Were You Wanting My Hot Dog?

Featured Items: DRD – Converted Tram, THIS IS WRONG VVITCH tattoo, //MONUMENT// Barbed Stiletto (Eclipse), & DISORDERLY. / Party South (Collabor88)

Hair- Doe: Tay (Store)
Bangs/Horns- DOUX – Demon horns (Store)

Hoodie- Eliavah ~ Exiled Hoodie (Equal10)
Shorts- *katat0nik* Belted Shorts (Store)
Shoes- //MONUMENT// Barbed Stiletto (Eclipse)

THIS IS WRONG VVITCH tattoo (Eclipse)

Diner Stuff- DRD – Converted Tram (Eclipse)
Balloons- DISORDERLY. / Party South (Collabor88)


Stealthy Mind Games

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Yume} dresses and Obi Ribbon (Romp) & {Kaoru} geta  (Access)

Hair- NO.MATCH_NO.ONE. (Store)

Kimono- [Cubic Cherry] {Yume} dresses and Obi Ribbon (Romp)
Geta- [Cubic Cherry] {Kaoru} geta (Access)
Blindfold- Clemmm – Gentle Restrain *Not Available right now*

Lip Art- the crone . shadow ichor (Cyberpunk)

VAIN – Burnt Circuit (Cyberpunk)

On an Aries Night

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Aries} top (Zodiac) & {Ra} gauntlets (Days of Yore)

Base Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Elegy hair (Collabor88)
Extensions- TRUTH / Bangs (Store)
Braids- Tableau Vivant \\ Nyx hair (Store)
Ears- + Nogitsune Ears + {aii} (Store)
Tail- [M.O.R] kitsune : TAIL (Store)

Kimono & Shoes- ::GB:: Around waist Kimono & Pants & Lace-up boots sandals (Kustom9)
Shirt- [Cubic Cherry] {Aries} top (Zodiac)
Gloves- [Cubic Cherry] {Ra} gauntlets (Days of Yore)

Just in Your Dreams

Featured Items: booN Lab.098, *N*Lotus wearble Lantern, ARTERY // Color Splash Lip (ORIENTILIKA)

Base Hair- booN Lab.098 (ORIENTILIKA)
Bangs & Frontal Strands- TRUTH / Bangs (Store)

Kimono- Hilu OMAKE S-M LADYS (Store)
Hair Pin- *N*Lotus wearble Lantern (ORIENTILIKA)

Lipstick- ARTERY // Color Splash Lip (ORIENTILIKA)

*Please note there is much modify & PS’n done in this pic but I had an inspired vision that I was going to make even if it killed me; so I took some liberties to do so*

Just a Mint Cookie

Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Elegy hair (Collabor88)

Jacket- TETRA – Lifeline Jacket (Collabor88)
Shorts- *katat0nik* Bow Shorts (Collabor88)
Headband- Magika [Headband] (Store)
Choker- Kibitz – Metal hose collar (Store)
Necklace- MINIMAL – Andrea Necklace (Store)
Bracelet- FAKEICON / smosh bracelet (Store)

Gonna Shine

Featured Items: .Shi Hair : Ruach (Uber), CURELESS[+] Cutie Coven Eyes (Store), & [Cubic Cherry] {Strahl} halo (Whimsical)

Hair- .Shi Hair : Ruach (Uber)
Eyes- CURELESS[+] Cutie Coven Eyes / UPDATE (Store)

Jacket- ::GB::Denim Hoodie Jacket (Uber)
Dress- [Cubic Cherry] {Tita} dress (Store)
Choker- [Cubic Cherry] {Strahl} halo (Whimsical)

The R-3

A MEGA Body Post 2nd Edition

Mega body post you ask? Yes, a MEGA body post!… 2nd Edition no less Woot!

I’ve actually been promising this for some time now & I finally got around to it. Now, if you weren’t here for my last “Mega body post” what this happens to be is me listing all the things that I normally don’t “credit” in any other post because we all don’t need for me to be repeating myself over & over. But, many of you might want to ask what Skin, Head, Mesh Body, & the list goes on for what I’m wearing on my 3 Avis… so to make it easier on us all; every so often I do this type of post.

*If you were wondering what are all the clothes & other stuff I be wearing please just message me on Flickr & I’ll let you know personally… otherwise I’m skipping that to make sure I don’t type myself to death*

3 Way Body: Shapes not Included
*Yis, It’s all the same on each version of dah Ralphie*
Skin- **[PF] Minji (Store)
Eyes- *L* CURELESS[+] Keratoplasty Eyes *R* Yuurei Eyes (Store)
Eyelashes- [CX] Hana Eyelashes Set (Store)
Brows- violetta. maro mayu eyebrows (Store)
Ears- [MANDALA]STRETCHED_Ears_Season2 GOLD (Store)
Teeth- [CX] Strigoi’s Fangs (Store)
Tongue- SN – Kali Split Tongue (Store)
Claws- [CX] Essential Dirty Claws (Store)

Big Boy:
Mesh Body- -Belleza- Jake 2.0 Bento (Store)
Mesh Head- CATWA HEAD Dino (Store)
Body Mod- [PF] – V-TECH Boi Applier *Please See* (Store)

Mesh Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 (Store)
Mesh Head- CATWA HEAD Catya (Store)
Body Mod- [V-Tech]Boi Chest Mod V2.5a (Store)

Mesh Body- Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body (Store)
Mesh Head- CATWA HEAD Catya (Store)
Body Mod- Slink Physique Hourglass Petite Chest Augment (Store)
*take note: depending on the clothes I change the mesh body*


Flesh, Bone, and Steel

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Axer} top (Sultry), {Axer} mask (Dubai), & THIS IS WRONG Altered tattoo (Eclipse)

Horns- + Fleshy Tiny Horns + {aii} (Store)
Hands- CURELESS [+] Tin Doll Hands (Store)

Shirt- [Cubic Cherry] {Axer} top (Sultry)
Mask- [Cubic Cherry] {Axer} mask (Dubai)
Shorts- CURELESS[+] Shiny Shorts (Store)
Shoes- AZOURY – Anthropos Ballet Shoes (Store)
Hair Art- cinphul // diode (Store)
Bracelet- Messiah x .Shi : Emeth (Store)

THIS IS WRONG Altered tattoo (Eclipse)

Drink Your Tea

Featured Items: C L A Vv. Your Present, DISORDERLY. / Screened (Sultry), .pt. fulda heels and warmers, & – Fika – Eclipse Teapot (Eclipse)

Hair- *barberyumyum*S08 (Store)

Shirt & Skirt- The Secret Store – Aliz Crop Top & Fiona Belted Skirt (Store)
Shoes/Warmers- .pt. fulda heels and warmers (Eclipse)
Ribbon- C L A Vv. Your Present (Sultry)
Purse- – Fika – Eclipse Teapot (Eclipse)
Necklace- -Pixicat- Octopus necklaces (Store)

Background- DISORDERLY. / Screened (Sultry)