If I Were God

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Sardrak held the sacred knife at his side, as he gazed up at the heavens, watching the night sky wheel its show of sparkling stars in the unending march of the constellations. He glanced down at the ancient sacrificial stone, seeing the pretty blond young man strapped to it, chains crisscrossing his body, leather straps and that leash they had fitted to him, along with the blindfold. He was still dressed in the street clothes he’d been wearing , but the shirt had been unbuttoned to reveal a smooth, lean chest. He wasn’t struggling, but seemed almost serene. That was good, because that meant that Sardrak was not going to have to chance drugging him, unless he grew unruly.

Sardrak was a priest, of sorts, or thought he was. He had served the will of the Demon Gods and found power there. Power they had granted him through rituals, through study of ancient and divine texts, and through sacrifices. Usually that of blood had given him abilities, and powers beyond those of most men. He was hardly human anymore, and in the end, he no longer wanted to be either.

He wanted to ascend and become a living demigod.

And he thought he had finally figured out how to do it.

It had been a slip, of sorts, that the Demon Princess Klohvinaglla had made, when she was ‘milking’ his blood, the mortal-ish servant, so she could create another one of her blood bonds and infuse him with more demonic power. He had served her thus for a decade, and now, she was going to help him jump fully into the demonic realm. But she was going to leap, as well, into a whole other facet of immortal existence.  

She was going to become a goddess. Her ‘slip’ had been to mention the reference of a Codex of some kind. She didn’t name it, but he was able to find out which one she was using, eventually, and he secretly deciphered the preparations and the requirements.

It all hinged on the Grand Conjunction, or that was one term for it. It was an alignment of planes, stars, and planets, and certain special points in the time stream that were significant to infuse someone with divine power – to let them tap into, and become part of the multiversal power stream that the gods all seemed to have some sort of ability to access.

And he had managed to not only figure out what Klohvinaglla was up to, but to set up something to divert her attempt and make it his own.

He’d been careful. Oh so careful. His preparations had been so secretive. There wasn’t a trail of bodies to betray his actions to keep it so. And now, the event was nigh. He had found the “Sacrifice” – a boy named Delig. He was pretty, blond, and had the powers of a seer. He’d been wearing a blindfold for more than 10 years to focus his mind on the visions of the universe. And he had been specially prepared, or interfered with, in secret, by Klohvinaglla, to ready him for this night. This momentous event.

Delig was the ‘Chosen Eye’ in the obscure text, called just ‘The Codex’. Delig was the one that was to see the “Great Moment” of the conjunction, and at that ‘Moment’ of moments, he was supposed cry out, signaling its happening, and then, unbeknownst to him, to be the sacrifice. It seemed supremely unfair in some ways that the Chosen Eye would only see this for but a moment, witnessing the glory and majesty of the universe. But the role of ‘The Chosen’ had been set at the beginning of time for the young man. Being the one that would open the Universe’s vein and pump it’s vitae into the one that would be channeling the sacrifice’s power to the “Receptacle of the Gift” was a great honor. The Codex said that the “Receptacle” would retain the powers bled from the universe. Which meant, in essence, ‘The Receptacle’ would become a god.

All of the preparations had been made. Sardrak, through divinations, scrying, guidance from Klohvinaglla and her otherworldly minions, and ingenuity on his own, he had found, confirmed and acquired Delig. The young man had not come willingly, and drugs had to be employed, but in the end, he was now strapped to the ancient stone of sacrifice.

Sardrak spoke in a soft voice, “You seem calm, Delig. What you are about to do is one of the most important things that has ever happened in the universe. You understand that, don’t you? “

The young man smiled, his lips parting to reveal white teeth. “I do, Sardrak. I do. It is an honor to know that this day, I will die, and a new god will be borne. And all because of me. I am at peace with that.”

Sardrak narrowed his eyes, his reptilian pupils narrowing in question that this whelp seemed to know about the sacrifice. But then, in the end, the young man might have realized some of his powers as prophetic dreams. No matter. Sardrak wasn’t going to worry about something like this, this late into his plans.

The sky was clear and cold, and Delig’s breathing began to get more rapid, as the moment approached. He shifted on the stone, but wasn’t struggling. “What do you feel, boy?” Sardrak asked, as he stepped right to the edge of the alter, near the young man’s head.

“The moment.. It comes.. I can feel it.. The universe opening its Eye to me!” And as he said those words, the heavens shows a strange and wondrous thing – it was as if a lens had been focused in the sky that displayed 20 planets and stars aligning in a pattern, like a giant lens, or eye.

In the middle, a great iris opened and a blazing columns of twisting patterns of every shade or color from the colors of the rainbow coalesced into both light and dark columns that stabbed down and struck Delig’s head, and he cried out in some kind of orgasmic wonder, and he shouted out, “Oh.. Stars.. The universe.. It opens.. The Eye is Open! The Moment is here!!”

Sardrak held the knife above the young man’s heart, and he felt the presence of Klohvinaglla. She loomed behind him, standing in front of the Last Stone, her great tentacles and arms spread wide. “Now! Now is the moment! Do it!”

And then, Sardrak stabbed down, and the knife embedded in Delig’s chest. The young man didn’t seem to notice, other than he moaned like he was in the throws of passion with a lover. There was very little blood at that moment. And Sardrak did not remove the knife. Instead, he stepped back with a smear of blood on his hands and placed his hands on his own chest, over his heart, onto a square stone that had strange symbols carved onto them. And the cosmic power radiating onto Delig seemed to leap not to the Demon Princess, but to Sardrak.

Klohvinaglla howled and she tried to move towards the illuminated Sardrak, but she was cast backwards by the force and power that surrounded him and the alter.

“What.. have you done, Sardrak! You were to be my Seneschal in the New Universe! I would have made you immortal!” She raged and screamed in frustration, flinging herself at the power-soaked altar again.

“You don’t understand, do you, you bloated hag? Not only am I stealing the Rite and power you wanted to feed from so badly, for ‘your ascension’, I am stealing the power you have now! You will be sucked dry and left a moldering heap of offal and dried skin in mere moments! I shall become far more than you ever dreamed!!”

“Now is the time.. Sardrak,” Delig said, as his hips rose on the altar, shifting back and forth, his wrists yanking at the chains gently, almost. He made a moan and said, “Pull it out.. Now is the time.. Or all is lost!”

Sardrak frowned at that last, not remembering seeing anything about needing to pull the knife out from the Codex. But he moved back to the altar, and gripped the handle of the dagger.

Something happened at that moment – Sardrak’s back arched, and the chains and straps holding Delig seemed to snap, as if they grew hot and cracked. The young man sat up, placed his hand on the paralyzed Sardrak’s hand on the hilt of the dagger, and made him pull the blade from his chest. He then shoved it into Sardrak’s chest, in the same spot, and carefully placed the man on the altar, with a careful, effortless motion that did not seem to be someting a pretty young man of his slight, thin build would do easily.

“Wha.. what .. is this? How? How can you? “

“Its simple,” Delig said, as he stepped onto the block of stone Sardrak had set up for the power transfer to focus on. “You double crossed your mistress, but fate had already double crossed you.. And now I will be the God you so wanted to become.”

And with that, Sardrak cried out, the Chosen Sacrifice screamed in frustation and pain and the light intensified and increased to a brilliance that not even the Demon Princess could withstand. She threw all of her limbs in front of her face, even as Sardrak’s eyes seemed to burn in their sockets, and the power flowed into Delig in a deluge that flung him into the air with an ecstatic cry of pure bliss escaping from the young man. And then.. The Moment was over.

Delig fell to the ground.

The light extinguished.

Sardrak gasped and perished on the stone.

The Demon Princess Klohvinaglla snarled and stood up, and she charged towards Delig, and seized him into all of her tentacles and powerful limbs. She began to try wrench the head and bodyparts from the torso of the young man.

But Delig opened his eyes and smiled a knowing smile. And said, ‘Begon, Princess. We shall talk later.”

His eyes flashed incandescent white, and a look of confusion and frustration crossed Klohvinaglla‘s face as she simply vanished, banished to her home dimension.

Delig landed lightly on his feet, his body now glowing with a bluish purple aura. He had grown a pair of twisting horns, and chains were wrapped around them, as he slowly glanced around the altar, the stone circle, and the remnants of of the holy place that this event had centered on.

He looked down at himself and touched his body, and shuddered a little. He felt wonderful. He felt divine. Literally. He could feel the universe’s power coursing through him. It was almost too much, but he handled it better than most would have. He had to be careful, but he wouldn’t be timid. He would learn what it was to be what he was, and he would use it. The universe had already shown him some of the things he could do with it. He would have to slowly learn the rest.

“I am the new god, “ he said to himself, as he shook his head in amazement. He made a gesture, and Sardrak’s remains changed into that of a ghostly apparition, with all of the chains and leather binding that Delig had been bound with. He hovered above the altar, and looked at the new god in awe. “But.. how.. Why.. I was so close..”

Delig shook his head,and smiled.”I have a use for your spirit, Sardrak.. I am sorry your ambitions outstretched your understanding of the Codex, or the nature of the event.. Or even my role. If you had followed Klohvinaglla’s rules and stuck to her plan, she would have been the new Goddess, and you would have possibly been made immortal. Instead, I’ve given you a measure of immortality, of sorts. You’ll bear witnessm in your spirit form, to what I shall do since my Becoming. Its sad really, that you might be the only creature in creation that will know how this all really happened. I know Klohvinaglla never saw this coming.”

The spirit creature that was Sardrak bowed his head, and moaned out a sad tone of defeat, but then looked up, and nodded, accepting what had happened. “Yes, my Master..what is it that you wish of me?”

Delig gestured, and the entire mountaintop changed to a beautiful scene of flowers and trees, and time seemed to change, as well, to the next morning. The sun was coming up over the horizon and the entire range of hills and mountains, valleys and lakes became a woodland idyll. A paradise. “This shall be my base on Earth. And I will be ascending to the Heavens soon. It’s time to make some new rules .. and show the plotters and planners that like to twist fate that they have to deal with me now. “

Delig smiled, and the two of them vanished from the mountain holy place, and flashed into the heavens. The gods were going to have a bad day, if the newest one of their number had anything to say about it.


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

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