Is it Cold Outside?

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Stepping from the shower, Ral almost blindly groped for one of the thick, plush towels that should have been hanging on the rack right outside the translucent glass door of the shower.. The tiles of the floor were chilly, so he tried to stay on the fuzzy bath mat, but when he didn’t see a towel on the rack, he swore.

The bathroom was a fair sized one, having been remodeled just last year. It had a large vanity, with a wide sink, stainless steel touch-sensitive fixtures, and a wide mirror that showed someone of his modest height from the navel up. The lighting was from small white glass globes that lined the outer edge of the mirror. They lit the room with a diffusing glow that mimicked morning sunlight, and usually made the room feel comfortable and inviting. It was a place to relax and pamper yourself. There was a large sunk-in tub that could accommodate 3 or 4, where he would luxuriate in a bubble bath, or entertain those ‘special’ boys and girls that he was intimate with.

The cabinets under the vanity and against the wall where there was a largish window were beautiful dark wood, with stainless steel fittings.

But there wasn’t a damned towel in any of the drawers or cabinets.

“Dankin!” He shouted, as he looked around the misty bathroom, exasperated. He crossed his arms over his chest, and actually shivered. He would be dancing from foot to foot if he had to walk on the floor tiles – they were actually really chilly.

He stood in front of the vanity, where the large mirror behind it was showing him only as a vague shadow, the reflective glass fogged by the steam from the shower.

His body glistened with water droplets, as he looked down, and he sluiced off a his chest and flat stomach with the edge of his hand. The droplets spattered on the shaggy mat and rand down his hips and legs un little runnels and rivulets from the motion.

His nipples were hard and his skin covered with goosebumps from the chilly air. His long brown hair was damp, and looked nearly black in its wet state. His eyes were dark and narrowed as he heard the sounds of approaching steps outside the bathroom. They were moving fast, he thought.

Ral reached up and wiped the excess droplets from his face as he turned towards the door, and crossed his arms over his chest, this time to look more intimidating- At least as far as you can when you’re naked. He was being shameless at this point, because he knew Dankin had seen him naked before, and he was a bit upset about the towel situation anyway.

And why the hell was the heat off!

A moment later, the bathroom door was opened, and in came a lanky, tall young man, his cousin, Dankin, who also doubled as his personal assistant. The young man had a load of folded towels, washcloths, hand towels, a bathrobe, and underwear stacked in an enormous pile that seemed to sway with each step he took. He had one hand underneath, and one hand on top, and the whole lot seemed to try to bulge to the side as soon as he stepped into the bathroom. He rushed across the tile floor with his burden.

Dankin rushed towards the vanity, and Ral reached out as he saw the young man start to slip. “Gahh it slipper…y”, he warned as Dankin’s left leg shout out from under him on the slippery floor. However, even as Ral cringed and turned his face in anticipation of a crash landing, Dankin swiveled on his right foot, and rebalanced himself and his load, and deposited the folded stack onto the edge of the vanity.

Dankin was blond, with a neon blue streak on the left side, while the right side was shaved close over his ear in an arc, and it was down to his shoulders in the back. He had it swept back dramatically from his forehead, in a wave the crested and fell back to join the back of his head.

The length at the back was gathered into a ponytail with a blue ribbon securing it near the upper back of his skull. His ear rings glittered silvery in the misty light of the room, and he was wearing all black – jeans, sneakers, a wool sweater with a V-neck, a black cotton button down under that, with a black belt and silver buckle. He had black lipstick on his lips as well, and he’d used guyliner today, too.

He looked up from his acrobatic landing position on the floor, seeing his cousin scowling down at him. He cleared his throat, and shrugged. “Sorry about that, I thought I’d get all the folding done from the dryer before you finished the shower!”

“Get up off the floor, Dank.. you.. gods you’re gonna get yourself killed if you’re not more careful, damnit. “ Ral reached out a hand and helped the young man up.

He considered how beautiful his cousin was when he stood up, facing the damp artist, Dankin was a head taller than Ral, at least, as they stood close, face to face, and he looked down at his cousin.  He reached for a towel from the pile, grabbed the edges and shook out the towel, before he handed it to Ral.

The towel was a bath sheet, and Dankin wrapped his cousin in the plush white cloth, and left him to deal with rubbing down. Ral did NOT like to be touched, except when HE wanted to be touched.

“Well, you should have warned me, dufus, “ Ral grumbled as he started to rub vigorously, drying hair and his body. “Just why is it so cold in here? It feels like a walk in freezer!”

Dankin groaned as he started to bustle around and put the towels and wash cloths away, leaving Ral’s undies on the vanity. He might have strained something in his save of the towels a few moments ago, but he didn’t complain. However, he did answer about the heating.

“Well, it seems that our heating system is not working – Yes I know it’s obviously not working,“ he said, raising a hand, forestalling the expected sarcastic remark from Ral.  “I called a heating repair tech just a few minutes ago and he’s going to swing by in an hour or so.  So dress warm.”

“Is it cold outside?” Ral’s question hung in the air a moment, then he scowled, “I mean, is it THAT cold out? Are we talking chilly or arctic blast?”

Dankin frowned, and said in a disappointed tone, “You just don’t pay attention to anything, do you? Its WINTER, Ral! And its an arctic burst from up north. We’re lucky the heating went down now instead if tonight, when it’ll be really cold.”

Ral looked a little guilty for a moment before his irritation reasserted itself. “Well, good thing you got ahold of that tech. Let’s hope he can fix it quick, or we’ll be in staying at my parents place – and neither of us want THAT.”

Dankin chuckled and nodded, while going about the business of checking the shelves for what needed restocking soon.

Ral reached out and wiped the surface of the mirror with his towel, seeing his reflection appear. He looked like a wet dog, he thought, though his piercings were elegant and set off his full lips. He made a kissing motion to himself as an afterthought, and got a grin from Dankin, who caught the gesture.

Ral scowled and huffed, “So .. tell me you at least have coffee on in the kitchen?”

Dankin nodded, and moved towards the bathroom door. “Indeed, I do.. Oh.. hang on..” he slipped out of the door, and came back in with another pile of clothing. On top of the jeans and shirts, socks and such, was a scarf.  Its length was nice and Ral finished hand-drying his hair and then grabbed the scarf and wound it around his neck, checking himself in the mirror.

The knitted scarf had accents of white and black in its length, but was a pinkish hue overall, and it felt warm against his skin. He inhaled the scent of it, and it smelled warm from the dryer, like a spring day. The mere touch of it against his skin made him feel warmer already.

Dankin smiled, thinking that his cousin was going to be in a much better mood soon, so he waved, and slipped back out of the bathroom, closing the door.

Ral watched the young man retreat, and he smiled after the door shut- no need to let Dankin know he really appreciated all his cousin did for him. He often wondered why he really put up with him, and didn’t go out into the world and find himself a better career. But that was a worry for another time. Ral just wanted to get warm, so he started to tug on the rest of his ensemble.

He left the bathroom, stripped back the covers, and slid underneath them and covered up. Dankin stuck his head inside the door, and placed a coffee mug, steaming and fragrant, on the table by the door. “Anything else I can get you before the Tech gets here?”

Ral smiled at his cousin and shook his head, “I’m going to stay under the covers til the heat gets turned back on. Just let me know if the you need anything, but please please.. GET THE HEAT BACK!.”

Dankin smiled back and chuckles, “I knew you had the brains in the family. And sure thing, I’ll move heaven and earth to warm this place up. Don’t worry.”

Ral watched at Dankin closed the door. He pulled the covers over his head and slid into a light sleep.

He was finally warm.


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd


Hair- tram F1215 hair (Crossroads)
Eyes- A.D.D. Andel! Night Sky Eye Set (TSS)

Scarf- [Cubic Cherry] {Maru} scarves (TSS)
Piercings- [CX] Bento Piercing (TSS)
Glitter- E.V.E KOI Square Confetti Path (Store)

Eyeshadow & Lipstick- Zibska ~ Cadia & Rosine (TSS)


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