can be found on the Curemore sim from Disorderly., Moon Amore, & Bonbon ~

Too Wild to Tame

Featured Items: *N* HypericumAndrosaemum (On9), DISORDERLY. / West Light (Belle), [Cubic Cherry] Fishnet stocks (Store), & Zibska ~ Perseus Makeup (Cyberpunk)

Hair- Tableau Vivant // Esperanza (Collabor88)

Shirt/Scarf- *katat0nik* Sunset Top & Scarf (Collabor88)
Shorts- [CX] Wild Hazard (Store)
Stockings & Boots- [Cubic Cherry] Fishnet stocks & Lenn combat boots (Store)
Flowers- *N* HypericumAndrosaemum (On9)
Bracelet- +Half-Deer+ Painted Rustic Bangle (Store)

Eye Art- Zibska ~ Perseus Makeup (Cyberpunk)

Crates & Cactus- DISORDERLY. / West Light (Belle)
Donkey- +Half-Deer+ Mini Donkey (Collabor88)
Vines- +Half-Deer+ White Blossom Vines (Store)
Butterflies- *Google yis*

Rose Tea

Featured Items: DISORDERLY. / Alice’s Tea Set v.2 (Store) & +FATHER+ – Trippy Eyes (Store)

Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Dreadndy (Store)
Eyes- +FATHER+ – Trippy Eyes (Store)

Suit- Hotdog – Tailored suit (Anthem)
Mask- *{( konpeitou )}* Spring mask : dolly fox (Store)
Teacup- DISORDERLY. / Alice’s Tea Set v.2 (Store)

Eye Shadow- Zibska ~ Ivette Eyemakeup (Store)