I Never Said I’d Let You Live

Featured Items: DRD – Building Remains & kosmii :: Inle Mask (Eclipse)

Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Bad Girl #1 (The Epiphany)

Suit- +HILU+RAN(F) (Store)
Mask- kosmii :: Inle Mask (Eclipse)
Collar- +AH+ Belt Collar  (Store)
Katana- [MANDALA]SAKURA-DYNASTY *blood not included* (Store)

Face Blood- (Enfer Sombre*) – Witch Hunt (Store)

Ruins- DRD – Building Remains (Eclipse)


A Little Summy

Hello All!

Yesterday I took part in a Screenshot challenge for Blade & Soul (BnS) which was actually kinda fun. And, since I’ve been meaning to learn how to best take pics on that platform I decided to take the opportunity to use my chosen shot to fiddle with Photoshopping it. This pic was the end result of my 1st try.

Original Shot

the one

It’s not as good as I would like to have it be but, I’m still learning how to deal with B&S graphics and get around not having as much control or as many toys as I usually have on SL… I did learn real quick though on how spoiled I have been when it comes to being able to control and fiddle with every detail verses other gaming platforms.

Now, while my main artistic platform will probably be SL for as long as possible; ever since I saw what my roomie and others in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) art community do with their screenshots I really wanted to branch out and challenge myself as an artist.

Hopefully in the future you all will get to see me improve as I learn new things with taking pics in BnS…. I already have plans to take out a Clanny to do pics of their Avi as soon as we have time \o/.

Till then, see you all laters with more pretty art from SL!


Go Green

Featured Items: CUREMORE / Asylum Villains & DISORDERLY. / Robotany (The Epiphany)

Hair- Moon. Hair // – Solstice (Store)

Body Suit/Earrings/Eye Art- CUREMORE / Asylum Villains (The Epiphany)
Collar- [CX] XenoCircuit (Store)

Eyeshadow & Lipstick- Zibska ~ Ivette & Trib (Store)

Futuristic Foliage- DISORDERLY. / Robotany (The Epiphany)

OwO What’s Dis?

Featured Items: C L A Vv. Cardompany Gacha (The Epiphany), [Cubic Cherry] {Ennis} shirt (Equal10), {Null} key earring, L’Emporio&PL::*Arioch*:: Rings Set (Eclipse), & Zibska ~ Volli Eyemakeup (TSS)

Hair- tram H0928 hair (Store)

Shirt- [Cubic Cherry] {Ennis} shirt (Equal10)
Hat/Pet- C L A Vv. Cardompany Gacha (The Epiphany)
Rings- L’Emporio&PL::*Arioch*:: Rings Set (Eclipse)
Earrings- [Cubic Cherry] {Null} key earring (Eclipse)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Volli Eyemakeup (TSS)

What… Were You Trying to Impress Me?

Featured Items: [CX] Monstrum Kiseru (TSS), Monstrum Catena, & THIS IS WRONG Nightmare tattoo (Eclipse)

Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Indoor/Outdoor (Collabor88)

Pants- [Gild] skinny pants (Store)
Pipe- [CX] Monstrum Kiseru (TSS)
Nose Chain- [CX] Monstrum Catena  (Eclipse)
Hair Branch- {anc} ribbon tree (Store)
Bracelet- [MANDALA]OKAKI Bracelet (Store)
Collar- Hodgepodge of thangs that I’m too Lazy to tell about

Eyemakeup & Eye String- .Shi : Ayin (Store)
Lip String- *{( konpeitou )}* kuti-musubi (Store)

THIS IS WRONG Nightmare tattoo (Eclipse)

Just Want a Quiet Night at Home

Featured Items: DISORDERLY. / Cozy Piles (Collabor88) & CURELESS[+] Trinket Crop Tee (Store)

Hair- [monso] My Hair – Triss (Collabor88)

Shirt- CURELESS[+] Trinket Crop Tee (Store)
Skirt- Vinyl – Daria Athletic Skirt (Store)
Shoes- -DRD- All Weather Woolies (Store)
Earphones- [MANDALA]EARGASM (Store)
Glasses- [CX] Vicious Vaccine (Store)
Choker- #Foxy – Suede Wrap Choker (Store)

Blanket/Coffee/Book Clutter- DISORDERLY. / Cozy Piles (Collabor88)
Mixed Tape- anxiety %weirdo casette (Store)
Boom Box- RO – RetroCool BoomBox (Store)
Cord- Bazar – Stockholm Headphones (Store)

Black Magic

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] – Envoy gacha (LootBox) & {ID} Icosphere Decor (Store)

Hair- eXxEsS : ZMEY (Store)

Jacket/Undies/Geta- [Cubic Cherry] – Envoy gacha (LootBox)
*Undies are slightly Modded but hey Femboys Represtent Yo! see below for more*
Shirt- [V-Tech]Tank Top (Store)
Leg Wraps- [CX] Legwraps (Store)
Halo- :[P]:- The Verys Halos (Store)
Collar- +AH+ Belt Collar 1.1 (Store)

Clemmm – Voir Torso Tattoo (Store)

Orbs- {ID} Icosphere Decor (Store)
Disc- That be a 1-prim Wonder with lots of PS paintbrushes >.>

Side Note for the Femboys~ Sorry but yeah no bulge on those girly panties but as I fully know the pain of trying to find a quicky bulge for outfits here you go…

throw a pair of [V-Tech]Bikini Thong Bulge on the ground & go into edit where you 100% transparency the whole thing except the bulge which after you rename them to whatever you want to save & use for later! Extra bonus is the color hud will still work & you can further adjust the colors via tinting.

These aren’t perfect of course so I mainly use this for pics because I can blend them into the undies via PS, but it’s better than nothing so \o/.


Featured Item: Zibska ~ Zeta Set (TLC)

Hair- {Limerence} Kris hair (FaMeshed)

Body Crystals- Zibska ~ Zeta Set (TLC)
~Slight color change & much mod in body placement for artistic reasons~
Collar- [CX] XenoCircuit (Store)

Full Face- [Gauze] Ice Princess (Store)

Ground Crystals *base mesh*- TLG – FF2018 Rock Crystals (Store)
~ Not original textures much mod with random things in my invo~

We Were Strangers

Featured Items: *AGATA* Tamae kimono, :CHEVEUX:M123Hair, & TLC Red Fox (Japonica)

Hair- :CHEVEUX:M123Hair (Japonica)

Kimono- *AGATA* Tamae kimono (Japonica)
Hair Tie- amias – CALEB bandana (Store)
Hair Pin- *N* Manryou Birabira Kanzashi (Store)

Lipstick- Zibska ~ Kat Lips (Store)

Fox- TLC Red Fox (Japonica)