I’m Happy Now

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The voice resounded over and over, like a metronome, almost. It was low, and calm, and matter of fact, without much in the way of inflection – at least, in the emotional sense.

“To work is to be happy, and to be happy is to work. You must be happy, therefore, you must work. Because you must work, you must be happy. It is the only way.”

Mayson was doing his best, but he just didn’t know why he was in this chamber. Why this voice was droning on and on. And why he was getting so agitated by the lights in the chamber. The walls were a neutral color, almost a beige, and there were little glass rectangles, subtly tapered on the edges, that were affixed all over the wall. They vibrated with the voice on the recording, making a low buzzing that make Mayson’s teeth ache with the vibration. The room was only about 4 or 5 feet square and about 7 feet tall. This was worse than a prison cell.

He didn’t know why he’d wound up in this place or how he’d gotten here. He’d been working at the studio into the wee hours, and he must have passed out at the work table. He tried to remember what he’d been doing. He’d had a foam box of Thai food from the take out joint down the street, and was working on a set piece for the photoshoot the next day. He must have passed out. Was there something in his drink? Something in his food? Someone snuck in and gassed him?

And he’d woken up in here, with that incessant recording.

“To work is to be happy, and to be happy is to work. You must be happy, therefore, you must work. Because you must work, you must be happy. It is the only way.”

This had seemed to go on for hours, and hours, and Mayson slipped out of his jacket and slung it over his shoulder, revealing his tattoos and the tumble of his dark brown hair around his shoulders. He had snakebite piercings in his lower lip, accented by a dash of lipstick between them. He snaked his tongue out to toy with the snakebites, revealing a tongue piercing stud in that pink muscle. His pants were tight to his hips, and his tank top was snug to his lean torso, but he unbuckled his belt and adjusted the bracelet on his wrist like doing that might make him more comfortable in this strange chamber.

There was nothing to sit on but the floor, and if he did that, he would lean against those damned transparent vibrating things, and he was sure that his head would burst or a filling would rattle loose.

“To work is to be happy, and to be happy is to work. You must be happy, therefore, you must work. Because you must work, you must be happy. It is the only way.”

He muttered up at the ceiling, “Oh just shut up, already, ok? Work doesn’t make you happy!”

He slammed a fist into the wall, and it didn’t yield even a little.

Something inside him had reached a point of breaking. The incessant droning or the light or that damned buzzing in his teeth. It was getting worse, and the feelings he had been suppressing, so as not to give the pricks that put him here the satisfaction of seeing him break.. .well, that was just too fucking bad. He was getting angry, scared, and pissed.

“To work is to be happy, and to be happy is to work. You must be happy, therefore, you must work. Because you must work, you must be happy. It is the only way.”

“OH GODS JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!” Mayson growled out in a harsh shout. “LET ME OUT OF HERE!!”

He was almost on the point of tears, and the volume seemed to crank up on the litany. The buzzing was getting worse. His teeth ached and his head was pounding.

He started pounding and pounding the wall with his fists. The pain felt good, and he just started slamming it harder, and harder, heedless of whether he cracked one of the glass rectangles or what.

And that’s when it happened.

Mayson’s eyes changed, so some strange bloodshot milky white, and fangs popped in his mouth. He hissed and growled, and his nails grew into claws, and his whole body shifted into a sleek, panther like pose, as he inhaled a soft breath, and let it out, like all the tension in his body had just been released in this sudden transformation. He looked at the seams of the walls, and then simply grinned.

And the voice suddenly went quiet.

The lights dimmed.
“So, there you are,” The voice was different over the loudspeaker. “I was wondering how long it would take to draw you out. “

Mayson’s own voice was different now, as well. Sweet, and sensual. Deadly.

“You won’t be so happy about that when I get out of here,” Mayson replied in a calm voice that vibrated, almost like it was slightly out of phase, or there were more than one voice speaking at once.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere soon, my friend,” the loudspeaker voice said. “We have too much work to do together.”

Mayson raised both hands, and the claw-tipped fingers – middle fingers – were raised in salute. And he simply shimmered, like his whole body was vibrating at an incredible speed, and he simply walked through the walls of the chamber. “Watch me.”

“Oh shit.” came the voice over the loudspeaker.

Stepping through the wall, whatever it was that Mayson had become, glanced around at the warehouse that surrounded the little experimental cell. Strange devices and gadgets – scientific equipment for sensing, recording, analyzing, and cataloguing were all pointed at the place he had just been in. This whole section was surrounded by a plastic containment tent, the kind used for biohazards. There were technicians and scientists in biohazard suits all around the chamber. And they all had stopped what they were doing. They all focused on Mayson.

Then one of them hit an alarm button – the guy that had been talking over the loudspeaker in the chamber to Mayson, perhaps?

Red lights flashed, and Mayson grinned, “Danger! Danger! Warning, Warning!” He said in that odd, out of phase duo-voice, and as the security guard version of hazmat suits came towards him, raising their taser weapons, one on either side of him, Mayson simply phased again, and the little projectile needles struck the two guards simultaneously and electrocuted them both to seizures on the floor. Mayson stepped over them.

He reached out and grabbed one technician, and phased as he slammed him down into his desk and released him. The young man’s head stopped phasing when it was released, and after, it was stuck inside the table. He stopped moving.

Techs and scientists alike were scrambling to evacuate now, and he just simply followed the terrified humans, and picked them off, one at a time. Some he ripped open their biosuit and phased a hand inside and stopped their hearts, or pulled out a vital organ out of place, others he phased them inside equipment or walls or floor. One guard tried to open fire on his with a flame-thrower, which he simply phased and walked right into the blast, yanked the flamethrower handle away from him, and turned it back upon him. He was inside a fire resistant suit, but still, covered in the equivalent of napalm, the young security man ran screaming, and setting things on fire inside the plastic containment tent. Finally, Mayson phased into the ground as a whole different level of storm trooper tried to surround the outer perimeter of the science containment tent, and they opened fire on not just Mayson, but anyone inside. Their target was Mayson, but they didn’t care who got in the way at this point. It was a breach.

It didn’t work. Except on the few remaining survivors and the equipment. Mayson phased back out of the ground, and into the limousine that was waiting outside the warehouse, where a man in an expensive white suit and red power tie sat, sipping scotch.

He glanced up in surprise, as Mayson suddenly dropped into the seat beside him. “Hello cutie – nice suit, “ Mayson said in that phase-shifted chorus voice. He was being sarcastic, even Mr White could tell that.

“How?! What… Where did you.. “

“I came out of your little hell-hole experiment. You just wanted to push my buttons. Well, now I’m here to push yours. I have to thank you, dumbass – you certainly know how to make a guy happy.”

Mayson grabbed Mr White by the power tie, and phased with him down into the ground.

Minutes later, Mayson resurfaced some distance away from the warehouse, overlooking it from a hillside a half mile away. He had a remote detonator in his hand. “I guess Mr White was prepared for everything. “ Mayson flicked a red switch on the side, and then depressed a button marked “Execute”.

The explosion was enormous. It was like something just short of a nuke had gone off. A mushroom of dust and debris went skywards, and whatever that facility had been was no more.

“I’m happy now,” Mayson said, with a smirk. He dropped the remote detonator on the ground, and stretched, then he slowly turned towards a desert road and sauntered away, phasing and vanishing from sight.

The cleaning and containment crew from The Vault arrived within a few hours, and cordoned off that whole section of the county. They were in ubiquitous black vans and trucks, wearing black military fatigues or business suits, if they were ‘management’.

They set about collecting samples and cataloging the bits of debris that was left, as best they could. But the place was a smoking pile of blown up debris. More a smoky crater than anything solid. There were fragments of the scientific equipment and computers, pulped remains of people, and the odd body part embedded in solid matter found scattered over a half mile radius. At least, what little there was to find.

The Agent in Charge surveyed the scene, and collected all the data that there was.

“This never happened, “ he told his crew. The cover up was on.

The only story that made the news was that of a giant natural gas explosion that occurred from a government research facility looking to find cleaner fuels to burn.


Story By: Dehrynn Shepherd

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