I Saw it Shining

Featured Items: Zibska ~ ElizaBetta (TLC) & Saveria (We ❤ RP)

This all began a year or so ago, when I reached the age of my adulthood. I found I wasn’t like other boys. I was something different.

Some call me delicate, or skinny, or pretty, or whatever. I’m blonde; I love music; I like makeup. I like to dress in a way to make other boy’s mouths water. Actually, it’s more about making myself feel good in what and how I dress. I’m a bit flamboyant in that regard.

I paint my nails black, I wear things that sparkle and shine. And I can create some of the most fabulous things. with just my will, to caress and please my eye.

For example, I reshaped the air and made it into fine draw bundles of soft, spring-like wire, bundled up with blue gems, and wore it like a mantle. I even made a hat out of it, and made little cubes of blue to decorate it.

And the necklace – it is a marvel!  Gemstones created by thought and will, to caress against my soft, pale skin. I wear these things with my favorite white jacket – the one with pilot’s wings embroidered in. Oh, and my white jeans. I love the way these clothes caress my form as I walk through the darkness and light in between worlds.

You think it sounds silly, saying that I wear ordinary clothing when I walk through space and time. But what else is a boy to wear? Spacesuits are for those that need them. And I have always admired what NASA had done to allow those adventurous humans to roam outside the little spacecraft we’ve hurled into space. But thankfully, I am not bound to our little world like the rest.

All of this might sound like boasting, or a delusional tale, but quite frankly, I’m not entirely human.

I am the child of celestials – you might call them demigods, or you could call them evolved super-aliens, or you might call them angels. Or devils.

I call them family.

I didn’t even realize I was one, though the family did seem to come and go way too easily. I always just assumed they were ninjas or something. Like Batman does in the comics, or in the animated series. One moment he’s there, you turn your head, and suddenly he’s gone, without a sound. I always liked that.

I grew up in a sheltered way, but they – my parents, siblings, and the extended family of cousins and aunts and uncles – they took care of me. They nurtured my imagination, and belief in myself. And they taught me how to manipulate the world. It was just minor things at first. I could do little ‘parlor’ tricks as a child, and growing up, but I had no idea what it would lead to. The real good stuff happened after I went through the Ritual of Ascension. That’s when I found out what they really were, and who I really was.

A Child of the Stars.

Because now – I can stride amongst the stars. I can walk through that silent void. It isn’t quite so silent, actually, not when you are what I am. Its full of wonder and amazing things. I can feel it all around, and warp and reshape it, as I can with matter, and light.

Sure, I sound like I’m having an acid trip, but really, I stride among the stars, and watch the eb and flow of our universe, when I want to.

All of creation is my playground.

The universe is vast, and there is so much to see.

I saw it shining when I was 18, and it still shimmers and glows, and sings out to me as it grows, evolves. becomes. Just like me.

Perhaps, one day, I’ll take you with me? We’ll go on a sightseeing tour.

And you can see it shining like I do.


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Sugar hair (Collabor88)

Jacket & Pants- ::GB::Military jacket  &  ::GB::color denim pants (Store)
Headpiece & Collar- Zibska ~ ElizaBetta (TLC)
Necklace- Zibska ~ Saveria (We ❤ RP)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Rovena (Uber)


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