Forked Tongues & Backstabs

PSA: Quick Tip Editing

Featured Items: [CX] Ostium Impaler Ears & !R! Pawn Throwing Knife (Eclipse)

Hair- Dura-U93 (Store)
Ears- [CX] Ostium Impaler Ears + Bali Piercings (Store)
*See Below*

Jacket- [Gild] Militaric JK (Store)
Knife- !R! Pawn Throwing Knife *blood not included* (Eclipse)

[CX] x -TWC- // Tritium Slave – Skin Marks (Store)

Hellos All… I’m sure many of you notice my quick “modded item” notes on many of my blog posts; because yeah if it can be modded it shall happen with me in a few more ways than one lol. Now, I usually don’t go into detail on how I modded whatever Item it is but today I felt a tinge of guilt that I never do so yays tutorial time!

 I understand a good 90% of you totally know how to do this and the following will be a complete yawn fest. But this isn’t for you, this is for that other 10% that just doesn’t know that sit there and ask themselves “What magic is this?… how did that happen?… this product no exist in SL!” or maybe you will find it interesting on how I usually do such things \o/.

The Usual Modify Warning:

Be Sure To Make A COPY…. DO Not Do This to NO COPY GACHA… Creators Are NOT RESPONSIBLE For Your Screw Up!

Ok, now that is out of the way lets get started on how I fiddled with the [CX] Ostium Impaler Ears which are awesome as is but the moment I saw them I had “Plans”.. might even make them my new main ears… sorry Mandala your ears are still awesome but yeah these new ears are ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ).

Step one: Make Copies & Throw all the things on the ground.. in this case the [CX] Ears & Bali piercings




Step 2: grab the ears & “Select Face” then 100% transparency just the ear gauges *Side note: I also tried this for the smaller one on the inside of the ear but it made all the piercings I wanted to stay “poof” as well so I uhm… improvised later*



Step 3: Grab each of the piercings & place them just how you want them on the ears… once they are sitting pretty Grab all of them at once & link them before making a 2nd copy to then repeat placement on the 2nd ear


This step comes with a few Tips & Warnings: 1st & foremost Do Not Link the piercings to the actual ears the customization hud for changing things like skin tone no like the extra thangs! Now, you can actually place each piercing on the ear individually but each one takes up an attachment slot & there is a limited number of those so linking them serves a purpose as to cut the number of attachments being used from 10 down to just 2.


Step 4: Go in & rename all your copies so when you try finding them in your invo you can tell that those are the ones you are looking for… (nothing more grrr than trying to find something that has the same name as everything else) after your all done pick up all things & put them all on for “Fine Tuning”. Fine Tuning you ask?… yeah even though everything was perfect on the ground doesn’t mean they will be place perfectly when you attach them to your head. Also be sure to remember the piercing are set to attach to only one ear so you will have to go & change that setting for I think it was the right ear placement.


Once done… Tada you now have your new even more custom ears & you won’t have to spend all that time to get your “look” ever again it’s now a “Attach & Go” piece Woooo!

Hope you Enjoyed yes!



The R-3

A MEGA Body Post 2nd Edition

Mega body post you ask? Yes, a MEGA body post!… 2nd Edition no less Woot!

I’ve actually been promising this for some time now & I finally got around to it. Now, if you weren’t here for my last “Mega body post” what this happens to be is me listing all the things that I normally don’t “credit” in any other post because we all don’t need for me to be repeating myself over & over. But, many of you might want to ask what Skin, Head, Mesh Body, & the list goes on for what I’m wearing on my 3 Avis… so to make it easier on us all; every so often I do this type of post.

*If you were wondering what are all the clothes & other stuff I be wearing please just message me on Flickr & I’ll let you know personally… otherwise I’m skipping that to make sure I don’t type myself to death*

3 Way Body: Shapes not Included
*Yis, It’s all the same on each version of dah Ralphie*
Skin- **[PF] Minji (Store)
Eyes- *L* CURELESS[+] Keratoplasty Eyes *R* Yuurei Eyes (Store)
Eyelashes- [CX] Hana Eyelashes Set (Store)
Brows- violetta. maro mayu eyebrows (Store)
Ears- [MANDALA]STRETCHED_Ears_Season2 GOLD (Store)
Teeth- [CX] Strigoi’s Fangs (Store)
Tongue- SN – Kali Split Tongue (Store)
Claws- [CX] Essential Dirty Claws (Store)

Big Boy:
Mesh Body- -Belleza- Jake 2.0 Bento (Store)
Mesh Head- CATWA HEAD Dino (Store)
Body Mod- [PF] – V-TECH Boi Applier *Please See* (Store)

Mesh Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 (Store)
Mesh Head- CATWA HEAD Catya (Store)
Body Mod- [V-Tech]Boi Chest Mod V2.5a (Store)

Mesh Body- Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body (Store)
Mesh Head- CATWA HEAD Catya (Store)
Body Mod- Slink Physique Hourglass Petite Chest Augment (Store)
*take note: depending on the clothes I change the mesh body*


With Ribbons & Fishnet

PSA Special: An SL Photographer’s Care Package

(Scroll down to bottom for Pic Credits)

Hellos All, and Happy Holidays… recently a friend asked a few questions about SL photography because he is thinking about dipping his fingers into the hobby. I’m totally about being supportive so I sent him a rather long winded  care package that I know full well will get lost… so figured Yays PSA time!

I’m sure many of you remember or are going through it now with the overwhelming info sea of Tutorials, Toys, and Opinions that float around on the web for SL Photography…Today I’m going to give you a compact list of all my favs that have helped me grow as an Artist over the years in a sort of “Care Package”. There are of course other wonderful videos and websites but there isn’t ever enough time to go through them all.


  • The SL End of Things: Best Tutorials I ever found on things like short keys, lighting, and camera angle guides for all those hidden gems in SL are from Anya Ohmai watch at least part 1 & 2.


  • Photoshop Basics & Advance: There are so many tutorials for PS and I’ve shifted through many of them. The best free videos I found that are short, easy to understand, and a down right fun way to learn PS are done by Phlearn. They have everything from the Basics to more Advanced tricks of the trade.


  • A Must Have Toy: PS has all sorts of Toys and Addons but the most helpful that I can no longer live without is the Nik Collection… it makes all that editing and photoshop polishing so much easier and quicker… magic with a push of a single button.



May those links & vids help you on your Artistic journey \o/.



Pic Credits

Hair- =DeLa*= “Dorothy” (Store)

Dress- +HILU+NEOJAPAN skirt (Store)
Jacket- ::GB::Stadium jacket Tsubaki (Store)
Collar- +AH+ Belt Collar 1.1 (Store)

-[TWC]- Skin Pleasure (Store)

Frame/Pose- Le Poppycock *Just Alice* Consider Anything (Store)
Presents- DISORDERLY. / Gift of Light (Tannenbaum)


I Keep Thinking

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Miranda} glasses (Access) & Zibska ~ Kat Lips (Sense)

I may have done a vid of me in PS with this particular pic so if you’ve ever been curious as to how I edit my photos today is your lucky day

Hair- #Foxy – Virgo. (Kustom9)

Top- :::B:::Off shoulder chesterfield coat (Store)
Jeans- Legal Insanity – Graig jeans (Store)
Tie- TonkTastic – Cozy AF Tie (Store)
Glasses-[Cubic Cherry] {Miranda} glasses (Access)

Lipstick- Zibska ~ Kat Lips (Sense)


Outside the Box

PSA: V-Tech Needs a Foot Sock

Hello Alls; as promised I’m here with info on how to do a little fix on a small but rather eye twitching issue I found with the V-Tech appliers on the Belleza & Signature bodies.

Now if you are anything like me you don’t want that 6-pack abs and chiseled jaw line… Boy do those pretty female skins look so perfect…only if they didn’t require a Maitreya body and doing that whole Femboy look (nothing wrong with that though). Oh they don’t?… they look so nice and apply well because of the Omega…lets slide that eye down that nice Big Boy body Oooo nice….wait WTF is with this athletes foot thing! FAIL!!!

Found out real quick it was one I couldn’t live with for long when I switched to the Mudskin Sin Sin skin. So, I actually went around and demoed a ton of V-tech appliers all the same issue each and every time but I did fall in love with the [PF] Minji in my search. The Bunny and I decided then to put our heads together to come of with a fix and we found one so Yays!  

(If you are still lost fear not I has Before & After shots)


Now you can see on the right it isn’t perfect but far better than the left and before I do go on I want to make some side notes:

  1. those are Belleza feet the “athletes foot” looks different on Signature
  2. If you don’t mind Slink feet and can wear them with your preferred body use those… I did this because I don’t like Slink feet
  3. Remember this takes patience along with a lot of trial & error so if you don’t want to bother with it no shame in that.

So if you have accepted the above lets get started

Things you will need:

  1. Templates
  2. Photoshop, Gimp , or whatever you can use
  3. Omega Applier Dev Kit ver.4.3 (Omega Advanced Applier – Lower v1.61)
  4. A high quality pic of the op of your foot while wearing the skin you want to fix


Step 1: Take the template and the foot pic and open them in PS and then copy the skin pic to place in both circled areas.



Step 2: Adjust to both areas experiment, blend, paint, whatever (expect that trial and error here) when finished save it as a png not a jpeg.

Step 3: upload into SL just your work not all the templates part to then put in the script of theOmega Advanced Applier – Lower v1.61 the asset UUID of your texture that will look like as follows:

string Cloth_Lower_texture=”00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000″;

Step 4: Put on that hud and apply on the tattoo layer…. There will be much testing needed so assume till you are happy you will be rinse and repeat of step 2 & 3.

This is quite a bit of work but well worth it! Also, I did speak to the [PF] creator who thought this fix was quite clever and will be looking into making her own fix for customers when she has time. So hopefully in the near future there will be a better ready to use fix for at least the [PF] skins \o/.



What I’m too lazy for credits…. it’s Monday! leave me a message and I’ll tell you what you want to know later.


Jewel of the Nine Seas

PSA: Daniel and the Mudskin

Hellos All! I have some awesome news I stumbled upon the other day that I want to share… specially with my fellow Androgynouies.

Many of you may have heard of a little skin store called Mudskin and probably drooled over the maleish ones that didn’t have that “I muscle man!” look to them… I sure did! Specially when “Sin Sin” came out. Though, after a nice talk with the creator back then I learned that they weren’t Mapped to the Daniel head and sadly it was for the likes of Catya. So the demo got put aside for when I updated my Femboy (which yes yes, I know I’ve been promising many of you for some time…still haven’t gotten to it yet).

Well, the other day I might have said to myself “Oh screw it I’m gonna go test a few things” and I might have raided Mudskin and got every last male looking skin they had (gachas included) and then proceeded to demo every last one of them on my Daniel head.

And, They looked really good! The only flaw I found was a few areas here and there… most notably around the nose the shading was off. But you have to be nitpicking and judging hard to even notice this. So me being; well Me… I might have went and bought “Sin Sin” and changed my skin after not doing so in like what is it over a year. I also might have written the creator a nice note card about my findings that instigated another talk about skins in the store like “Sin Sin” because this was some unbeknownst info for the both of us.

Now here is the really awesome news! I learned during that talk… Mudskin is working on a Daniel mapped skin! But, don’t get too excited it will take some time and we can’t rush awesomeness. I know I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat to at least try on the demo if not buy it the moment that skin comes out. Till then it’s been at least tested and shown that the other Catya mapped skins can work on Daniel to tide us guys over for the time being. So double YaYs!

Hope you All are as happy about this news as I am and have a wonderful week!


*P.S… The Skin goes even better on the Catwa Dino \o/

Skin- [ MUDSKIN ]_SIN SIN (Store)
Hair- Dura-B&G83 (TMD)

Shirt- :::B:::One side Off shoulder shirt (Man Cave)
Pants- Legal Insanity – Axl black leather pants (Store)
Collar- [Gild] Studded choker (Store)
Rings- [ContraptioN] Desideratus Ring Set (Store)

CURELESS [+] Dragon’s Wisdom (Store)


A Light Shining in the Window, Everything is Alright

(Scroll down for Credits)

PSA: A Backdrop Saga

*warning label* please read the whole thing before you get all sorts of upset and think I’m attacking only one party in this ongoing debate. This piece is in no way telling anyone how to live or conduct a business (which of course is none of my business to do so) it is just my own personal thoughts, feels, and advice on the matter.  

Hello All,

I don’t often like to get involved personally with things that are fodder for SLsecrets but this one caught my eye a couple the last couple of weeks to a point a few days ago I decided to do some research on the matter. I just can no longer keep quiet about it because of the slippery slope nature of the whole thing. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about here is the short version:

There is a sim called Backdrop City that offers free services to bloggers that include backdrops placed out on platforms that they can use for pictures. Now, this is nothing new but the place got targeted by PocketGacha, Kraftworks, and Astrialia who “condemned” the place in a very public way and even forbade and then booted all their bloggers over it. There are probably more who have made public statements but most others are playing it safe and rightfully so by remaining anonymous when speaking out.

(Kraftworks & PocketGacha are now in the process of making some sort of Hud that will after 2 hours derez the backdrop until the owner touches it. And, from what I understand it’s something stores who are riding the bandwagon of condemnation can choose to put in their backdrops).

Hope that caught you up, if not grab some coffee and dive into SLsecrets weeks 487-490.

Before I get into my thoughts on this matter I want to go over some of my credentials so it’s clear I’m not just some schmuck speaking about sophomoric ideology:

  • My major in college was Psychology which is used in marketing and advertising so much so it can even influences the look of a company logo.
    • RL companies actually invest a lot into Psychological studies and use many psych tactics to influence consumer behavior (and I’m not talking about subliminal messages)
  • I worked as a Store Manager and P.A. in SL for around 8 months or so, where I applied my Psychology background and tripled the owners profits if not more during that time.  
    • While there I did learn the ins and outs of how an SL business works so I do know the plight of the Creators.
    • Now if you are wondering why I no longer work for this store lets chopping it up to personal reasons with a dash of I did my job so well the owner overworked me that it took a toll on my health so I had to quit.
  • I’ve been a blogger since 2014 so I’ve been around long enough to pick up a thing or two on how stuff works along with the delicate relationships of creators with their bloggers and vice versa.
    • On top of being a blogger I’ve been an SL resident/consumer since 2007 and boy does my inventory show I so do like to shop. I’ve seen sims, stores, fads, policies, and whatever else come and go…. it is the way of life really.

Ok, now that long windedness is out of the way let’s move on to what I actually have to say about all this…

After actually taking the time to go visit and see for myself what Backdrop City was. (which before all this I never even heard of) I am actually kind of upset about what certain Creators are doing. The sim is a nice resource for bloggers new and old alike and quite frankly a Marketing Goldmine for backdrop Creators.

If you have been following my blog you know I don’t really use sims or backdrops often. Last time I used a backdrop for a pic was in November and a sim in April. Most of the time I prefer to just use a simple 1 prim wonder or build a set from scratch on my nice and quiet platform. Platform Hermit all the way Yush! So why do I care or even say all this? It isn’t about wanting to use free stuff; the “Thing” here for me is that a few Creators are pretty much overstepping just a tad and trying to tell people how to live their Sl lives and that is just uncalled for.

That being said, I wouldn’t use Backdrop city for what it was made for but I would use it like it was a Pinterest of sorts and check out all the backdrops there so I could find and go buy them for private at home use. And, really back in the day when I was 1st starting out if I had known of a place like that it would have been a Godsend… I didn’t have the lindens, space, or prim count that I enjoy these days.

I foresee either a very bad slippery slope where bloggers will have to produce proof of purchase for each and every Item they blog and stiff sanctions Or (and most likely here) a rebellion of sorts will happen that will result in the Creators no longer having the “Bull Market” in the blogging world.

So Backdrop Creators! Let me “Bless you” with some words of wisdom…sorta (here is where all that puffing my chest out about credentials really comes into play) These types of Sims can actually become a Goldmine of sorts and there are better ways to handle this than overreacting that I’ve seen thus far from a small number of you:

  • The place is going to exist whether you like it or not and if it’s something you do care about so why not use it to your advantage without alienating your customers!
  • What I would suggest you do is view places like Backdrop City as a type of let’s say charity advertisement billboard of sorts. We all know the golden rule of “you have to spend money to make money” right?
  • Why not try approaching the owners of the sim in a positive manner where you offer to be supportive of the sim and even donate your backdrops to the charitable cause and then set it up so you can systematically replace (since the sim is where anyone can build) all the backdrops you created with a special version owned by you that happens to have an info hub that gives people who touch it a nc with all the details including a lm to your store to buy the actual item. Then ask if your store logo could be placed in the lobby area where all the people going to the sim can see it. (If this scenario doesn’t work; there are other versions of this that the sim owners will probably be happy to collaborate on)
  • What is the method to this Madness I speak?
    • This will give you more control over the situation and make it work in your favor as best as it can and still remain in a positive light to the masses.
    • People love it when companies are charitable it makes you more appealing to buy from over another company. RL businesses don’t just give to charities out of the graciousness of their heart it’s also a marketing tactic to make themselves look good for higher profits.
    • That info hub with a nc dispenser is key! Because not only does it give them an easy to use way to find your store but it also places a reminder in their inventory that they liked your backdrop enough to want to know where to buy it. Yeah, they can inspect the backdrop and get the info that way but do you know how many times I forgot later and if a nc had been in my inventory I wouldn’t have and a pretty new thing would be there instead.
    • With having your own “special” versions of your backdrops instead of one’s people bought and placed out there you can also place other hidden gizmos within for market research and such for future projects that can be placed at the sim as well.
    • Your biggest customer base is bloggers due to the nature of your products so if you can get that store logo of yours in a high traffic blogger area (the sim lobby) that is “prime real estate” and to boot it makes you look extra good because it shows you are willing to give back to the community.
    • There are probably other things and benefits you can squeeze out of this but I think I covered the basic ones well enough.

Now let’s move on to some words for Backdrop City and places like it. What you are doing for the blogger community is really nice but there are things I would like to see from you to help out the Creators as well who put a lot of hard work, time, and love into their creations that you are using:

  • Make a place on the sim where people can get the info and store lm’s for all of the products/backdrops placed out.
  • Put some policies and such in place for the creators who see the value of what you’re doing for the blogger community so that if they want to can partake in some of the suggestion I mentioned above and maybe some I didn’t think about… and do it for Free!
  • If a Creator is upset with you over the sim and the products they made being out. You of course have every right to leave stuff as is and it’s actually very inappropriate for them to dictate how you use what you bought. But please try to make a point to do something to credit their work so the products aren’t some random backdrop but a valued Item that you happen to be sharing with others.
    • You of course do not have to do any of this but it’s courteous to do so and probably would put many creators more at ease with the situation. Creating for SL is not easy and often store owners are disrespected by many on a daily basis, and there are even some out there who try to steal their work to sell themselves… so work with them so there is more harmony and less drama on the situation at hand.  

This long PSA probably won’t be read by many and will most likely fall on many a deaf ear but I actually feel better for getting all this off my chest publicly and that is fine by me.

Hope you All have an awesome week and next Sunday we see less of this topic in places like SLsecrets because I’m pretty sure most of us are already sick of it.



Hair- booN Lab.043 hair (Store)

Full outfit- HILU RJHK (Store) no longer available

Backdrop- BUENO-City Block Building Loft (TMD)

Sick Boy

Featured Items: [Cubic cherry] {Drop} (BodyFy)

The Status Quo SL Style!
PSA (Public Service Announcement)

It’s been a long while since I’ve stretch my typing fingers to do one of these and well since Dehr who usually rules this section of my blog with stories is busy with RL, why not? Hope you all enjoy, and maybe take something away from my personal thoughts upon the Status Quo of  Second Life avatar shapes and looks.

Some of you who follow me on other social media may have noticed that I ventured into a new arena in SL known as Modeling and became a L’Homme Guest Model. This, by the way, is Not something I usually take any kind of interest in and I solely did it because a friend of mine wasn’t about to let me get away without applying. I actually kind of fealt bad about it during the application process because the other applicants probably wanted this way more than me; and there I was sitting in my corner not caring really if I won or lost.

Now, some of you might be thinking why am I bringing this up and what does this have to do with the “Status Quo”? Well, I promise it has a lot to do with it but, before I get to that I want to talk briefly about what exactly is the “Status Quo”. Many of you may be very aware of what I mean when I say “Status Quo” in relation to SL avatar shapes and how it effects your SL experience specially when visiting certain sims and such. But, for those who don’t… the “Status Quo” is an outdated notion that your avatar needs to be a certain height and shape (Men: very tall and buff.. Beefy Muscle Man that can grace one of those erotic romance novel covers; Women: not as tall but but don’t skimp and you be damned if you don’t have big boobs and a nice fat booty). And, mind you if you don’t fit this “Ideal” you may end up with many a horror story about being harassed and or banned from sims where they accuse you of things like being a child avi or too girly and the list goes on based solely on whoever’s idea of how your avatar looks. And, yes I too have a few of these horror stories packed away in my 10 years of SL baggage.

But ok, now back to the L’Homme model contest and what this has to do with the “Status Quo”.  One of the questions that was asked of me during the 2nd phase was if I was willing to change my shape and height to fit a certain standard of beauty and consumer expectations. Lets just say good thing I have a sense of class and grace so there was no blood bath. And mind you, there are perfectly good and sound reasons for needing to change your shape for modeling so L’Homme is well within reason for asking this no matter how badly the question was asked…we’re human and to be human is to sometimes error.

For instance due to liquid mesh certain shapes fit better into the look, I actually have several shapes for certain clothes in my inventory, that is what copy/mod is for. And, yes even height can be a reasonable issue for a photo shoot several times when taking pictures with another I’ve actually had to make myself hover and crop the pic at a certain spot to hide the huge height difference between me and the other. Changing my height can actually make it easier on the photographer so once again perfectly reasonable to ask of that.

{Disclaimer Time}
L’Homme and it’s staff is in no way held accountable or should be victim to any type of harassment for what I’m about to say below. I’m using a personal experience that brought on much thought of a bigger issue that effects SL on a larger scale and inspired this particular PSA. These are my personal thoughts and feelings upon the matter (which mind you the L’Homme owner is well aware of how I feel and understands) so they are not responsible or some big evil entity to blame.

So, I reluctantly made a “Tall Ralphie” shape that I tried to keep true to the one you all see on a regular basis here on this blog. But, sadly it wasn’t good enough and Hika sat with me and threw out scale numbers of what he wanted and I did it because it’s not that big of a deal and it’s not like I will be wearing or caught dead in this shape outside of the photo shoots. On the other hand by the time the shape was “perfect” I started to feel rather uncomfortable about it because I was no longer me. It was my head placed on a “Status Quo” body which in my opinion is a noob looking overly muscled and fat avi that makes me want to gag and throw up in my mouth a little when looking at it…but that’s just me though and my personal preferences. It’s perfectly fine and beautiful on someone else but not on me. Kind of like when you see and outfit that is just awesome on a clothing rack or another person but there is no way in hell you’d wear it yourself.

This did get me thinking and questioning a few things though:

This shape isn’t me so should my name even be attached to it or the pictures I have to use this shape in; and do I even want it to be?

Does allowing the change of my shape in this way promote the discrimination and harassment that inflicts certain avatar types on a regular basis?


What does this say to my followers and readers who know I’m a big advocator, supporter, and wearer of the less accepted avatars like short cutie pies and femboys?

I’m really conflicted on this matter of conforming to another’s ideal specially when it’s tied to a “Status Quo” that many use to discriminate against those, including me on many an occasion, who don’t fit into that mold. Either way, I want you all to know that even though I have this side project I won’t be conforming my avatar to this outside of the side project.

Maybe what I’m trying to say with this PSA is that I really wish and hope one day SL (where with a few clicks you can be anything your heart desires) will transcend this outdated notion and embrace a true diversity where my “Real” short avatar can grace all things I do including my side projects. But alas, sadly I don’t think it will happen any time soon since SL mimics RL quite often in this aspect and we all know how that’s going.


Hair- *Dura-B&G*77 (Store)
Horns/Face scars- + Kintsukuroi Horns & Tattoo + {aii} (We ❤ RP)
Hands- *katat0nik* Bento Prosthetic Hands (C88)

Hoodie- ::GB::Hoodie Sweat jacket (Store)
Choker- Atomic // Ribbon Choker (C88)
Ear Gauges- [Cubic cherry] {Drop} (BodyFy)