Am I Still a Loser?

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“What is a loser?” I said to myself, as I was looking into the mirror beside the bed. I felt kind of low, after the break up with Vanth, the boy in my college Ethics class.  He was just such a jerk. I don’t know what I ever saw in him. I know what he saw in me, but damn if he wasn’t nasty when he broke up with me. I’d been moping for days. Jenny and Graz, my best friends, had tried their best to get me out of my funk, but thankfully, I had heard what had happened to Vanth, afterwards, and I was feeling a lot better about myself. It seemed the skank hoe boy toy he left me for gave him herpes, or something nasty like that.

But I still wasn’t sure why the ass-hat had left me. Maybe it was because I wasn’t someone he could put up with. He’d called me a loser. I usually didn’t listen to such crap, but .. when you’re in such a situation, your emotions can really play tricks with you. I was still somewhat depressed and vulnerable.

“I am not a loser, “ I said to my reflection.

I looked down at the Furby in my hand, and said, “I’m not a loser, am I?”

I don’t think I really expected an answer from the Furby, but somehow, it swiveled its eyes and blinked, and then its little beak started to move, and it’s strange, child-like electronic voice spoke, “Looooz..zerr”

I frowned at the little creature, and wondered if I was really going to take that from a toy that just babbled things it sampled and spat back at the person speaking. I glanced over at my more modern electronic toy dog, that I had named “Tyrone”. It’s little ears swiveled, flapped, and its antenna tail wiggled back and forth.

“You’re certainly not K-9, are you? I wish you were. I could use a friend to talk to. Even an electric dog.”

Its tail swiveled again, and the Furby’s voice chattered, “loooz zer Kaaaay niihhh”.

I frowned at the little greenish blue Furby, and noticed its eyes had changed colors to green and that made me think it was sampling again, so I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to be mocked by an out-of-date toy.

I walked over and looked at myself in the mirror, and my frost-blond hair, and red pants, black leather jacket and the blue-and-purple modern art necklace, reddish glasses and harlequin lip paint made me look … what… I thought I looked hot.

I just looked at myself for a few moments, and I ran a hand down my flat skinny frame, half of my leather jacket hanging off one shoulder. I modeled in the mirror a minute and grinned, then I turned in profile. Definitely, I did look rather hot.

The Furby said “loooooz  zerrrrrrr” suddenly, and I huffed, and tossed the little traitor into my jewelry box on the dresser top, and snapped the lid shut.

A muffled “Looooz  zerrrrr  Looooz  zerrrrr  Looooz  zerrrrr  Looooz  zerrrrr ” kept repeating inside the box. I growled and stomped my foot. What’d I do? It was like I’d trigged some kind of repeat button!

I shucked off my leather jacket and piled it on top of the box.

‘looooo….   ‘ was all I could hear, and very faintly. I smirked. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Or  Furby.

As I walked away, it was so muted now, I couldn’t hear it at all.

The damned things battery was going to run out, sooner or later. I’d have to reset its memory, and retrain its ‘learned’ vocabulary.

My little dog, Tyrone, with the electronic puppy eyes walked to almost the edge of the bed, as I approached, and it stopped before toppling off the bed. “Well at least one of you has common sense, “ I muttered.

The little electronic dog sat down on its plastic haunches, its little antenna tail waggling back and forth. It let out an electronic “BARK!” and wiggled its ears.  “Good boy, “ I said, as I leaned down and rubbed it between its ears. It waggled its tail, and the electronic display for its eyes made these little heart-shaped emoticons  for electronic doggy love. I grinned. Tyrone always made me smile.

I flopped on the bed and rolled onto my back, and looked up at the ceiling. I brushed the hair out of my face, but it flopped back down and covered my green eye, so I gave my head a really vigorous shake, until it finally obeyed. Maybe I used too much product to sculpt it.

I glanced sideways over at the night stand, against the wall, and beside it was the full length mirror. I could always see myself – and I couldn’t help but run my hand up and down my chest and stomach. It was a little cool in my room, and my nipples pebbled up. I grinned at myself, and I thought, “Who wouldn’t want to be on this bed with me?” I was allowed a little narcissism, in the privacy of my own room, wasn’t I?

The leather jacket on top of the jewelry box slid off, and the jewelry box lid sprang open.


I screamed! Tyrone put his ears down and tried to waddle up to the pillows at the top of the bed, as I clawed my way off of the bed, fuming. ! grabbed the Furby, its “LOOOZ! ZER! LOOOZ! ZER!” taunting me over and over.  I stalked to the bathroom, and slung open the door, which banged against that little wall-protector spring, that went “DUUUGGGGGGGGAGGGAAGAGAGAG!!!”

The Furby stopped saying its litany of “Looozer” just as I laid it down on the vanity, grabbed my shears, and was going to cut its head off.

Had I scared it into submission? Had its battery died? Had it gained a sense of self preservation, to save its worthless little plastic life?


The shears came down.

The Furby went silent.

Its head toppled off.

It rolled on the floor and came to a halt, the electric green eyes going dark.

“Am I still a loser?” I sneered at the now-lifeless little toy.

It’s little head looked up at me in mute disbelief.

“Never mock a man with scissors, “ I said with a satisfied smirk. It should be some kind of Law of the Universe, like the equally important “Don’t Run With Scissors”.

I swept up the remains, and dumped it into the trash.

I only felt a little remorse about it, since it had been a long-ago birthday gift. I needed to grow up maybe. Just a little.

But that’s ok.

I wasn’t a loser. Not any more.


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd


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