A Whisper in My Ear

Featured Item: C L A Vv. Thorn Crown & Unicorn Horn (11:11)

“Why fight me on this,” the red maned fallen angel said, as he moved in behind the smaller, pale hybrid boy, whose prominent ivory horn shimmered in the dim light of the chamber.

The two figures, one a fair and supple creature dressed in white, naked torso shimmering in the light of the room, a black leather and steel collar at his throat. His pale hair was cropped short, with a makeshift crown of thorny vines and flowers encircling his brow. A chain snaked around the collar and fell behind the young unicorn hybrid boy, as he lifted his face, a look of indifference, or disdain on his lips and in his eyes, as the other, taller, powerful fallen angel loomed over him.

The red maned winged creature was dressed in black, with shimmering claws attached to each finger, his chest bare, revealed by his open jacket, and straps crisscrossing his lean powerful chest. He were tall, and beautiful in this current form, with sleek and powerful black wings sprouting from his back, that he slowly wrapped around the unicorn boy before him. He wore a cloth across his eyes, hiding the demon’s gaze from his prey, as he inhaled the scent of the hybrid boy that he had in his power.

“You are resisting, but you know, in your heart that this is real, and that you are mine, Bahdin,” Azandriel said, as he hissed in the delicate ears of his captive. “And you realize, that the more you resist, the more I shall take delight in making you mine, body and soul. “ Azandriel yanked on the chain, and pulled the pale creature against his chest, and those dark wings closed in, making it impossible for the boy to go anywhere.

“I’m not your puppet, just because you have a chain around my neck,” Bahdin said, in defiance, glancing back at the beautiful dark angel, noticing the horns that grew from Azandriel’s head. His voice quavered, however, as he could sense the power and heat coming from this beautiful fallen one.

Azandriel leaned in, and placed a kiss on the pale shoulder, his tongue sliding over the warm flesh of the exquisite creature, “mmmmm yessss.. Mine…” he said, in a warm, resonant voice.

“CUT! Ok Folks, that’s a WRAP!!  We’ll pick up at Scene 22 tomorrow morning, 6am SHARP! “

A bell rang, signaling the end of shooting for the day, and the extras, standing by in the wings for the next scene, were apparently unneeded. They were all dressed in rather revealing and suggestive garments, that barely left anything to the imagination. It was a harem of supernatural hybrid harem boys, all oiled up and seductive. Half of them lit up, and slipped into jackets or robes, to cut back on the chill that was on this chilly stage. The director, Mr Flores, was already headed off to the editing room, with his camera man and the rest of the assistants that flocked to him.

Ralphie, or “Bahdin” as his character was called, sighed and glanced back at Payge or “Azandriel”, and smirked, “You were really getting into that role, weren’t you?”

Ralphie tugged the chain out of his friend’s hand and twirled it around like he were going to start using it as a weapon, as the wings retracted and Payge chuckled softly, “I had no idea this script would be so.. I don’t know.. “

“So full of Yaoi goodness?” Ralphie said in a joking manner.

“Indeed,” Payge said, as he shrugged his shoulder, sending that dark crimson mane tumbling down his back, framing his handsome face even more attractively than before. He reached up and tugged off the blindfold, and arched a brow. “Why would they even want to wear this? I mean, it cuts down on expressions, and unless I’m a blind demon, why wear it? “ He huffed and flipped the blindfold cloth over one shoulder, and moved over to the snack table, grabbed a bottle of water, and drank down half of it before he’d taken another breath. Ralphie joined him, and scooped up a sandwich that looked fresh, took a bite and chewed for a minute, before grabbing a mug of coffee at the end of the table.

“I thought we were shooting much later than this,” Ralphie said, as he continued to nibble at the sandwich, sipping at the steaming coffee mug between bites. “I don’t know if I should even take off this outfit. The makeup and effects boys will probably just try to slap it back on in the morning. “

Payge frowned, as he picked up the last sandwich from the table, and frowned at it, before taking a bite, and looking thoughtfully as his friend and fellow actor. “Well, I know I can’t sleep with these wings on, but damn, I look hot in this outfit,” he said with a grin, glancing into a mirror nearby. “I’d do me, “ he said after a moment’s contemplation of his reflection, posing in the mirror, and mugging like someone with a camera were watching.

Ralphie rolled his eyes, and shook his head, “Well, I know I’d love to see how all of this looks once they edit it all, but I really think we need to do something about the dialogue. We need to kidnap the writer, and make him do something more.. More.. “

“More sexy ? Less corny? More hard core,” Payge suggested, as he devoured the rest of the sandwich.

Ralphie shook his head, “I dunno, something better than this. I mean.. Come on.. If I’m going to play hard to get, and I don’t want this demon dude breathing down my neck, I’m hardly going to talk like some British period piece starring Hugh Grant.. Who talks like that?”

Payge nodded, frowning, as he agreed with his fellow thespian, and then chuckled, “But you have to admit, we both are stunning, and the stills that we did earlier, with those two .. that photographer and his assistant? What were their names?”

“Lyle, and D.S., “ Ralphie offered, remembering the photographer, and his assistant with the long black hair. “Yeah, kinda a weird dynamic duo, but the prints are going to be spectacular,” he continued, finishing his own sandwich, and downing the rest of the coffee.

Ralphie put the coffee mug in the plastic tray for such things, and threw away the sandwich foam plate, and then gestured towards the exit to the studio. “Let’s go hang out and watch some bad slasher movie, what do you say? My treat?”

Payge shrugged and nodded, “Can I even get into your trailer with these wings on?”

“Hmmmm we might have to grab that Shaeffer guy from make up, on the way, and have him remove them for you, so you can at least sit down. He’ll want to hang out, too.”

“He always wants to hang out with you, Ralphie. I think he has a crush on you.”

“Oh shut up, he does not! He’s got more of a crush on YOU!” The pale haired boy said, as he chucked Payge in the arm.

The two bantered all the way to Ralphie’s trailer, where alcohol was consumed, bad slasher movies were watched, and some make up tech named Shaeffer would get to oogle two sexy actors as they lounged and joked their way through the rest of the evening. .

Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd  

Hair- .Shi Hair : Kadosh (Crossroads)

Skirt- *{Junbug}* Nouveau Fairy Skirt (Store)
Robe- .aisling. Danae (Store)
Collar- {L} Chained Collar; Ivory – ULTRARARE (Store)
Headpiece & Horn- C L A Vv. Thorn Crown & Unicorn Horn (11:11)
Ribbon- (Heavily Modified & PS’d no longer the true item displayed)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Sayuri (Store)
Lipstick- Clemmm – Tired Glitter Lips (Store)

Curtains- DRD – Gothic Vampire – Bed Drapes (Store)

2nd Avi (Payge Indigo)

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