I’ll Die Legendary

Featured Items: [CX] The Altar Horns (Anthem), Viena. Shi Yoon (Harajuku), & – PENDULUM – AVARUS . EarCuffs (Store)

Hair- Raven Bell – Ethiel Hair (Store)
Skin- Viena. Shi Yoon (Harajuku)
Antlers- [CX] The Altar Horns (Anthem)

Collar- FAKEICON / mary gems collar (Store)
Ear Cuff- – PENDULUM – AVARUS . EarCuffs (Store)

Just Trying to Live Life for the Moment

Featured Items: Viena. Seo Jun (Store), +AH+ Bento Piercing Scene Kid & Wry 1.3 (Store), [Gild] Glare tank with h/pants (MOM), ROZOREGALIA_AGATHA*BRACELET_, Tableau Vivant \\ Tamami, L’Emporio&PL::*Elements*:: -Ring Set, & *Bolson / Tattoo – Batou (Neo-Japan)

Hair/Pins- Tableau Vivant \\ Tamami (Neo-Japan)
Skin- Viena. Seo Jun (Store)

Tank- [Gild] Glare tank with h/pants (MOM)
Rings- L’Emporio&PL::*Elements*:: -Ring Set (Neo-Japan)
Choker- [CX] Summer Hater (Store)
Face Piercings- +AH+ Bento Piercing Scene Kid & Wry 1.3 (combo) (Store)

*Bolson / Tattoo – Batou (Sleeves) (Neo-Japan)

Ready for Tomorrow

Featured Items: Viena. V – Tech Body (Store) & [Cubic Cherry] – Lil fox tails (Gacha Guild)

Skin~Body- Viena. V – Tech Body (Store)
Skin~Face- Viena. Seok (MP)
Hair- [KRR] Nemuri Hair (Store)
Tail- [Cubic Cherry] – Lil fox tails (Gacha Guild)

*Side Notes for my Femboy Readers: Viena has recently updated to full BOM YaY! So, you all can be fully updated with the times just… remember when looking for a head skin it’s best to look on the MP site for a bigger selection of girl heads to fit that Catwa or Genus; but if you have a a full grown guy body check out the main store for all your guy needs*

It’s not You, It’s Definitely Me

Featured Items: Viena. Joon Gi (Store) & .Shi Hair : Seh-Kel (Uber)

Skin- Viena. Joon Gi (Store)
Hair- .Shi Hair : Seh-Kel (Uber)
Extra Hands- {-MK-} x -[TWC]- Always Mine (Aenigma)

Shirt- ::GB:: Spring shirt 2018 (Store)

No One Cries for Me

PSA: Ralphie comes out of Skin Blogging Retirement

“Say What? You don’t even credit the skins you wear hardly; much less ever blogged them to come out of this so called retirement” some of you may be saying to yourself…

Well yes, that is true I do keep my skin credits confined mainly to my “Mega Body Posts” for reasons but all shall be explained here soon enough in my special awesomely double dose announcement YaY!

Recently I decided to learn about BOM (baked on mesh) & with that I ended up going skin shopping because the one I have been wearing didn’t even offer system layers. And, because this one little store I’ve been promising a friend to go check out had a sale going on for one of their skins during “Manly Weekend” along with a BOM update already in place I decided to pick up a demo…. I fell in love the moment I tried it on!

Those of you who have read my past PSA’s on skins know I’m super picky and have a mile long list of what I want from a skin that I wear… each & every time I usually have to make a “sacrifice” of something which with my last skin was having to wear a toe sock to cover up the horrid athlete’s foot and not being as pale as I would like…. It’s pretty much close to impossible to please me fully when it comes to skins so keep this in mind for when you read further down.

My original plan was to do a small PSA on my BOM update & just give an honorable mention to my new skin but while I was delayed on this some things happened that resulted in me being asked to blog for this skin store that I just started wearing from.

Now, usually I don’t make such a huge deal about getting a new sponsor so why am I making a huge deal here? Because… once long ago like back in 2015 I did blog for a skin store and the experience made me realize I needed to be “comfortable in my own skin” to be a more effective artist/blogger and I forever swore off blogging for any hence forth. So, this is a huge deal at least for me.

Needless to say I accept because for the 1st time in years after many stores and many searches I had found “The One” (a skin that fit my ideal perfectly)!

Ok, I’ve been going on and on about this store without even mentioning who it is. So without any further delay let me introduce Viena. 

They offer a great selection of anime skin styles that includes the perfect pale boy skin tones & soft features of my dreams along with many others. And, for those of you guys out there who have settled on using female skins to achieve certain looks with a V-tech mod that happens to include the pesky athlete’s foot… you no longer have to deal with it if you find your dream skin as well because appliers made specifically for male bodies are available.

And, as an extra bonus, the prices are amazing at only 590$L per skin tones for the heads and 250$L per skin tone for each body applier. You could walk away with your complete dream skin for just 840$L. (Most skin can be well over 1k so this is a total steal really). If it is still too expensive for you… they do also partake in sales that you can keep an eye out for like I did where I only payed 50$L for the Taeyang skin and ended up only spending 300$L in total after also buying the Belleza Jake body applier that includes a BOM layer as well \o/.

During my conversions with the creator of these awesome skins there was some talk of updating the head appliers to BOM and looking into V-tech compatibility in the future. I can’t confirm if or when these updates will happen but if they do I’ll be sure to mention them in my future posts on Viena. so keep an eye out Yes!

Hope you all enjoyed my Ramblings & got some great info for your own skin quests… see you all soon!