An Icy Wind is Blowing

Featured Items: Zibska ~Sirra , E.V.E Orbed Igloo (We ❤ RP), E.V.E Pieces of Ice (Chp 4), & [White~Widow] Aloft (Madpea X-mas)

The Seasons come and go, their time finite during each year. Sometimes they get a few more weeks, sometimes less, and in certain places on Earth, they can nearly rule supreme. It’s not just the science of the earth tilting on its axis, nor the elliptical orbit of this world as it travels around the Sun. There are forces that are intertwined with its cycles of hibernation, and rebirth.

Now it was the time of Winter, in the northern hemisphere, as Summer had fled to the south, and the time of Autumn had also run its course. Now was the time for the Winter Fae to return to the world of the Northern Lights.  

The portal of the Winter Court opened from the Faerie Lands, and out stepped the Prince of Frost. Some called him Jack, and others called him Friggiard. But he was pale, and beautiful, like a snowflake drifting on the wind. And he was sharp, like a winter chill, as his lean tight form strode into the blue-white infant snows that were just spawning in anticipation of his coming.

His lean alabaster skin was flawless, his body tattooed with symbols as ancient and powerful as he could find, and his platinum white hair was intertwined with the Winter Crown he wore as the Prince. He danced in the fullness of the winter gale he was unleashing. His dance might have well been naked, for his clothing was minimal, but in the fullness of the unbrideling of winter, it was like he was having an orgy with the world. Thus, he conttinued his ritual dance in the skies of the North.

He gripped the winds and spread his arms, like he was opening the doors to a palace ballroom, and snow blossomed forth and spread like an incoming tide. He blew his breath which crystallized and  chilled the atmosphere. Then he  clapped his hands, and the frost-bow glimmered and spread out to touch the northern lights, investing them with chill blues , purples, and dark greens, shimmered in the air.

He spread his arms again, as if to embrace the world, and a pulse of blue-white light expanded from him in a flash. And if snow had appeared before, a veritable blizzard erupted into the wind now.

Ice formed and crystals of blue and white crusted over the rocks, trees, the earth and the sky. The air shivered with this power. And Jack continued to do his dance.

As he wove, he loved the feel of the new icy winds blowing across his nearly naked form. He was shameless in his cavorting, taking a sensual pleasure in letting himself go, to fully stretch forth his powers. This was the one time of the year that he could do such a thing. His arms swept this way and that, spreading the power of Winter through out the jet stream and down into the farther reaches of the world, pushing the grip of the Chill of Winter as far down into the south as he could.

His mother, Mab, Queen of the Winter Court, would come later, and shore up the progress he was making. But in the end, he knew she would only do well if he could succeed in pushing back the remnants of Summer that held out in the lower latitudes.

Yes, Jack the Prince of Frost was loose on the world, and he wanted Winter to be everywhere.

All encompassing.

Winter Supreme.

So when you feel the touch of that winter chill, and the snow is blowing like mad, just remember that you might be experiencing a personal visit of the Winter Prince himself, Jack, Lord of Frost.

Perhaps he wants to bring you joy of the winter? Or the boundless fun of snow?

But he is a fickle one, our Jack. Be careful you don’t wind up Frost-bit. Though who knows. You might like it, eh?


Story By: Dehrynn Shepherd

Hair- .Shi : Kadosh & .:EMO-tions:. * ICELESTE * (Winter Solstice)
Horns- AVICANDY Winter Solstice Antlers (Winter Solstice)

Pants- TMP_::GB::color denim pants (Store)
Harness- ::GB::Buckle harness (Kinky)
Fur- CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night / Alpine Fur (The Arcade)
Hand held Cloth- !Musa! Veil (Winter Solstice)

Eyeshadow- Zibska [We ❤ RP Gift] ~Sirra (We ❤ RP)
Lipstick- Zibska ~ Dwyn (Store)

[White~Widow] Aloft (Madpea X-mas)

Ice Blocks- E.V.E Orbed Igloo (We ❤ RP)
Broken Ice- E.V.E Pieces of Ice (Chp 4)

Note: All E.V.E items are also displayed in Awesomness Glory at the Winter Solstice Event!


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