Black Blood

Ralphie in PhotoShop 3-Part Special

Hair- *barberyumyum*L10B(05) (Store)

Gown- Mug – Killer Nurse (The Epiphany)
IV Bag- Insomnia Angel . Rose pickled blood pack (The Banished @ The Bay)
Slippers O.M.E.N – Slippies (Store)
Mask & Syringe- Insomnia Angel . Japanese face mask & Syringe (Store)
bracelet- *katat0nik* (RARE) Self Diagnosis Bracelet (Store)

Lip Smudge- -[TWC]- Death Supply (Man Cave)


With Ribbons & Fishnet

PSA Special: An SL Photographer’s Care Package

(Scroll down to bottom for Pic Credits)

Hellos All, and Happy Holidays… recently a friend asked a few questions about SL photography because he is thinking about dipping his fingers into the hobby. I’m totally about being supportive so I sent him a rather long winded  care package that I know full well will get lost… so figured Yays PSA time!

I’m sure many of you remember or are going through it now with the overwhelming info sea of Tutorials, Toys, and Opinions that float around on the web for SL Photography…Today I’m going to give you a compact list of all my favs that have helped me grow as an Artist over the years in a sort of “Care Package”. There are of course other wonderful videos and websites but there isn’t ever enough time to go through them all.


  • The SL End of Things: Best Tutorials I ever found on things like short keys, lighting, and camera angle guides for all those hidden gems in SL are from Anya Ohmai watch at least part 1 & 2.


  • Photoshop Basics & Advance: There are so many tutorials for PS and I’ve shifted through many of them. The best free videos I found that are short, easy to understand, and a down right fun way to learn PS are done by Phlearn. They have everything from the Basics to more Advanced tricks of the trade.


  • A Must Have Toy: PS has all sorts of Toys and Addons but the most helpful that I can no longer live without is the Nik Collection… it makes all that editing and photoshop polishing so much easier and quicker… magic with a push of a single button.



May those links & vids help you on your Artistic journey \o/.



Pic Credits

Hair- =DeLa*= “Dorothy” (Store)

Dress- +HILU+NEOJAPAN skirt (Store)
Jacket- ::GB::Stadium jacket Tsubaki (Store)
Collar- +AH+ Belt Collar 1.1 (Store)

-[TWC]- Skin Pleasure (Store)

Frame/Pose- Le Poppycock *Just Alice* Consider Anything (Store)
Presents- DISORDERLY. / Gift of Light (Tannenbaum)


I Keep Thinking

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Miranda} glasses (Access) & Zibska ~ Kat Lips (Sense)

I may have done a vid of me in PS with this particular pic so if you’ve ever been curious as to how I edit my photos today is your lucky day

Hair- #Foxy – Virgo. (Kustom9)

Top- :::B:::Off shoulder chesterfield coat (Store)
Jeans- Legal Insanity – Graig jeans (Store)
Tie- TonkTastic – Cozy AF Tie (Store)
Glasses-[Cubic Cherry] {Miranda} glasses (Access)

Lipstick- Zibska ~ Kat Lips (Sense)


One to Rule Them All

Featured Items: [CX] Mucronate Chains (TSS), [Cubic Cherry] {Dragon Eggs} (TFC), [Cubic Cherry] {Lyenn} halo, *N*Chinese Lantern horn, & Zibska ~ Radi Eyemakeup (We ❤ RP)

~No Story Included~

Hair- Moon. Hair. // Solstice (Store)
Horns- *N*Chinese Lantern horn (We ❤ RP)

Top,Top Chains & Undies, & Rings- [CX] Sultry Kunoichi Bra, Na’amah’s Chains, & Aeshma’s Reign (Store)
Hip Chains- [CX] Mucronate Chains (TSS)
Halo- [Cubic Cherry] {Lyenn} halo (We ❤ RP)
Egg- [Cubic Cherry] {Dragon Eggs} (TFC)
Cloak- Astral Divinity Torn Space Drape + {aii} (Store)

Eye Shadow- Zibska ~ Radi Eyemakeup (We ❤ RP)

DAPPA – Mia Tattoo. (AnyBody)

Not Available but… since it happens to be my pride & joy of this pic, impromptu “How to”!

Yes! you read that right, I did that myself.. It’s not some backdrop from SL nor is it some background texture I found on Google. That there is a Paintbrush combined with bevel and emboss trickery.

If you remember awhile back ago I was super excited about doing a RL project of some simple logo for my room mate that most didn’t care about cause yeah lame! But, I learned a few PS tricks while doing that project which included how to make paintbrushes and text look 3-D.

First, what you wanna get is some really cool paintbrushes for PS. The one in the pic I got from redheadstock who has a ton of cool and free paintbrushes.. might have downloaded a few while writing this. Yay more glitter! Another one of my favs is XResch. so download away it’s fun!

Once you have some cool paintbrushes you can play with them in the blending options. Back when I 1st learned how to do this I watched and read a ton of tutorials on how to do it and I found that the best one for explaining how it’s done specially for first timers is here Yay Tutorial Vid … Yeah Yeah it’s for “text” but same concept and process that I used in my pic and explained way better than I ever could here.

So there you have it! Hope it’s a cool new trick you guys have fun with!