On a Sunny Afternoon

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I don’t know how this happened. Well, that’s not true. I actually do, but remembering isn’t like it used to be. How do I get myself into these situations, you ask? Well, it all started when I was actually living.

They say the Devil isn’t real, and that God is just a fiction made up by greedy men that want power. I mean, guilt and the fear of eternal damnation is a pretty good selling point for the gullible masses, especially when you indoctrinate them young.

But I found out the Devil is real. I was angry, naive, and my dad worked for the mob. Sorry – the “syndicate”. They probably don’t even call themselves that anymore. But I wanted vengeance for my boyfriend. He was killed supposedly in a motorcycle accident, but that wasn’t the reason he was dead. I felt I was all alone, left to my grief, and someone had to pay.

The cop that killed my boyfriend needed to pay. So I researched and found out that my suspicions were true. I found out that he actually was on the take – to some of the rivals of my Dad’s outfit.

Credit to my dad – when he found out I was trying to get into the gun-room, he spanked my skinny butt and pushed me out, told me to get back home and grieve in dignity. He said not to do anything stupid. I had told him my story, and what I wanted to do, but he said, “He’ll get his,” and made me leave. I thought dad would take care of it for me. But he didn’t. He got nabbed in a sting operation. The cache of weapons was confiscated, and all his connections were burned. So I was left alone, frightened, angry, and I had a grudge on my mind. That fucking cop had to bite the big one. And it had to be by my hand.

My boyfriend was into some strange stuff (I guess we both were, but he was REALLY into it) and had left his notebook (We jokingly called it his spellbook) and .. I don’t know what else to call it.. His occult text … a plain black leather bound book that looked like it was from 200 years ago. Its only adornment was a red brand mark of a goat head and pentagram branded on its front cover. He’d left them at my house, months ago, before he got killed. I remembered we’d talked about trying to summon a creature to grant wishes. I hadn’t taken it seriously – since when did shit like that actually work, right? Your frats and sororities might get into stuff like this, but all they did was have boner-fests and orgies with body paint and gelatin.

But that night, when I had been boozed up, I decided, in my clearly ‘heightened’ state of mind, that no harm could come of doing this. I was trying to summon the “Darkling Spirit of Crossings”. He was named Endraxix, and he was supposed to gain power from the act of vengeance, and in exchange, he would help that vengeance come to pass. Simple, right?

So I set up the summoning circle in the basement, using my art supplies (I was an Arts major at University). I was rather exacting with following the directions. Or so I thought.

What happened next was an hour of chanting, bleeding, more chanting, and burning of incense and candles. I was naked. I was tired. I was high and stoned. And I was summoning a demon.

And it worked. As the clock chimed midnight, and I was just about ready to slump into unconsciousness, the figure formed in the pentagram’s center. He was probably 5 and a half foot tall – not overly imposing. But he radiated confidence and charisma – that should have been a warning. He was dressed in tight black leather pants, and with a naked torso – well, besides the long slick leather coat over top. It showing off chiseled abs and a tight, ripped chest. His skin looks so smooth, and had a sheen to it, that made him look flawless. I wanted to open that jacket up and see if his body was as smooth and sleek as it seemed. He moved with grace and assurance.

His pants were so tight that I could tell he was probably proud of something long and sinful. I briefly wondered what it might be like, licking my snakebites, but I shook that thought away, and noticed him smirk once more. He wasn’t just some pretty fitness model doing dress up. This was a demon. He wore a sword on one hip, and a machine pistol on the other. There was a dagger, as well, on his other hip and one in each of his tall motorcycle boots. He wore a black metal pentagram goat-head necklace that had red rubies for eyes that glittered in the candle light. He had pointed ears, long ebony hair with purple streaks, and his skin was shiny and inky black, like the drow are depicted in the better artworks – not that weak, gray-skinned version.

When I was done looking at what was below his neck, I looked up, and he said, at that moment, “My eyes are up here. Your curiosity of what’s ~down below~ can be answered after we conclude any deals, I’m sure. “ The handsome.. Nay, beautiful demon elf said, as he rested a hand on his bulge. When I looked up, I saw his eyes were faintly glowing red. His body was relaxed and he seemed like he would be leaning casually against a wall, if there had been such behind him. That’s when I saw a long, whip-like tail curl against his left forearm, almost like a coiled whip.

So, he wasn’t just some dude in leathers. “Again, eyes up here,” His soft, melodious voice said, with a British accent. Why did the villains always sound British? I looked back up into his face, and notices his angular features and slightly tilted eyes. His lips were a deep red and his teeth were startlingly white with exaggerated canines, as he smirked at me.

“I want to have vengeance on this man.. This cop that killed my Dad. “

There. I said it.

“Of course you do, my dear Randalf.. Can I call you Randy?” He said it with such a matter of fact tone, with a complete understanding in his voice of my pain and reason, even though I hadn’t explained any of it to him. Had he been waiting to prey on me? Was he somehow involved? Or was it just he was a demon with knowledge and powers and he’d read everything about me in those few seconds since his materialization?

“Randalf .. would be f-fine,” I said, with a gulp.

The demon frowned at that, and narrowed its eyes – they seemed to have epicanthic folds with their slight tilt and almond shape. He seemed to look right into my skull. I could feel him crawling around in there. He smirked a little bit, but then resumed a more sober expression.

“Randalf it is, then. So, Randalf, you wish to get vengeance on Vecilio Massimo, because he killed your father. I want to give you your vengeance. You know, of course, my price for this, yes?”

The book told me that his price was to be let out of the pentagram, and he would bestow upon me the power I needed for vengeance. But also, there had to be a blood sacrifice. I had a little pen knife with me, but I realized – through my brain fog earlier, that I had to sacrifice something living. Not just cut my finger and dribble a little blood. I had been, after all, a bit inebriated.

When Endraxix appeared, I sobered up almost immediately.
Fortunately, for me, something happened that I hadn’t anticipated, and sort of saved my ass. Or damned it.

The door to the basement crashed open, and a duo of cops came storming down the stairs, “Randalf Moonshae! You are under arrest for possession of illegal explosives, firearms and illegal substances!” The two cops had practically leaped down the stairs. They were spouting utter nonsense – this was nothing but a manufactured bust to get rid of someone snooping around their world. I’d not been as clever as I thought. They had heard about my snooping and were taking me down, so they thought.

But I turned to Endraxix and said, “I do have your price and I agree to it. Can I give it to you now ? In the form of one of these men?”

The demon grinned, even as the two cops- one of which was Vecilio Massimo, the other his just-as-dirty partner, Jake Mason.

“What the fuck,” Vic Massimo said. The cop was in his early 30s, fit looking, very tense, his pistol pointed at the ground, held in both hands. His brown hair was slicked back, and he was dressed all in black, down to his black patent leather shoes. He had a gold chain at his throat that dangled down to his hairy chest, and had a gold ring on each hand. If he had dark big sunglasses, he could have been from the 80s. His partner was a little younger, blond, but similarly dressed and ornamented. And armed. Jake glanced over at his partner and said, “Looks like we just interrupted some sick fucking shit – demon role play.. The devil is gonna make the boy his bitch!”

Endraxix stepped from the pentagram, just as I had agreed to his terms, and he smiled a warm, knowing smile. “Oh yes. I’ll have Jake, you can handle Vecilio. I grant you your vengeance. “

And that’s when Vecilio’s gun went off. He fired it at Endraxix, but the demon dodged, and I got hit. I sort of hovered over my dying body. I saw that the bullet intended for Endraxix had hit me, spun me around, and I had rammed my face into a metal shelf beside the pentagram. It left a bloody gash in my cheek and nose. I was bleeding to death but I was hovering over my own body.

Endraxix crushed and absorbed Jake. All except for a fountain of blood when he crushed him. It was like a high speed impact on an orange had splatted Jake all over the floor, walls and ceiling. What was left, seemed to phase into the demon’s body, and he looked like he was having an orgasm. But then, right after, he noticed what had happened to me.

“What the fuck,” the demonic elf muttered, as Vecilio fired off several more shots doing nothing to the demon. The demon’s tail lashed out in annoyance, whipped around and bound the cop’s wrists, and yanked him over to the demon. He dropped his gun and screamed in fear all the way, as Endraxix stalked over to my dying body, dragging the dirty cop behind.

“Now, now, “ The black skinned demon tut-tutted in a deadpan voice, “We can’t have you dying before you have your vengeance. Think of my reputation in the netherworld!”

I couldn’t really answer, though I heard him from far away. But then I felt a surge of energy, like life was pouring back into me. But I could tell it was different somehow, changing me. It was making me into something else. I screamed silently, since I couldn’t draw breath, but my mind surged with the jolt. And then. I was sitting up in the basement, taking in a huge breath. I glanced to the side, and Vic, the dirty cop, was bound and gagged beside me. And Endraxix was lounging against the wall. He eyed me with an expectant gaze. “There you have it- take your vengeance. “

“What just happened to me, Endraxix? I don’t f-feel the same as before, “ I said in a soft gravelly voice, like my throat was sore.

The demon considered -I could hear the wheels turning in his mind. He was considering telling me a lie. But he couldn’t lie, so the book said – not to someone he had a pact with. He could omit things, but if questioned, he had to tell me what I wanted to know.

“You were in the process of dying. I had to – stop that because of our pact. You are not technically dead now. And you won’t die. Not for a while, at least.”

His answer sounded a bit glib and hedging. “What do you mean, ‘not for a while?’ ”

He scowled, and then sighed, “Well, all humans die eventually, of course – what else could it mean?”

“It could mean that as soon as I kill my vengeance target, “ I slapped the back of Vic’s head, and he groaned, his eyes clenched shut, tears running down his cheeks. “It could mean that I would die when my vengeance is carried out. Is that what you mean?”

Endraxix beautiful face took on a somber expression, and then he nodded, deciding to admit the flaw in the situation, instead of being a total douchebag. “That is relatively accurate, yes. Our bargain is over, after I finish my 24 hours on Earth. And the power I imparted you to stay alive would fade after I return to the nether regions.”

I gaped at him. “But.. Why don’t you just heal me, and let me get on with my vengeance, and get on with my life, dammit!”

The demon shook his head and shrugged. “I’m sorry, but that wasn’t the deal we made.”

My mind whirled and I nearly fainted with the enormity of my situation. “But.. “ was all I could say. I felt like my mind was whirling out of control, so I sat down in an old kitchen chair stored down there. But then, something boiled up and gave me clarity – the purpose of all of this insanity. “Dammit, that is so wrong. That bullet was meant for you! If it had hit you, it wouldn’t have done a damn thing. You LET it hit me! You can’t …”

“My hands are tied,” the demon said, strangely with a regretful sound to his voice. He furrowed his handsome features, and grumbled in his throat. “But you do have a point – I do bear some responsibility.” He paused a few moments and then sighed and nodded. “I suppose I can do one thing for you, that honors the bargain we made, but amends it somewhat. That is, with your consent.“

I narrowed my eyes, not entirely sure if I bought the regretful look on the demon’s face. He shrugged, “I know what you’re thinking.. literally. So, yes, I am on the level. What I want to do is – to make what you are now – permanent. And I will take this piece of shit to the Hells, and punish him. But he won’t be dead. Just in eternal torment.”

The greasy dirty cop tried to shout something, but his gag did its job to muffle him. His eyes, however, were filled with horror at his predicament- and he didn’t have a say in the matter.

Somehow I could hear Vic’s thoughts, and now I could hear Endraxix’s thoughts as well. The sexy demon chuckles and nodded, thinking back to me, “Well it appears you have some fringe benefits. Honestly I don’t know what they all are – but your life will probably be a little different from now on – since you aren’t mortal anymore. That is, if you agree to the amendment to our pact.“

I knew at that moment, that Endraxix would only alter me in a way that made my state of existence that of undeath. The requirement to keep me alive was that I would have to occasionally take the life of a person as a vengeance. Fuck, I was like Eric Draven from the Crow, for all intents and purposes. That is, if I agreed to it.

“Oh, you’ll agree to it, “ he said aloud, with a smirk. “And if you want, we can work together..” his voice trailed off, as he felt my anger at this choice being forced upon me. He shrugged and then smirked. “You really don’t have a choice, my dear. In what you are, I mean. This is a take it or – die – deal.“

I accepted, of course. What else could I do?

I found that I could call up a seeming that would make me look alive. But when I looked in the mirror, I would see my real visage – My hair was white, but the tips were colored with crimson – but I will say it was nicely done. I had this bad-ass scar across my face and my eyes were tinted red, but they looked a milky white with that red taint around the whites. My snake-bites stayed, of course, and I tended to dress in white after that. Or smokey gray. I used a mask, which resembled a scarf of sorts, when it was just around my neck. And I was fast, strong, and I couldn’t be killed – at least not easily.

So, better watch out, better be good for goodness sake, because if you don’t. I’m going to be there. On the darkest of nights, or on a sunny afternoon. I might be undead, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the sunlight. Just ask my boyfriend.


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

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