It’s Just a Little Pain

Featured Items: Zibska ~ Hadia (Uber) & [CX] Biomech Claws (Store)

~No Story Included~

Hair- Moon. Hair. // Wind Chime (Store)
Claws- [CX] Biomech Claws (Store)

Jeans- [AB] Mandingo Jeans (MOM)
Collar- ::GB::Plate Chain Necklace (Store)
Earrings- .random.Matter. – Yesung Earrings (Kustom9)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Hadia (Uber)
Lips- Clemmm – Tired Glitter Lips (Store)

Bed- tarte. stargazer floor bed (Store)

*Please Note: all blood is not included and was Photoshopped in*


3 thoughts on “It’s Just a Little Pain

  1. Wut about the claw marks on the chest? Is it a tattoo? Where did you get it? I’m kinda sad you put up the rest of your stuff but that one, I’ve been looking for such a good mark like that for my own shots T_T


    • Leoninus I’m a stickler for making sure I credit all SL items besides my actual body & I did mention where the claw marks came from… it’s in the fine print at the bottom stating “*Please Note: all blood is not included and was Photoshopped in*” this includes the blood on the bed & Fingernails along with the blood ridden claw marks… I got them from a google search ….But, I know your pain so here is a link to the png so you can have your very own claw marks


      • Oh lol thank you for that, I am half blind so it is harder to read smaller writing, I didn’t realise people used photoshop in these, I might just make that a tattoo, if I do I’ll be sure to send you it =3 thank you
        and thank you for even going to the trouble of the link to it~


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