Waiting to Fade Out

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Aurum} doll legs, Insomnia Angel . gear collar (Engine Room), & C L A Vv. The Watcher Monocle (Store)

Hair- [^.^Ayashi^.^] Beth hair (Store)
Arms- [Cubic Cherry] – Aurum arms (Store)
Legs- [Cubic Cherry] {Aurum} doll legs (Engine Room)

Shirt- Insomnia Angel . cotton baby gacha (The Epiphany)
Shorts- The Secret Store – Lina Mini Shorts (Store)
Collar- Insomnia Angel . gear collar (Engine Room)
Hat- Insomnia Angel . steampunk top hat (Store)
Monocle- C L A Vv. The Watcher Monocle (Store)
*Some modifications & recoloring applied on most outfit items for artistic purposes*

Live’n on the Edge

Featured Items: C L A Vv. Cyberpunk Cat Carrier & cinphul // shrapnel (Cyber Fair)

Hair- KMH Hair CP002 (Cyber Fair)

Shirt, Suit, & Shoes- ::GB::Torn LongTshirt & Take off Jumpsuit (TMD)
Helmet- cinphul // shrapnel (Cyber Fair)
Backpack- C L A Vv. Cyberpunk Cat Carrier (Cyber Fair)

My One Man Show

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] – Saint beanie (TMD), C L A Vv. My Old School Stuff , [Gild] Mudhoney pants (Anthem), & teddy boy tank (FaMESHed)

Hair- Raven Bell – Sides Style A (Okinawa New Year Festival)

Shirt- [Gild] teddy boy tank (FaMESHed)
Pants/Shoes- [Gild] Mudhoney pants (Anthem)
Hat- [Cubic Cherry] – Saint beanie (TMD)

Radio Stack & Necklace- C L A Vv. My Old School Stuff (Anthem)
Crate- *Random 1 prim wonder yis*

I Want A…

Featured Items: DISORDERLY. / Merry Catmas (The Epiphany), C L A Vv. Glass Ball Lamps & Simple Chair With Lights (Kustom9)

It’s that Time of Year again! So, my dear Readers & Followers…”Happy Holidays”… Hope you All have a great season. Be sure to stay warm; drive safe; & have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Chair & Lights- C L A Vv. Glass Ball Lamps & Simple Chair With Lights (Kustom9)
Cats & X-mas Extras- DISORDERLY. / Merry Catmas (The Epiphany)

The Queen of Clubs

Featured Items: [r-l-f]+*N* Gothic Dress & *N*Skeleton Rose Hair Clip (Panic of Pumpkin) & C L A Vv. The Algojo (Anthem)

Hair- [^.^Ayashi^.^] Jessica (Store)

Dress & Hair Clip- [r-l-f]+*N* Gothic Dress & *N*Skeleton Rose Hair Clip (Panic of Pumpkin)
Shoes- fri. – Sabrina Booties (Store)
Socks- Insomnia Angel . houndstooth (Store)
Mace- C L A Vv. The Algojo (Anthem)

Taking Aim

Featured Items: C L A Vv. Grimmm Gacha (Kustom9)

Hair- KUNI / Gac (Store)
Legs- [ContraptioN] SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Leg (Store)

Arms/Mask/Hood/Bag- C L A Vv. Grimmm Gacha (Kustom9)
Shirt- VUK. Hugo Tank Top (Store)
Shorts- Legal Insanity – Miles shorts (Store)
Collar, Arm Bands, Geta- [CX] Kuze Collar, Spiked Fury, & Kage Geta (Store)

Letis Tattoo :: Akona :: SS18007 :: (Store)

I Hate Change and I Hate Being Alone

Featured Items: DISORDERLY. / Berry Luscious (Shiny Shabby) & C L A Vv. Maple Leaf Fae (The Epiphany)

Hair/Head Tatt- Tableau Vivant \\ Bonet [faux dreads] (Uber)

Shirt- ::GB::Off shoulder Shirt (Store)
Pants- antisystem // Joe Pants (Man Cave)
Necklace- MINIMAL – Lindsey Necklace (Store)
Collar & Leaves- C L A Vv. Maple Leaf Fae (The Epiphany)

Strawberries/Dinnerware- DISORDERLY. / Berry Luscious (Shiny Shabby)
*All Blood & Stains not included*

Kitsunes Never Die

5th Anniversary Special

Hello One & All it’s an extra special month for me in March it’s my B-day month yis (turning 39 this year *cries*) but it is also my anniversary for my blog… 5 years ago I picked up this hobby & it’s been quite a ride thanks to a Friend & my very 1st Fan ηocтis ןνєгcøυrt suggesting it to me… (Special heart hands & Thank yous to you Mel)!

Also I want to give special thanks to the creators who took a chance on me in my 1st years before I had the followers, favs, & the skills that I do now and still have me around blogging their awesome stuff: Pierre from CLAVv., Kreao from [Cubic Cherry], & Julie from White Widow! You guys gave me confidence to keep going when I felt down and didn’t think I was any good.

And extra thank yous to the Creators & Events who have taken me on over the years… each one of you is special & dear to me! I hope to blog for you as long as you guys are around!

Last, but not least Thank you to all my Friends & Followers (got 3k & counting recently on Flickr) your support means the world to me!

Today’s special pic is actually a “Redo” of my very 1st post back when I had no idea how to do anything beyond crop, resize, & auto correct much less use Photoshop or take good pics in SL have fun laughing at how bad I was…

Bloody Kitsune

Thank Frick’n Hell I got better Yis!

Credits Finally

Hair- =DeLa*= Romane (Store)
Tail & Ears- + Nogitsune + {aii} (Store)

Suit- -Pixicat- Necromancer.Body (Store)
Shoes- REIGN.- Robichaux Booties (Store)
Pipe- [CX] Monstrum Kiseru (Store)
Collar- +AH+ Belt Collar 1.1(Store)

Drink Your Tea

Featured Items: C L A Vv. Your Present, DISORDERLY. / Screened (Sultry), .pt. fulda heels and warmers, & – Fika – Eclipse Teapot (Eclipse)

Hair- *barberyumyum*S08 (Store)

Shirt & Skirt- The Secret Store – Aliz Crop Top & Fiona Belted Skirt (Store)
Shoes/Warmers- .pt. fulda heels and warmers (Eclipse)
Ribbon- C L A Vv. Your Present (Sultry)
Purse- – Fika – Eclipse Teapot (Eclipse)
Necklace- -Pixicat- Octopus necklaces (Store)

Background- DISORDERLY. / Screened (Sultry)

OwO What’s Dis?

Featured Items: C L A Vv. Cardompany Gacha (The Epiphany), [Cubic Cherry] {Ennis} shirt (Equal10), {Null} key earring, L’Emporio&PL::*Arioch*:: Rings Set (Eclipse), & Zibska ~ Volli Eyemakeup (TSS)

Hair- tram H0928 hair (Store)

Shirt- [Cubic Cherry] {Ennis} shirt (Equal10)
Hat/Pet- C L A Vv. Cardompany Gacha (The Epiphany)
Rings- L’Emporio&PL::*Arioch*:: Rings Set (Eclipse)
Earrings- [Cubic Cherry] {Null} key earring (Eclipse)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Volli Eyemakeup (TSS)