In Your Eyes

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His fingers had been moving almost endlessly for the past week, as he carved the shape that had been in his mind. It was not just any shape, it was a face – a form – a countenance.. A visage.

Dal had been created by the Goddess, not more than a score of years ago, to serve and please her. He had been born with a body of lean power, and his skin was a canvas that the other acolytes had taken to inscribing the divine message on, blessing him with The Word, and the Will of the Goddess. He had followed the teachings and had been blessed with the Radience on more than one occasion, and that had caused some jealousy amongst the faithful – at least the ones that wished they had such favor. They often denied him their help or succor, as they assumed the Goddess would provide for him.

He had been born blind, and that had, in a way, been a blessing, as he was able to filter out the looks he got – the prejudice of how people would look at him and then frown, if they were the ones that felt the Goddess favored him over them. Other things, too, such as when he was actually in Her Presence, he was not as overwhelmed by Her beauty, and thus rendered low and abasing himself. He did kneel and show Her the due respect, but he was not thrown down by it, as were the mortals with normal sight.

Dal’s sight had always been inward. He could see things, by Her gift, that other mortals could not. He could see future events, and into the past, and scary into things that were passing in the now.

And he could sculpt things, too.

Dal was gifted with the Talons of the Goddess, and with them he did her bidding. He wore the Mask of the Horns, and the Necklace of Ages, and his sarong was worn because he had discovered that his naked form sometimes was a distraction to some of the faithful.

And his hair was long, flowing, and wild – free as the Goddess had wanted it to be.

And one night, on his twentieth birthday, She sent him Her Visage – the form of Her face, for him to sculpt.

He was driven by that vision, for days, weeks and even months on end. Throughout the winter, he worked on the face, shaping it, with the Talons, cutting it from the stone’s flesh, and working it in ways that he didn’t quite understand. It was almost like making unstopping passionate love to the stone, in a way. It was Her love, reflected in the stone, in his mind, that gave him the knowledge of how to scrape those indelible claws against the unforgiving rock. Each stroke of his taloned finger-tips was removing yet another piece to reveal the face that was already deep inside the blessed stone. It was Michaelangelo that said something like ‘The sculpture is already there, I just need to remove the unneeded bits’.

And so it was with Dal.

He had worked on the Face for 3 full moons, before he was finished. Somehow, he had done so without food, drink, or rest. She had sustained him, though it had been a burden on his slim body. But as that last piece was removed, and the Face of the Goddess could be seen, in perfect reflection of Her Divine Countenance, the eyes opened, as She looked through the perfection of the Face, and smiled upon Her son.

~You have done well My Childe~ She said, as she smiled upon his exhausted form.

“I hope I have pleased Thee, Mother, “ he said, in a soft voice, his energy spent. He didn’t know if this was the bliss of death coming, as a reward for finishing this task, but he was certain that he was not long for the world, as he was now.

~You have indeed, My Childe – know that your work has fulfilled My desires, and you will be rewarded. Sleep now, and when you wake, you will know My love for thee is unbound.~

The Presences faded, and he was left with a warm feeling that blanketed his exhaustion. He was content.

And so he slept.

It was a deathlike sleep, for when the Faithful found him, and saw the perfection of Her Countenance floating in the new temple, they were in awe of what he had done. They carried his sleeping form to a chamber they prepared, especially for him, and washed and cleansed him, and clothed him in the finest of silks, and laid him on the covers. Someone was always there to tend him, and to make sure he was ok.

But the Goddess had provided for Dal. And he neither needed food, nor water, nor any other tending. But She was pleased, when she looked down, and those that had been jealous of him, now understood his task and what he had accomplished.

They had slowly removed the Blessed Objects from him, and laid them beside him on a table, where he could see them, if he woke.

For nine months, he slept.

And then, on the Morning of his twenty first birthday, he awoke, and his eyes were now no longer white and milky when he opened them but they were green on the right, and blue on the left, and they sparkled like gemstones – a holy gift from the Mother. Her boy could now see Inside and Outside now. He had the clarity of vision, and the strength of Her faith. 

His first vision was that of the Faithful in his chambers, tending to him. He had slowly opened his eyes, and when he saw the young men in his chambers, washing him, and quietly admiring him, he was touched by their love for him. And now, he could see how his own works had brought them closer to Her.

They helped him from the bed chambers, and steadied his steps into the Oracle Chamber, as it was now called, where Her Countenance was. And he looked upon it for the first time with his new eyes, and he wept with joy.

Dal was glad. And he was content. And he was strong.

And it was all that he needed.


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

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