One’s Id

Featured Items: Zibska ~ Branwen & Rava (Winter Trend)

Prince Darkon was rather pleased with himself, and the stratagems he had put forth to bring the current conflict to a head. His plotting, maneuvering, and scheming had eventually brought his army into conflict with that of his brothers, the Prince of Light, Luminos. Darkon had left the ‘grand plan’ to run its course, once he set the pieces into motion. His General, the Lady of Umbra, Shandaris, was more than capable of running the campaign, and it left him to enjoy some of the spoils of war.

The Prince of Night was beautiful in this form; a young man in his late teens. He dressed to accentuate this shape, wearing a midnight dark fur stole, that caressed his half-naked body. His chest and stomach were criss-crossed in a harness of black leather straps and rings, arranged in a web-like pattern that wrapped around his back. His hips were half-exposed in a stylized black skirt, open on the sides, that came dangerously low in the front. It was clasped by straps at the hip and mid-thigh. His throat had a black leather collar with little clasps and fine chain links.

His ears were pointed and pierced, and his lips were lush and shaded black, ready to bestow their devastating kisses. His eyes were mysterious, compelling, and shaded with kole. Silken midnight black hair was long, pulled up and knotted at the top, swaying from a top knot ponytail. His antlers impressive, black ivory, spreading magnificently from his skull. His fingers were tipped with ebon nails, long and pointed. He enjoyed running the tips over his body, or that of others.

The overall effect was a wonton and virile look, showing that he enjoyed displaying his body. Because he did, indeed, love the way he looked. He liked indulging himself, and his Id.

The Prince of Night strode through the chambers of his palace, all dark marble and crystal, with chambers that extended into other realms that he crafted to give him places he could indulge himself. Indulge his ‘creative’ side, and do so in privacy. It was a pocket-realm, called The Oubliette of Delights that he traveled to now. He’d created it just for his own pleasure.

As he phased into the Oubliette, a wash of pleasure tingled his body. His prize was here, and it was time to play. He stepped off the entry portal dias, onto a dark marble floor, his footsteps echoing off in the featureless darkness that surrounded the area, just out of sight. It wasn’t cold here, but it wasn’t warm either. It was just enough to make you shiver a little.

His pale feet made little noise on the dark, stone flooring, as he approached the only feature in the room that could be seen, that of a stone slab of black marble, shot through with silver veins, and tilted at a 45 degree angle. There was a dim source of purplish light that shone down on the form that was manacled and bound to the slab, and it was that of a black and blue maned elf, seeming to be young, but a handsome specimen of the species.

He was as tall as Darkon, and his lightly tanned skin and angular features gave him that elegant elven mystique. His graceful pointed ears were elegant, poking through the mass of his messy black and blue silken hair. The strands were glossy, and draped over his chest and shoulders halfway down his torso, accentuating his athletic frame, the striated cords of lean muscle stood out as he struggled to get free. There was a ball gag strapped into his mouth, his eyes were covered with twin metal discs bound by a leather strap. His wrists and ankles and waist were bound with leather and iron rings to the marble slab.

Darkon smiled slowly as he approached, running his eyes lasciviously over the naked form of his captive. He had been playing with the young Eldar noble for days now, and he hoped he could further seduce him, now that he’d had a night to recover from the passions of the previous day.

Darkon stopped a pace from the bound figure and put one hand on his hip, the other to his lips, where he tapped his clawed finger in thought. He made a gesture with the hand near his face, and the eye and mouth restraints unlatched and slid away The elven teen gasped, taking in a long breath, his cheeks flushed and eyes blinking at the sudden release from their bindings. His nostrils flared gently, as he squinted, purple irises strained to see their captor. The young elf lord swallowed, finding a collar at his throat, tight against this adam’s apple.

“You bastard,” The young elf said, struggling against his unyielding bindings.

Darkon’s grin widened. “Mmmm still feisty, aren’t you, Mendelathis? Even after our little session last night?”

The elf blushed and looked away at the implications the comment brought to mind, and was even more ashamed that his body tingled in various places at the thoughts of what had happened – what had been done to him; What had happened when he couldn’t control his body’s reactions.

But he did reply, his cheeks burning, his skin goosebumped with tingles that he couldn’t stop. “Anyone can tie someone down and force a reaction from them. Some people use hot pokers to make people scream when they torture you. You use…”

“It was hardly torture, little pet,” Darkon cooed, his grin displaying his tiny elegant fangs, as he licked his lips in a lush fashion, as if tasting the young elf noble’s flesh again. “Truly, was it torture, or was it just pleasures you weren’t used to, and enjoyed, despite your protests? Remember, dear boy, I can read your thoughts; feel your desires. You are mine now, make no mistake.”

“I am NOT yours,” Mendelathis replied, though his voice had a catch in it that sounded as if he weren’t sure entirely, and sounded almost petulant.

“Come now- we both know you enjoyed last night. Every night can be something new, something exciting…”

“Chasing me through a maze of jungle paths, pitfalls and then lashing me to a tree with tentacles is NOT what I call an enjoyable night, you perverted…”

Darkon lifted an eyebrow and the boy’s mouth was suddenly stuffed with a gag of hardened air. His tongue could be seen working as if he were gagging. “Now now, let’s not descend into name calling. I realize you need more time to adjust to your new position. I usually take a few weeks to break in a new pet. In your case, I think it might take more than just ‘playtime’. “ The Gloom Lord tapped his lips again, and walked around the confinement altar, his hips swaying with a sensual roll. The young man’s eyes widened, with the nearness of his captor, as Darkon reached out and ran his hands over the captive’s sculpted chest and abs.

“You have a choice to make, my dear Mendel,“ Darkon cooed, using the elf noble’s nickname, as he continued to let his hands roam, after his lascivious grope. “You can either agree to spend the next 5 years as my .. ‘assistant’ and pet, or .. I’ll start to work on my newest guest, and groom her for the role instead.“ With a gesture, Darkon pointed one of his elegant clawed fingers at the air in front of the elf Prince, and a projection appeared: A lush four poster bed, draped in elegant velvet curtain of deepest red, had a sleeping a young woman on the bed – an elf princess, dressed in black silk and lace. “I’ll make her my bride, dear Mendel. Your dear sister, Sherana.. “

Mendel gasped and his eyes filled with tears suddenly, and he glared through the moisture-laden eyes at his captor.. And could say nothing with the gag of air still in place. His chest heaved and his nostrils flared, and his face flushed with the anger and fear. And he flushed in shame as the touch of the Prince of Darkness continued to try to elicit a physical response.

“Answer me now- what will it be? Will you be mine, then, or shall I start on your sister? Choose, my pet. Choose now, and wisely..”

The air gag was removed with a gesture of that small, strong hand, and Darkon put his hands on his hips, and arched a brow, expectantly.

The young elf noble, sighed heavily, and shook his head, “How do I know you’ll.. You’ll let her go?”

“I will take the Oath on it, and we will be bound for the duration, my dear elf prince,” Darkon’s voice cooed, as he looked into the young elf’s eyes, and he raised a hand to sweep the long silken mass of hair out of the captive’s face.

“But that means.. “ Mendel said softly, his eyes narrowing, and his lips compressing as he considered what that might mean. Darkon waited for the young elf to finish his reasoning. “That means that .. you’ll be bound to what we agree to. And you can’t betray the deal.”

Darkon nodded, but then held up a finger “Yes, but remember. I am shaping this deal, this Oath. I am not going to give either of us a loophole to cheat. I am just going to put it plain and simple. Your sister goes free, safe and sound, back to her home the moment you become my pet. And that will be for 5 years. Simple. I promise not to harm or hinder her, or your family. At the end of the 5 years, you are free, unharmed as you are now.“ Darkon slid a hand over his own chest, and seemed to trace his sternum, and lick his lips. “Chose now.. “

“Then I accept the terms… and I take the Oath,” Mendel said, in a tone of defeat. Darkon, whose face lit up with delight and triumph, inhaled and sighed. He said, “I, too, take the Oath, and agree to the terms. Your sister is… Free!” he snapped his fingers, and the image projection that showed his sister appearing in the gardens at the Elven palace, back in the Crystal City.

At that moment, there was a furious clash of thunder and a bolt of lightning stabbed through into the Oubliette. It flashed through the entry point where Darkon had come, and the explosion of bright light took the form of Luminos, the Prince of Light, his eyes blazing with blue-white fire, and power was gathered in his hands.

“You MONSTER!” Luminos shouted, at his dark brother, a snarl on his lips. Darkon held up his hands, and a gathering of shadows seemed to happen around his clawed fingertips.

“Why, it is so nice to see you again, dear brother, “ the Lord of Gloom said in a mocking tone, “What brings you all this way? I figured with the battle going on.. “

“You figured you were going to distract me from something more important, like you always try to do. But not THIS time!” The raging Lord of Light started walking towards his brother aggressively, quickly, his light-filled hands suddenly filled with an energy spear of pure light.

As he approached, Darkon arched a brow and held up his hand, a shield of pure impenetrable darkness materialized around his hand, and he held it up, “I am not sure what you mean, brother dear, but I assure you, that you are mistaken. I do not have any plan to distract you from anywhere now.”

Luminos stopped his advance and his blazing light filled eyes narrowed. “Then what of your captive, now, eh? What of Prince Mendelathis? You know how special he is… “

“Prince Mendelanthis is my guest, and he is now my.. Assistant. By his own free will, just agreed to. Isn’t that right, Medel, dear?”

With a gesture, Darkon had the altar unbind the naked elf noble, and he slide off the slab, slowly and onto his bare feet. He crouched a little, and his tear streaked and blushing face, his wild hair, and his heavy breathing were in evidence, but both Darkon and Luminos looked at the young elf noble, and waited.

“The.. Darkon is correct, Lord Luminos, “ the young prince said. “I am .. in his service for the next .. 5 years.. We just made the Oath on it..”

Luminos hissed and glared at Darkon, who had a smug look on his face, as he put his hands down, and on his hips, the darkness shield evaporating like a whisp of shadow. “You made him take an Oath? It’s not.. “

“It wouldn’t be binding if it weren’t done willingly, and I made an oath as well. His sister is now under my protection, as much as he is, for the next five years, and he traded that protection for service to me. Anything else, brother? “

Luminos frowned, and glanced at the elf prince, who slowly nodded, and sighed. The Lord of Light could tell there was more to this, and that he had just arrived a little late to stop whatever it was that had just transpired, but he could tell the truth of the matter – the Oath had been taken, by both, and there wasn’t a damned thing he could do. Well, almost nothing.

Luminos nodded, and the light faded from his eyes and fists, the spear fading like the afterimage of a bright light. “I see. “ he said. And then he punched Darkon right in the mouth. The pretty dark prince landed on his behind, and gasped and spluttered, his arms and legs askew for a moment. But then he laughed, throwing his head back, and laughed some more. “Oh.. dear brother! “ a trickle of blood went down Darkon’s pale chin from his dark covered lips, and he grinned, and blew a kiss to his twin. “I’m so glad to see that even you can evolve. I’d never thought you could .. “

“Shut.. your mouth, Darkon. This isn’t over. “ The Prince of LIght, hissed, held up a warning finger. He glanced at Mendel and said, “I don’t know all of the details, but I will in time. If there’s a way to get you out of this.. I’ll find it and help you. Until then.. Be careful, and watch your back. And you brother, you just had better keep a tighter reign on your Id. Or I’m going to remove it for you.“  With that, the Prince of Light made a gesture, and in a blink of light flaring around his body like an incandescent flash of lightning, he was gone.

“Oh I’ll be watching his back,“ Darkon purred, as Luminos turned and faded away. “And I’ll be watching yours, too, Dear Luminos. Too bad father isn’t around to separate his boys from fighting any more, eh? It’s just you, me, and my id now.”


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

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