If You’re Scared, Don’t Look

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Ekion} arms augments (Cyberpunk) & CURELESS[+] Thaumiel Collar (Store)

Hair- Raven Bell – Evan Hair (TMD)
Eyes- [ContraptioN] T-S45 Series Ocular Implants (Store)
Tentacles- [CX] Sentinel Tentacles (Store)

Shirt- VUK. Hugo Tank Top (Store)
Kimono- +HILU+NUREGOTO (Store)
Gloves- [Cubic Cherry] {Ekion} arms augments (Cyberpunk)
Mask- Insomnia Angel – Cyber Kitsune Mask (Cyberpunk)
Fur & Chest Piercing- [CX] Cuffed Stole & [CX] x -TWC- // Tritium Slave Collar (Store)

Face Tatt & Tubing- -[TWC]- Hazard (Cyberpunk)

Neck Art- CURELESS[+] Thaumiel Collar (Store)


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