Pretty in Pink

Featured Items: [Cubic Cherry] {Cadence} gag (Romp), [Cubic Cherry] {Rebel} (The Epiphany), & [White~Widow] Harmonium (Shiny Shabby)

The thing was, he didn’t know why or how he wound up in the hospital.

His name was Farron, and he was certain that he couldn’t move his legs. Come to think of it, he couldn’t move his arms or any part of his body. His eyes were still shut when he came too, but they felt like lead weights. He could seen red through is eyelids, but there was lighting. It wasn’t sunlight, but what seemed like table lamps.

He felt like he was immobilized. He could FEEL parts of his body, but some seemed numb. His eyes finally creaked open, though they were gummy and his eyes seemed to hurt with the light being so bright.

It took a few minutes before he could see, as things started to resolve into distinct shapes. That’s when he caught sight of a mirrored surface on an examination light, suspended over the bed he was on, and he could see, in a fun-house mirror version of a reflection, that he was encased in a body cast, on a hospital bed. There were white sheets and a light blue blanket draped over him, and there were tubes snaking down to his arms and wires on his chest that slithered to connect to the monitoring devices.

He tried to talk, but it felt like his jaw was held in place by a brace as well.

He could hear the automated hospital monitoring equipment beeping, whirring, hissing and dripping nearby.

And then, someone stepped into the picture.

This someone had wild white hair that looked almost like snakes or tentacles that seemed to reach out for him, as he bent over. He was wearing a jacket half-on half off, over one shoulder, and it revealed his tattoos and slender sleek body. He had a spiked collar on at his throat, and he couldn’t really see what was worn below his waist. This white maned stranger carried a length of chain around his neck and over his shoulder, as well as helium filled balloons the bobbed and floated next to his head. He also wore a pink blindfold that was tied at the side with a pink bow. And he had a pink rose held to his lips by a strap across his mouth. He seemed to be looking down at the immobilized young man,  and then over at the monitoring devices.

Farron couldn’t do much but grunt and moan, while the sleek and stylishly punk young man seemed to tend to the machines, and hooked the balloons to the hospital bed. Then, to his horror, the white haired boy started stripping the blankets down off the bed, with the sheets, and then started to run his hands all over the plaster body cast. His hands stopped at some places, as if sensing by touch something about the paralyzed young man.

But when his hands rested on his exposed naked midsection, and gripped it firmly, did Farron start to gump and moan and he finally hissed out the word, “Ssssstooooooopppp….”

The beautiful young man, acting as nurse, reached up and cupped his cheek, and then took the strap with the rose out of his mouth and said, with a smirk. “You shouldn’t have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, Farron. I wouldn’t have had to intervene otherwise. But you’ll heal.. Eventually. In the meantime, I’ll just have to keep taking care of your bodily needs until you are both strong enough, healed enough and trained properly to be let loose again.

“At the term, “Trained enough, he grunted a question, to which the white maned said, “oh ..I’m Dahkin, by the way.. I’m your nurse. And your captor. You and I are going to get to know each other quite well over the next 8 weeks, while you heal. And your physical therapy will begin in 5 weeks. By the way, don’t you think I’m pretty in the pink  blindfold?“

He grinned at Farron’s helpless form, and Farron’s eyes had gone wide.with the pronouncements. What was happening to his family and friends? Were they looking for him? Were they going to find him? Then it dawned on him.

This wasn’t a hospital at all. It was a prison.

He sighed and shook his head the few centimeters that it would move, but all he could see was the sexy young tattooed nurse.

The nurse turned up the morphine drip, and in moments the rush of the drug hit him and made him feel sooooo goood. He started to hallucinate, and he could only see the pretty male nurse hovering over him. He wanted to kiss him.

And then he thought, that Dahkin.. That was the boy’s name he’d said, right? Dahkin was rather pretty in pink, he thought in passing.

“We’re gonna be such good friends, Farron. I treat all of my pets like my friends. You’ll see!”


Story by: Deron Shepherd

Hair- Besom~Water (The Epiphany)

Jacket- ::GB::One-shoulder jacket (The Epiphany)
Blindfold- Clemmm – Gentle Restraint  (Romp)
Gag- [Cubic Cherry] {Cadence} gag (Romp)
Balloons/Chain & Collar-[Cubic Cherry] {Rebel} (The Epiphany)

[White~Widow] Harmonium (Shiny Shabby)


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