Lecherous Things the Night Brings

Featured Items: +HILU+NAWAYOI, 22769 – Yuukaku House, & ::GB:: koshikimono (Japonica)

Gav was just a gardener on the estate. He had been there since he was a child, learning from his parents and grandparents, and his older siblings and relatives. They had done this for generations even before his oldest living relatives. It was the way of things. Gav was now in his mid-twenties, and had done well by the lord and his family.

But when the venerable, and seemingly immortal Lord Nu had passed (at, some said, 200 years old), and his son had taken over, things had changed somewhat.

The young Lord Kaindir, had ascended to take the mantle, and he had ‘tightened things up’ quite a bit. The young lord was virile, more aggressive, and projected his strength in ways his father might have found vulgar. But he was the Lord now, and he didn’t seem to care as much.

Gav was selected by Kaindir to be his personal servant in the house, and removed him from his duties as a gardener. It had been a change, but Gav had adapted well, and the Lord became comfortable with him around. He often required Gav to display his young, fit physique, and had him train with him, running, swimming, and other physical activities. He even taught the servant to sword fight so he could spar with someone he could trust.

Gav did all of these things and excelled at them. And the two were rather close, though Gav was reminded that he was not a noble and should not get that confused with the privileged life of servant.

As the first year passed, Lord Kaindir had brought lovers to his chambers, and Gav had been required to be attentive, as the Lord would sometimes require refreshments brought in during or after his amorous conquests, or sometimes his partners would require assistance afterwards. He was a lusty man, Kaindir.

Occasionally, the prince would take Gav down a notch, by tying him down and using him the way he had used his lovers and whores, whispering in Gav’s ear how he knew the servant boy lusted for him.

This was a secret that was solely between Gav and the Prince, and it made him feel needed, strangely, but also bound that much more tightly to his Lord and Master.

And then, the military campaigns began, and Kaindir and his troops marched into neighboring fiefdoms and conquered.

It was after one such conquest that the boy in the red robe was brought back to the estate – a trophy of conquest by Kaindir. It was the young prince, Raiph.

Raiph was smaller of build, thin and lean, and had the softest flowing white hair. His skin was pale, almost alabaster, and he was definitely more beautiful than handsome. The prince had been brought in, bound with rope, cleverly and purposefully knotted to restrict movements. He wore only a red robe that had long sleeves and white textured collar. Much to Raiph’s public embarrassment, his robe was left open at the front, and did nothing to hide his modesty.

It was said that Raiph was a sorcerer, and his blood was in descent from the Emperor’s line. When he was captured, Kaindir had known this, and had taken the precautions to prevent a spell being laid upon him by the prisoner.

His guards brought the prisoner to the Lord’s chambers, and left the two alone. Gav had already been sent out of the room, to leave the Lord and captive together, but watched.

Gav did as he always did; He moved to the secret spy chamber adjacent, where there was a hidden observation portal – really just a clever peep-hole – that allowed him to remain aware of what his master was doing and what his needs might be.

He watched as his master stood with his back to the doorway, his athletic frame on display with his shirt off, his multitude of tattoos covered his chest, arms, and shoulders.The temperature had fallen, and his nipples were hard, as he stood before his captive.

Kaindir’s black mane was tied up in a partial bun at the back, but much of it hung free to caress his shoulders and chest, and framed his high-cheekboned face. He looked intently upon his prize, his lips compressed in contemplation. Gav was sometimes awestruck by the male form of his master, his handsome and alluring frame something to give fire to his nighttime contemplations.

His master drew his katana, and held it to the front of Raiph’s robe, and seemed to gesture to the left and right. The ropes binding the captive held the robe mostly in place, but Gav could tell that his master was opening the robe in the front, to get a better view of Raiph’s body.

The gap in the robe made the bound young prince blush, as he could see the lascivious way the Lord Kaindir gazed and smirked, compressing his lips in a smile that could only mean that something rather interesting was about to begin.

Gav felt his ardor rising, even as he could see his Lord’s might be, also. He watched as Kaindir’s katana went back into its sheath at his waist, and put his master’s hands went to his hips. It emphasized Kaindir’s tightly muscled frame, and he could see how the bound prisoner was looking down and away, even as the beautiful Raiph stole glances at the handsome black haired lord.

Kaindir’s arm went around the red-robed prisoner’s shoulder and he drew him roughly to him, and he said, in a harsh whisper, “You are mine, now, Raiph. If you join me, now, willingly, we shall have great power between us – our lands will join, and we shall rule..”

“I won’t be your puppet, Lord Kaindir,” the soft voice of the captive said, in reply. “You have me in your power now, but the cost of holding me against my will and trying to force me.. “

Kaindir put a hand over Raiph’s mouth, and the muffled voice stopped after a moment. “Let me finish, my dear. Nod if you understand.”

The katana was back out of its sheath now.

Raiph’s lush mane of white locks shifted as he nodded, sending the silken curls sliding over the fabric of the robe. Gav could hear the rustle of the motion from his observation post. He gulped.

“I can end it all here – your line, your hopes and dreams – right now. All it will take is spilling your blood, and making that red robe just a bit more red,“ the katana-wielder said, sweeping his hand back through the long mane of midnight black locks. Gav could sense the iron will behind his lord’s words, and he gulped.

There was a shift in Raiph’s stance, and strangely, the arms of the robe, tied behind the prisoner, seemed almost to deflate – to become floppy to Gav’s eyes. And that’s when he saw the slender white-maned captive wasn’t so restrained any more. His hands were coming out of the front of the robe, like snakes, almost, and there was this strange noise in the air – Lord Kaindir was standing there, his eyes growing wide at the sight, but he was trembling, unable to move.

Raiph’s snake-like arms wound around the handsome Prince’s neck, even as the other one took the Katana out of the other’s grasp. The blade flicked left and right and the ropes binding the smaller Prince fell away, and the crimson robe slid off his shoulders to pool at his feet in the floor. The pale skin and sorcerer stepped out of the tumbled robe.

Gav watched, transfixed as the slender, beautiful young sorcerer slowly stalked around the powerful lord, without a stitch of clothing on, a smile on his lips. He moved with a sinuous grace around him like a predator cat, examining his new prize.

Gav started to push himself away from the peep hole when he found he couldn’t move, and he knew why.. He hadn’t been able to pull his gaze from the scene, and now he was looking into the gleaming red eyes of Raiph. The gaze held him. Gav could feel the mind of the sorcerer dominating his will, and he could hear the voice of command, “Get yourself in here, now Gav, and don’t raise any alarms. That’s a good boy. You and your master are going to be performing for me in ways you haven’t imagined yet. In fact, I’m feeling quite lecherous right now. “

Gav gulped and his body followed the whims of the white-maned sorcerer. He entered the chambers, and slid the rice-paper door closed behind him, as he saw that Raiph was lounging naked on the nearby couch, and Kaindir was standing in front of the couch.

“Come, Gav,” Raiph said in a soft voice that nevertheless echoed in his mind. “Come and undress your prince for me.. And then undress yourself. I am feeling rather lecherous tonight, and you both seem to be just what I need right now to feed that appetite. Oh don’t worry, Kaindir, my lord. I won’t deflower you too badly. Maybe. No worse than you planned for me.”

Gav felt the mental commands fill his mind. And the night just got that more interesting.


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

Hair- =DeLa*= “Dorothy” (Store)

Kimono- +HILU+NAWAYOI (Japonica)

Backdrop- 22769 – Yuukaku House (Japonica)

2nd Avi(Aмιec Laѕĸarιѕ):
Tattoo- *Bolson / Tattoo – Hanzo (Store)
Kimono Skirt- ::GB:: koshikimono (Japonica)


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