On an Aries Night

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Aries} top (Zodiac) & {Ra} gauntlets (Days of Yore)

Base Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Elegy hair (Collabor88)
Extensions- TRUTH / Bangs (Store)
Braids- Tableau Vivant \\ Nyx hair (Store)
Ears- + Nogitsune Ears + {aii} (Store)
Tail- [M.O.R] kitsune : TAIL (Store)

Kimono & Shoes- ::GB:: Around waist Kimono & Pants & Lace-up boots sandals (Kustom9)
Shirt- [Cubic Cherry] {Aries} top (Zodiac)
Gloves- [Cubic Cherry] {Ra} gauntlets (Days of Yore)



Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] – Voracity gloves, [CX] Pantsu Codex, THIS IS WRONG Moloch (Eclipse), & [KRR] Ruyi Hair (ORIENTILIKA)

Hair- [KRR] Ruyi Hair (ORIENTILIKA)
Hands- [Cubic Cherry] – Voracity gloves (Eclipse)

Corset- [CX] Oroan’s Binding (Store)
Nipple Piercings- [CX] + .TeaBunny. Nips Gone Wild (Store)
Panties- [CX] Pantsu Codex (Eclipse)
Choker- Bauhaus Movement – Hara Necklace (Store)
Ribbon- [Cubic Cherry] {Aarya} (Store)

THIS IS WRONG Moloch (Eclipse)

Kitsunes Never Die

5th Anniversary Special

Hello One & All it’s an extra special month for me in March it’s my B-day month yis (turning 39 this year *cries*) but it is also my anniversary for my blog… 5 years ago I picked up this hobby & it’s been quite a ride thanks to a Friend & my very 1st Fan ηocтis ןνєгcøυrt suggesting it to me… (Special heart hands & Thank yous to you Mel)!

Also I want to give special thanks to the creators who took a chance on me in my 1st years before I had the followers, favs, & the skills that I do now and still have me around blogging their awesome stuff: Pierre from CLAVv., Kreao from [Cubic Cherry], & Julie from White Widow! You guys gave me confidence to keep going when I felt down and didn’t think I was any good.

And extra thank yous to the Creators & Events who have taken me on over the years… each one of you is special & dear to me! I hope to blog for you as long as you guys are around!

Last, but not least Thank you to all my Friends & Followers (got 3k & counting recently on Flickr) your support means the world to me!

Today’s special pic is actually a “Redo” of my very 1st post back when I had no idea how to do anything beyond crop, resize, & auto correct much less use Photoshop or take good pics in SL have fun laughing at how bad I was…

Bloody Kitsune

Thank Frick’n Hell I got better Yis!

Credits Finally

Hair- =DeLa*= Romane (Store)
Tail & Ears- + Nogitsune + {aii} (Store)

Suit- -Pixicat- Necromancer.Body (Store)
Shoes- REIGN.- Robichaux Booties (Store)
Pipe- [CX] Monstrum Kiseru (Store)
Collar- +AH+ Belt Collar 1.1(Store)

The Things I do for Us

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Killian} ears, {Amelie} eyes, & {Tiny Brows} (Skin Fair)

Hair- Raven Bell – Arctic Hair (Store)
Ears/Eyes/Brows- [Cubic Cherry] {Killian} ears, {Amelie} eyes, & {Tiny Brows} (Skin Fair)

Jacket- ::GB::Leather Rider Jacket (Equal10)
Collar- +AH+ Belt Collar 1.1 (Store)

Too Shy to Say Hai

Featured Item: ::K:: Cloud Jacket (TMD)

Hair- KUNI / Juliet (Equal10)

Jacket/Shirt- ::K:: Cloud Jacket Brown (TMD)
Pants- not so bad . CHARLY jeans (TMD)
Shoes- EQUAL – Neil Sneakers (Store)
Drink- [Cubic Cherry] {Healthy Drinks} (Store)

Gonna Shine

Featured Items: .Shi Hair : Ruach (Uber), CURELESS[+] Cutie Coven Eyes (Store), & [Cubic Cherry] {Strahl} halo (Whimsical)

Hair- .Shi Hair : Ruach (Uber)
Eyes- CURELESS[+] Cutie Coven Eyes / UPDATE (Store)

Jacket- ::GB::Denim Hoodie Jacket (Uber)
Dress- [Cubic Cherry] {Tita} dress (Store)
Choker- [Cubic Cherry] {Strahl} halo (Whimsical)

Flesh, Bone, and Steel

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Axer} top (Sultry), {Axer} mask (Dubai), & THIS IS WRONG Altered tattoo (Eclipse)

Horns- + Fleshy Tiny Horns + {aii} (Store)
Hands- CURELESS [+] Tin Doll Hands (Store)

Shirt- [Cubic Cherry] {Axer} top (Sultry)
Mask- [Cubic Cherry] {Axer} mask (Dubai)
Shorts- CURELESS[+] Shiny Shorts (Store)
Shoes- AZOURY – Anthropos Ballet Shoes (Store)
Hair Art- cinphul // diode (Store)
Bracelet- Messiah x .Shi : Emeth (Store)

THIS IS WRONG Altered tattoo (Eclipse)

I Could be Real

Featured Items: [CX] Oroan’s Binding, -[TWC]- Merek (Eclipse), & [Cubic Cherry] {Oeilvert} (The World of Magic)

Wings- Blueberry – Oakley Wings (Store)

Corset- [CX] Oroan’s Binding (Eclipse)
Skirt- *CHEERNO*S/S_18 LongSkirt (Store)
Arm Wraps- [Gild] Arm Warmers (Store)
Necklaces- AsteroidBox. Billi Jewelry (Kustom9)
Blindfold- Clemmm – Gentle Restraint (Store)

-[TWC]- Merek (Eclipse)

Orbs/Red Crystals- [Cubic Cherry] {Oeilvert} orb (The World of Magic)
Black Crystals*base mesh*- TLG – FF2018 Rock Crystals (Store)
~ Not original textures much mod with random things in my invo~

One Shot Through the Heart

Featured Items: CUREMORE / Love Thief (FGC), [Cubic Cherry] – Love Sick cosmetic (xoxo), & {Isil} halo (Enchantment)

Hair- Dura-B&G83 (Store)
Tail- :[P]:- Araxxis Tail (Store)

Wings/Legs/Arrow/Skirt Harness/Garters- CUREMORE / Love Thief (FGC)
Obi & Bow- CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles (Store)
Arm Bandage- Tee*fy Bandage Shoulder (Store)

Face Blush/Eyes- [Cubic Cherry] – Love Sick cosmetic (xoxo)

Body Blush- -[TWC]- Senpai’s Candy (Store)

Gold Ring- [Cubic Cherry] {Isil} halo (Enchantment)

~Please Note: quite a few things in this pic have been modded for artistic purposes so don’t freak out on some poor creator because I fiddled with their pretty things~

The Color of Death Suits Me Best

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry]- Talis Gloves (We ❤ RP)

Hair- {Limerence} Kris hair (Store)

Dress- :Moon Amore: Passionate Gown (Cupid Inc.)
Gloves- [Cubic Cherry]- Talis Gloves (We ❤ RP)
Necklace- MG – Kasia Knotted Tassel Pearls (Store)
Hair Pins- cinphul // tishrin II [hairstick] (Store)
Ribbon- [Cubic Cherry] – {Aarya} (Store)

Face Goo- + Internal Damage Tattoo + {aii} (Store)
Eye Shadow- Zibska ~ Noir Pack Vol 14 (Store)