Thinking of You

Featured Items: E.V.E Dreams, Zibska ~ Ryo, mimpi* hair-29, MINIMAL – Talia, an lar [poses] The Marta Series – Five, *N*Golden Camellia, & OXIDE Momo Kanzashi (TSS)

As I was sitting in front of the mirror, ‘putting my face on’ as you call it, I was, of course, thinking of you.

I’m not a person that asks for much. Really, I don’t. I just like the world to cooperate with me, now and then, and be consistent.  So I run my brush through my ivory tresses, and take a long look in the mirror, and I see past my own skin. I look into my own eyes. I look deep into them, and what I see is you.   

You might think I’m a bit of a vain person, because I do try my best to look good. I do that for myself, more so than anyone else, really. It’s a matter of pride. But what it comes down to, in the end, is so that when I see you, I want you to see me. Because I’m thinking of you.

All of the flowers I arrange in my hair, the necklace I wear on my neck, the make-up and the hairpins. I do it because they make me feel real, and wonderful, and better.

When you take notice, that’s a bonus, for me. It means you’re thinking of me. And because I notice those things about you, as well.

I look into your eyes, and watch you, as we stand close to one another, or when we are at the park, or at the movies. I see you glance over at me, and reach for my hand. Our fingertips meet, and lace together, and in that moment, everything is all-right.

You’re thinking of me.

So when I move out to the tree, and lie against its elder wood, and gaze up at the sky, I often see shapes in the clouds. Sometimes those clouds take the shape of a duck, or a ship, or a building. Maybe even an alien space ship! But the best ones are those I see of lovers kissing and holding hands, high in the sky.

And so I think of you.


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

Hair- mimpi* hair-29 (TSS)
Pose- an lar [poses] The Marta Series – Five (TSS)

Flowers- *N*Golden Camellia (TSS)
Necklace- MINIMAL – Talia (TSS)
Held Hairpin- OXIDE Momo Kanzashi (TSS)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Ryo (TSS)

Tree/Mask- E.V.E Dreams (TSS)
Glitter- E.V.E KOI Square Confetti Path (Store)


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