Relax and have Some Tea

Featured Items: [Gild] Tabi-hakama, 22769 – Secret Teahouse, [MB] OBANZAI, {-Maru Kado-} IGO set (Japonica), [CX] Hua Niao (Okinawa Summer Festival), & ROQUAI Nyx The Night 2 (Store)

~No Story Included~

Hair- tram G0518 hair (Hair Fair)

Pants/Necklace- [Gild] Tabi-hakama (Japonica)

EyeShadow- .ARISE. Haruku (Okinawa Summer Festival)
Lipstick- Clemmm – Tired Glitter Lips (Store)

House/Screen/Bambo- 22769 – Secret Teahouse (Japonica)
Food- [MB] OBANZAI (Japonica)
Tea Set- [CX] Hua Niao (Okinawa Summer Festival)
Igo Table- {-Maru Kado-} IGO set (Japonica)

ROQUAI Nyx The Night 2 (bento) (Store)


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