Was This What You Wanted?

Featured Item: [White~Widow] Arrival (Kinky)

Were you trying to get my Attention? Did you want some kind of Response? Well you finally got it and here is what I have to say.

For months I have seen a letter blaming and accusing me; watched you make creations full of self pity; received messages trying to guilt trip me to come back to you; build art displays expressing your removal from any responsibility for what happened; and now a personal slap to the face through trying to use me for your personal gain once again.

What I have Not seen these past months is any expression of remorse or true sorrow over what took place between us. So, weep to your heart’s content….”Cry Me A River”… you must be confused, the damage is done and I’m not coming back to you!


Hair- NO.MATCH_NO.ONE. (Store)

Shirt- [Gild] hight neck half top (FaMeshed)
Pants- [Gild] Gather Sarouel pants (Shiny Shabby)

[White~Widow] Arrival (Kinky)

Statue/Chains- E.V.E Poison Chains and Needles GACHA
Rain- E.V.E Dancing Poison Rain
Collar- E.V.E Broken Chains {Connected} Collar M01 (Original Mod 1/27/2017)


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