These Tears arn’t for You

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Outside the Winter Palace, the tall figure of the Prince of Light stood, watching the battle rage from high upon the nearby hill top. He was clothed in white, and the storm of frost and snow that howled around the hills down into the war that raged below did not touch anything near him. A gentle breeze, perhaps, stirred his flowing fur stole, caressing this bare chest and the tinkling chains  that draped down the front of his naked chest, and the sounds of battle rankled the air, but little else.

He was a lean figure, with lush silver hair that fell against him like silken threads. It shimmered down his back and chest and swayed gently in the light breeze. Tall, proud antlers grew from his head, as well, with rings decorating the great mantle of his power, showing all that he was the monarch, or at least the Heir Apparent.

His pale skin was flawless, and if you had been standing next to him, his presence would send chills of wonder and awe through you.

And perhaps, at this moment, there would be a sadness that flowed through you as well. For the Prince of Light was crying. And his tears fell slowly, gently rolling down his high cheekbones, forming up as hard little sparkling shapes, that tinkled down the soft swell of his lean chest and bounced off the hip-hugging skirt that wrapped his narrow waist and legs. They fell with a soft crystalline sound. The were tears of frustration at the futility of the war that had just begun.

In the valley below, armored warriors, in silver mail, white crested helms, leather armor of alabaster, or simply whatever form they chose to manifest in the service of The Prince of the Light, fought hard and continued to hold back the forces of the Prince of the Dark, as his gloom-shrouded minions assaulted the Winter Palace. The fight was brutal, with masses of the dark clad foes, taking on monstrous shapes of trolls, ogres, giants and monsters of grievous aspect, in addition to the black mail clad warriors, or some hybrid with a mutated state of grotesque form. They clawed, sawed, bit, spat, spewed and detonated themselves against the Forces of the White.

Tall knights, mounted on alabaster steeds charged again and again into the Hoards of the Black, lances silver-tipped and devastating in the thunder of their power as they brought low the sorties of the enemy, again and again. The knights rode down all but the most enormous of their foes. The hideous and misshapen Fomorian Giants were even hurled back, one by one, though extracting a bloody toll, as several of their number, too, paid the price for the terrible assault. The mighty lumpen giants were hamstrung and brought low, crashing to the ground like the mountainous destroyers they were.

Prince Luminos silently wept for the loss of life and innocence that he watched below, but he did not sob, or let any sound fall from his lips that would carry to his troops. He could feel their pain, and their deaths, as he was sending his power down into them, strengthening them against the power of his brother.

A figure slowly strode up to the hilltop, that of a tall and noble male creature, wearing silvery plate armor that gleamed in the soft luminance that shimmered from the Prince. He was lean and had a noble bearing, with ears that were curved and pointed upwards – one of the Eldar – and he bore a sheathed mighty sword on his back. He was handsome to the point of being beautiful, his sharp features and wide, almond shaped eyes with their violet hues took to the form of his Prince, and bowed in solemn reverence when he reached the top of the hill.

Prince Luminos made a short gesture with his hand, beckoning the Eldar Lord forward.

“The fight does not go well, my Prince,” he said, as the Eldar stopped a respectful few steps from his monarch, and straightened. He glanced at the crystalline accumulations at the Prince’s feet, and almost felt like he should be weeping, as well. He cleared his throat, and half turned, overlooking the fume and fury of the battle that was raging below.

The Eldar removed his helm, and a mass of blue-black hair tumbled down his chest and back, over the armor, and it was like it was spun from darkened silver wire, almost. His lips were full, and he pursed them in contemplation of the fight raging below.

“You have led the campaign well, Faloriond; do not downplay what you have achieved here,“ The Prince said, in a soft voice. It was warm, and rich, and suffused the Eldar noble with a sense of love and purpose that sent little jolts of electric through his spine, an almost sexual delight that would have made him groan with the enervation from hearing the voice of his monarch. But it was not just some base feeling, it was pure love from the alabaster figure flowing through him, empowering him.

“Your praise is not merited, my Lord,” The soft baritone of the Eldar said, as he replied in a melodic tone that was an echo of his lords almost lyrical voice. He swallowed, his words coming out in a humble tone, as he sighed gently, “We have held the line, but little more. They seem to have planned this assault with great cunning and are waging it with ruthless determination. “  

“Ruthless and cunning – those are the traits of my brother, the Prince of Dark,” Prince Luminos said as the tears stopped, his hand going to his cheeks and wiping the last remnants of the gemstone tears from his cheeks. “I believe you have your work cut out for you, and I would think that this entire battlefront is a mere distraction for something else, if I know him at all.”

The Eldar lord nodded in agreement and bowed his head as Luminos strode forward to the edge of the hill top, and made a gesture with one of his hands towards an assault happening on the right flank of the defender’s ranks. where a sink hole had just opened up, and the forms of a dozen monstrous Troll Sharks rose up out of the ground like a tide of death to gnash and swallow whole warriors between their sword-like teeth. The enormous creatures were instantly stabbed with a brilliant shaft of light, that came down from the heavens like lightning, and they incandesced into vapor a moment later.  

The Prince sighed, and glanced back at his Battle Lord, and motioned him forwards. “Look for more assaults to be coming from above and below, and device strategies to thwart them. You know what my brother is capable of, Faloriond.“

The Eldar nodded, as he approached, and his Prince’s hand came to touch his shoulder, and he was enveloped by a nimbus of shimmering light. The warrior elf swallowed, and felt the eternal power of his prince deep in his bones, and he smiled almost in bliss, until the moment passed, and he inclined his head. But his voice held a note of caution, and questioning.

“Does Darkon even show himself on the battlefield, My Prince? I have not felt your brother directly thus far. Only the presence of his War Lord, General Fallreve. His fowl presence is bad enough.“

“This is but a game to Darkon,” Luminos said, in a soft voice, as he lifted his head to the darkened, snow filled sky, and growled low in his throat. “He will show himself once his objective is reached, if the Palace is actually his goal. My guess is, he isn’t really interested in taking the palace itself, but something, or someone, inside. That is, unless, as I said, this is but a distraction to take me from watching something else. “

Luminos paused, and furrowed his brow a moment, as his senses seemed to drift his consciousness elsewhere – maybe elsewhen – and for a moment he was quiet. The Eldar remained patiently by his prince’s side.

A few moments later, the prince inhaled a hissing breath, then growled in a heated voice. “That MONSTER…He wouldn’t DARE!”

“What is it, my lord,” Faloriond said, in a troubled voice.

“I must leave you in charge here, dear child. Like I said, look to the sky and look beneath for stealthy assaults. I will return when I can.”

“What is it, my lord? What vexes you…”

But the Prince of Light was gone, in an instant. It was like looking up at the sun and closing your eyes. All that was left was the afterimage for a few moments as the light faded from where he stood. All the evidence that he was there were a pile of little gemstones where he had wept.

“Those tears aren’t for you,” the Elf Noble said in a soft voice, as he put his helm back on. “Those tears will be for his brother, when he finds him.”

~To be Continued~

Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

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