Vengeance is Mine

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Kitty glanced inside the room, daring a fast peek around the door jam to get an idea of what he would be up against when he charged into the room. His ruse – to be captured and dragged into the compound had been a relatively simple one, and had been sold quite nicely when he had seemed so helpless and human.

He’d managed to alter his shape enough that his cat-like ears and his other demonic hybrid features had changed enough to allow him to resemble the guise of an ordinary, garden variety human teen boy, that had been harassed and wounded by the forces outside the walls of the demon’s fortress.

But the old leather factory, despite being run down and graffiti covered, was still as solid a structure as any you could want. And Kitty had managed to track down the unsavory emanations from the place with scent and sight and a horrible goosebumped feeling he’d get when he came close to the place. Even now, that his body had been given time to adjust, his skin crawled with the corruption and negative dark energies that were coursing through this place. Human sacrifices had been performed here, and there was a cyst that had been opened and was draining from one of the dark outer planes and into this one.

Kitty’s younger brother, Fernal, had been taken, and he’d tried to find the young prisoner, but had only managed to arrive too late – the young boy’s corpse left half eaten and the remains left had been defiled, found in a ditch not too far from this place – this fortress of darkness. That had put Kitty on a mission of vengeance.

The monster’s drone like human servants had brutishly dragged Kitty into the fortress, and thrown him into the basement, where a cage had been set up to hold the sacrifices, or food cattle, either one. He was the only one in the basement when he was left there by the drones, and it was just fine by him.

With concentration and will, he resumed his battle hybrid shape, that of a pale-skinned, lean muscled Neko Demon hybrid. His drab, torn clothing changed to the leather battle skirt that was belted at his waist, and slitted down his left side. The fire-fox fur appeared, draped around his shoulders. His ears pricked golden and hardened into the pierced and tipped, seemingly plated, battle ready form that he took when he was going into danger. And to top it all, his golden sword had appeared on his back.

If he’d been looking in a mirror, he’d have found himself quite pleasing to the eye, with the snakebite lip piercings accentuating the multi-hued lips of his battle ready form. His smooth, pale chest displayed an almost new and raw looking temporal tattoo, that seemed to have an Alice in Wonderland reference, etched in the scroll work. All of this gave him a dangerous and edgy look – a creature of deadly grace.

You didn’t mess with his family. Something had. And it was about to pay the price.

His sword cut in a flashing box – 3 slices – one up, one sideways, and one down. It rent an opening in the chain-link cage, with sparks and the ends of the cut steel links giving off a faint glow, like heated metal; the sword had just sliced through it like it was nothing more than warm butter.

He stepped through, red-leather combat boots making hardly a sound, as he stalked out and up the crumbling concrete stairs to the doorway. He gave the door a resounding kick, and it boomed open, nearly coming off its hinges, as he stalked out, and was immediately attacked by the 2 drones guarding the doorway. Both were white men in their late 20s, wearing grubby t-shirts and torn jeans. Each was built like a weightlifter, each carrying a baseball bat or length of pipe.

With a low dive, he sliced through the achilles tendons of one, and brought his sword up and into the neck of the other, even as the brute had been rearing back to swing at the nimble neko warrior. Neither one seemed able to talk or give a cry, other than sharp grunts of pain and alarm from one, and wet gurgles of bloody foam from the other.

Kitty left them quivering and bleeding on the floor.

He sprang up and loped up the stairway to the next floor, his boots making only the slightest of echoing sounds in the stairwell.

He came to a landing, where where he encountered 2 drones, and 3 others that were stationed upwards on the stairs leading upwards. The larger 3 of them in various shades and prints of t-shirts and jeans – general street clothing.

Two of them, on the upper stairs, were leaner, and had leather biker jackets, with long hair and beards. Those two were armed with knives and sported snake-like fangs. They hissed and weaved back and forth as the 3 brutish drones moved in with their blank staring eyes, to attack the lone swordsman.

The 3 larger ones tried to encircle kitty as he came out of the stairwell, and made grabbing arm swings, as if trying to grapple with him, and immobilize him. Kitty figured they’d play tug of war with his limbs if they managed to get ahold of him. But he was fast and flexible and dodged their attempts, as he slides open the stomach of one, weaved in to put his sword in the throat of the other, and leaped into the face of the 3rd, gouging the drone’s eyes out with sharp hard kitty claws, popping the eyeballs like ripe grapes.

Kitty leaped up and levered himself off the sagging shoulders of the third attacker, and as he did a leap in the air, he barely avoided the knives thrown by the two snakey-like thin men on the upwards stairs. He then landed almost soundlessly, grasped his sword from its sticking point in the throat of the 2nd thug-drone, and drew it out, just in time to defend against more thrown knives that came sailing at him from the foes on the stairs. He deflected them and then leaped high in the air, the fanged men leaping at him as well, with impressive motions.

One of them spit some kind of venom from his mouth, catching the young Neko across his face with the acidic. Kitty hissed and came down, slicing into the snake’s face, lopping off half of his head with the blow, which hissed and glowed for a moment like the fencing in the basement cage had. There was the smell of cauterized flesh, and the remains of a decayed brain and a coiled… something.. writhed in the remains of the snake-fanged man’s brain pan.

The other snake-man weaved and moved like it was more wary, giving Kitty a narrow-slitted look, as he tried the venom trick, as had his companion, spraying the nasty secretions in an arc, that Kitty weaved himself in an almost impossible contortion to avoid, and he managed to stay clear of it, landing with a foot on the wall, and then leaping from there and spearing the snake-man in the chest, driving his sword clean through the blackened heart of the attacker. The compromised human snake-man tried to bite Kitty, but couldn’t move, as his heart shredded itself against the golden blade that pierced it.

Kitty grabbed hold of the dirty T-shirt that the snake thug wore, and ripped it away, getting as much of the side that wasn’t drenched in heart-blood as he could, to wipe the nasty stinging spittle off. It it had gotten in his eyes, he might have been blind, or wishing he was. It left deep red-patchs of stinging flesh, with little boils where the highest concentration had been. His natural healing factors and resistance to such things had protected him somewhat, but still it would be hours before his healing would heal the stinging skin and flesh back to its former smooth, unblemished state. He was lucky that it hadn’t gotten into his blood and poisoned him either.

He cleaned off his blade on the dying creature’s jeans and then looked upwards into the stairwell. He loped up the next two flights of stairs and didn’t meet any significant resistance. Another snake-man – which he sliced open from crotch to throat in a single move, before he leapt over him and up to the top floor.

There was a significant change in the top floor. It was like something out of the movie “Aliens”, where there were all sorts of webbing and chitinous plates and secretions having been grafted to the walls, with oozing, and foul smelling web and slime covered surfaces. His sword started to glow a dull reddish gold, and its tip sizzled as it cut through the webbing and the strange shell-like plates that were blocking the doorway to the top floor.

He pressed through, and stepped onto a long, clear floor, save for the continuance of the chitinous shell-like structures and the masses of webbing. He could see the remains of beasts and men stuck in the webs, with bulbous spiders larger than a human’s head crawling along the webs, feasting on the unfortunate creatures that had been brought in as food. Kitty nearly gagged with the charnel house smells.

He saw a form, wrapped in shadows, at the middle of the long shop floor, its body that of a spider the size of a decent sized couch, with the head and part of the body of a blond woman.The hair swept back and Kitty could see that the ‘woman’ wasn’t exactly that any longer – her head was mutated into something that half-resembled a dog. Its mouth gaped wide, a maw of something otherworldly, with demonic sharp teeth and a red mask covering its jaw and nose, with a little heart shaped into the nose piece.

Kitty was repulsed by the sight, but he didn’t back off. This was the thing that had killed Fernal.

This thing had to die.

As Kitty started to warily stalk around the floor, he heard the crunching of his boots over cracking and brittle things. He glanced down and found that there were finger bones, facial bones, toes and the like – all the small bones of the human body or fragments of cranium, that were like stepping on fortune cookies. Also, the bodies of dead spiders were laying here and there, and one thing that seemed odd, he could see scorch marks on the floor, and evidence of blast marks on the walls, like a fire had been lit here .. more than once. He narrowed his eyes and then understood, as he leaped to the side and behind a pillar as a gout of flame spread out from the head of the dog-faced blonde headed creatures face. “INTRUDER!!! I SMELL MEAT!! I SHALL SCORCH YOU! And HAVE YOU FOR ALICE’S FEAST!!!”

He could barely understand the creatures speech at first, with slavering and the sound of tongue not meant for human speech being employed for the task. He felt the heat of the blast flow around the pillar, and heard the crackle of spiderwebs and chitin as he leapt out and rolled towards the abomination. The demon fired another gout of its magical flames at Kitty. And he rolled right under it and into a sheltered section of concrete wall and an old iron-sided walk in oven, that had been used for heat testing something in buildings hay-day.

Kitty didn’t stay still, but an explosion of magical fire surrounded him with a whoosh and terrible force, with harsh heat and brilliance engulfing the demonic hybrid with a rage from the netherworld. “ALICE COOK YOU GOOD KITTY BOY! NOW NOW NOW!! “

Her voice was hideous, but and the flames would have reduced most humans or normal felines to a charred hunk of meat and burnt flesh. As it was, Kitty was left unscathed, due to his Demon Fox Fur, and his innate magical resistance. His long pale locks drifted around him in the wake of the hot air, and momentary inrush of oxygen. Then he leaped up, his arms open wide, and landed on the back of the beast. It screamed and tried to shake him off, smashing into concrete pillars that were reinforced with steel rebar. And leaping hard up against the cieling, trying to smash or dislodge the kitty, as he sank his claws into the bulbous flesh of the spider creature.

Alice swiveled her head 180 degrees and tried to bite Kitty, but he gripped her head with one hand, by the hair, and swung his katana with the other. There was a soft, snicking sound, as bone and flesh parted. And then the sound of oozing fluids splashing on the floor started to fountain out. Kitty leaped back off the body as it started to thrash around, headless and insane. The demonic body didn’t know it had died yet. And so the head drooped but.. Somehow.. Still started talking.. “ALICE NO MORE! ALICE NEED NEW HOST!”

Kitty looked in disgust at the thing, and dropped it on the floor, watching the bulbous head-thing roll around. He took his sword, and raised it high, then with one brutal swoop down, he severed the head in two, and there was a sound of something .. like a huge bubble popping. The spider-like bulbous body popped and slumped, silent, and the head that was Alice started to wither, as its essence fled to the lower planes where it was spawned.

Looking around, a fire started where the spider body and the head were laying, like noxious fluids had undergone a chemical reaction upon the thing’s death, and now sought to immolate the entire lair. Fearing for the coming explosion, Kitty ran at one of the old windows and leapt through, soaring through the air. He angled and shaped his body and used the power of the Fox Fur, and managed to reach the river, some 300 yards away, as the old factory exploded in a conflagration that could only be explained the next day as a gas-main leak.

Kitty didn’t bother going back to the place. From all he heard through the news, the fire burned so hot, that it melted everything down to glass – the entire building was just a smoking glass lined hole now.

Kitty had sheathed his sword, and decided he needed to walk the earth for a while, and see if there were any spawn that had gotten away before the death of “Alice”. He needed to know.

Because Alice had been way too easy to kill, and there might be something more sinister out there that had been responsible for his brother’s death. He was going to find out. And Vengeance would be his.

Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

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Head- CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / alicelostherhead RARE (Store)

Eyeshadow & Lipstick- Zibska ~ Ibbi & Peake (Uber)

CURELESS [+] Curiouser&Curiouser / Skin Carvings (Store)


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