Here for the Ride

Featured Items: !1mm*** TarurunKimono Skirt, {wa-kotolier} “Ume blossom” Harness, [Marushin]Goshintai, *booN-kura JPN wall letters “bikunbikun” (Japonica), [CX] Project Harpoon (Shoetopia), & [CX] Sakura Eye Make-up (Sakura Matsuri)

~Story by Dehrynn Shepherd Coming Soon~

Hair- (r)M Hair, No.39’16 (Store)
Skin- .:[PUMEC] :. – .:Astrid:. (Skin Fair)

Skirt- !1mm*** TarurunKimono Skirt (Japonica)
Harness- {wa-kotolier} “Ume blossom” Harness (Japonica)
Shoes- [CX] Project Harpoon (Shoetopia)
Hairpins- [CX] Tassel Kanzashi (Store)

Eyeshadow- [CX] Sakura Eye Make-up (Sakura Matsuri)

Phalic Shrine- [Marushin]Goshintai (Japonica)
Writing- *booN-kura JPN wall letters “bikunbikun” (Japonica)

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