Forked Tongues & Backstabs

PSA: Quick Tip Editing

Featured Items: [CX] Ostium Impaler Ears & !R! Pawn Throwing Knife (Eclipse)

Hair- Dura-U93 (Store)
Ears- [CX] Ostium Impaler Ears + Bali Piercings (Store)
*See Below*

Jacket- [Gild] Militaric JK (Store)
Knife- !R! Pawn Throwing Knife *blood not included* (Eclipse)

[CX] x -TWC- // Tritium Slave – Skin Marks (Store)

Hellos All… I’m sure many of you notice my quick “modded item” notes on many of my blog posts; because yeah if it can be modded it shall happen with me in a few more ways than one lol. Now, I usually don’t go into detail on how I modded whatever Item it is but today I felt a tinge of guilt that I never do so yays tutorial time!

 I understand a good 90% of you totally know how to do this and the following will be a complete yawn fest. But this isn’t for you, this is for that other 10% that just doesn’t know that sit there and ask themselves “What magic is this?… how did that happen?… this product no exist in SL!” or maybe you will find it interesting on how I usually do such things \o/.

The Usual Modify Warning:

Be Sure To Make A COPY…. DO Not Do This to NO COPY GACHA… Creators Are NOT RESPONSIBLE For Your Screw Up!

Ok, now that is out of the way lets get started on how I fiddled with the [CX] Ostium Impaler Ears which are awesome as is but the moment I saw them I had “Plans”.. might even make them my new main ears… sorry Mandala your ears are still awesome but yeah these new ears are ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ).

Step one: Make Copies & Throw all the things on the ground.. in this case the [CX] Ears & Bali piercings




Step 2: grab the ears & “Select Face” then 100% transparency just the ear gauges *Side note: I also tried this for the smaller one on the inside of the ear but it made all the piercings I wanted to stay “poof” as well so I uhm… improvised later*



Step 3: Grab each of the piercings & place them just how you want them on the ears… once they are sitting pretty Grab all of them at once & link them before making a 2nd copy to then repeat placement on the 2nd ear


This step comes with a few Tips & Warnings: 1st & foremost Do Not Link the piercings to the actual ears the customization hud for changing things like skin tone no like the extra thangs! Now, you can actually place each piercing on the ear individually but each one takes up an attachment slot & there is a limited number of those so linking them serves a purpose as to cut the number of attachments being used from 10 down to just 2.


Step 4: Go in & rename all your copies so when you try finding them in your invo you can tell that those are the ones you are looking for… (nothing more grrr than trying to find something that has the same name as everything else) after your all done pick up all things & put them all on for “Fine Tuning”. Fine Tuning you ask?… yeah even though everything was perfect on the ground doesn’t mean they will be place perfectly when you attach them to your head. Also be sure to remember the piercing are set to attach to only one ear so you will have to go & change that setting for I think it was the right ear placement.


Once done… Tada you now have your new even more custom ears & you won’t have to spend all that time to get your “look” ever again it’s now a “Attach & Go” piece Woooo!

Hope you Enjoyed yes!



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