Flesh, Bone, and Steel

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Axer} top (Sultry), {Axer} mask (Dubai), & THIS IS WRONG Altered tattoo (Eclipse)

Horns- + Fleshy Tiny Horns + {aii} (Store)
Hands- CURELESS [+] Tin Doll Hands (Store)

Shirt- [Cubic Cherry] {Axer} top (Sultry)
Mask- [Cubic Cherry] {Axer} mask (Dubai)
Shorts- CURELESS[+] Shiny Shorts (Store)
Shoes- AZOURY – Anthropos Ballet Shoes (Store)
Hair Art- cinphul // diode (Store)
Bracelet- Messiah x .Shi : Emeth (Store)

THIS IS WRONG Altered tattoo (Eclipse)


Give ‘Em Some Lead

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Veritas} (TSS) jackets & {Xerin} faceband (TMD)

Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Bad Girls #2 (The Epiphany)

Jacket- [Cubic Cherry] {Veritas} jackets (TSS)
Bikini- V-Tech]Bulge Bikini Set (Store)
Boots- #EMPIRE – Datura (Store)
Faceband- [Cubic Cherry] {Xerin} faceband (TMD)
Guns- Bauhaus Movement – Ella – Anti-Pollen GUN (Store)

Black Magic

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] – Envoy gacha (LootBox) & {ID} Icosphere Decor (Store)

Hair- eXxEsS : ZMEY (Store)

Jacket/Undies/Geta- [Cubic Cherry] – Envoy gacha (LootBox)
*Undies are slightly Modded but hey Femboys Represtent Yo! see below for more*
Shirt- [V-Tech]Tank Top (Store)
Leg Wraps- [CX] Legwraps (Store)
Halo- :[P]:- The Verys Halos (Store)
Collar- +AH+ Belt Collar 1.1 (Store)

Clemmm – Voir Torso Tattoo (Store)

Orbs- {ID} Icosphere Decor (Store)
Disc- That be a 1-prim Wonder with lots of PS paintbrushes >.>

Side Note for the Femboys~ Sorry but yeah no bulge on those girly panties but as I fully know the pain of trying to find a quicky bulge for outfits here you go…

throw a pair of [V-Tech]Bikini Thong Bulge on the ground & go into edit where you 100% transparency the whole thing except the bulge which after you rename them to whatever you want to save & use for later! Extra bonus is the color hud will still work & you can further adjust the colors via tinting.

These aren’t perfect of course so I mainly use this for pics because I can blend them into the undies via PS, but it’s better than nothing so \o/.

Signal Lost

Happy New Year All!

Featured Items: [CX] Creature Claws (Store), [Cubic Cherry] – Sera eyes (Okinawa New Years Festival), & Butanik83 – Ninja Device SENRIGAN (Japonica)

Hair- =DeLa*= “Melora” (Store)
Eyes- [Cubic Cherry] – Sera eyes (Okinawa New Years Festival)
Claws & Rings- [CX] Creature Claws (Store)

Suit- +HILU+RAN(C) (For a Limited Time)
Head Device- Butanik83 – Ninja Device SENRIGAN (Japonica)

The Sharp Edge of Reality

Featured Item: [Cubic Cherry] {Kai} tanktop (TMD)

Hair- [monso] My Hair – Akali (Collabor88)
Right Arm- [ContraptioN] SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arm (Store)

Shirt- [Cubic Cherry] {Kai} tanktop (TMD)
Pants- ::K:: WHG Sarrouel (Store)
Arm Wrap- [CX] Origin Wraps (Store)
Hat- RO – Resonance Ultra Cat Cap (Store)
Katana- [The Forge] Annihilate Sword (FaMeshed)

Face Tatt- Le Forme Cyber Face Tattoos (Store)

+ The Red Death Tattoo + {aii} (Store)