All I Want

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As the Holidays approach and I wrap the gifts that I will be giving, I keep getting asked, “What is it you’d like to have for Christmas?”

And I’m forced to answer, “Oh, you know me better than I know myself!” and that rather unhelpful answer gets chuckled about between me and whomever. And they wander off to search Amazon, or dare the brick and mortar halls of whatever mall or shopping center, and hunt for something without a thought.

Or worse. The dreaded gift card. Still, If I’m going to be a total shit and NOT tell them something, or have a Christmas wish list – I guess I deserve that. Sort of. But …

As I lay here on my bed, and push the gifts I’ve chosen aside, I can’t stop thinking of the one thing I really want.

I hold my head in my hands, and daydream. And it keeps coming back to one thing.

I sigh. I close my eyes again, and the daydream becomes this little fantasy playing out in my head.

You are underneath the mistletoe, wearing an ugly red-and-green sweater with a Reindeer pulling a sleigh, and I’m there with you, my long lush blond curls hiding my eyes until you touch my cheek and your arms slip around my shoulders and pull me in tight. You glance oh-so-innocently up at the mistletoe hanging above, as if it were a total accident that we’d found ourselves under its influence.

And there’s carols playing in the background, and snow is drifting down outside the windows, with Christmas tree and candles all illuminated with festive joy.

And your lips touch mine. My arms slips around your waist, my hands slide up to touch your shoulders in that tender embrace. And our eyes are staring into one another’s gaze. The kiss lasts for an eternity of bliss.

And then the dog barks, and plows into my presents, when he jumps up on the bed.

I am startled from my reverie, and I get all flustered and gasp, and shoo the little monster away! But I giggle and laugh and hug the little critter, who licks at my face.

And then I see that present I got for you. The one that the dog almost smashed.

And I start to daydream again. And … And… that kiss.

I guess that means… All I want for Christmas..

I can’t believe I’m saying this…

All I want.. for Christmas..

Heaven help me..

Really.. All I want…

I can’t fight it any more.

All I want…

Is you.


Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

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