Get High with Me, Come Fly with Me

Featured Items: -DRD- CS – The Joint Coffee Shop (6 Republic) & JIAN :: Raccoon Collection (FaMeshed)

Aaron had knocked on the front door of the farmhouse, and waited until he heard the stereo’s music dip, for a moment. He knocked again, and a mellow voice, called back, “Come in!”. So he opened the screen door, and let it close behind him, then shucked off his jacket and hung it on a peg on the wall by the door, with the other jackets. The house was rather a mess, he found, with pizza boxes, bottles and cans here and there. There were used cups and dishes on tables and chairs. Someone definitely had had a party there recently, and needed to get a cleanup crew going. He shrugged.

Aaron was about twenty, with cornrowed blond dreads that came down past his shoulders that framed his handsome features, and a slim, slightly upturned nose. He had blue eyes, and was nicely built, slim but athletic, about average height, and his tattooed arms had sleeve tats of a tribal design crawling up from the back of his hands to disappear into his T-shirt. He wore blue jeans, a close fitting Black Sabbath T-shirt, along with purple converse sneakers, and a seashells and colored bead necklace on a hemp cord at his neck.

He inhaled as he walked into the next room, detecting a peculiar and familiar aroma. The smell of that delicious smoke. Of weed.

Aaron inhaled its smoky goodness, and smiled, as he moved past the kitchen to the living room, and saw his friend, Jadd, stretched out on the couch, the bong in his hand, taking a hit. The boy placed the lighter on the table and leaned back, after inhaling. He held the smoke in his lungs for what seemed a minute, before slowly exhaling athin cloud of grey fumes, and then smiled over at his friend with a mellow grin.

“Well, hey there,” Jadd said, a welcoming grin on his plush lips. Jadd looked no more than 19, and had short spiky brown hair, styled with sideburns pointed on either side of his cheeks, and there were long strands of hair where it was left long in the back. The young man had on a fur coat, over his bare torso, open down the front that displayed his pale chest and stomach, and a necklace with a stone that rested between his pecs. His legs were long and skinny, and were covered in torn red jeans,  and he was barefoot. His nails were painted black, and he had the most blissful expression on his face.

“Hey right back! Looks like you started early, huh?” Aaron said with a grin.

Jadd’s rather blissful expression changed for a moment, as he tried to concentrate, and then he snickered, “Oh.. yeah.. well. About that. Actually, I haven’t stopped since the gang was here last night. We kinda partied a bit, after the harvest, ya see.”

Aaron nodded, and he could indeed see, as he saw the state of the house. He glanced around a little startled, when he heard chittering, and jumped a little when two raccoons leapt up on the couch and one peeked out from the side, all seeming to keep an eye on him as he approached. However, once they sniffed the air, and made some animal determination, they simultaneously ignored him, and chittered some more as the moved out of the living room, scurrying into another part of the house.

Aaron cleared a pizza box from the armchair beside the couch and plopped down in its cushy seat. The old wooden hand carved coffee table in front of Jadd’s couch was littered with a pack of cigarettes, an ashtray, and more of the aforementioned used cups, dishes and drink containers. And another bong, beside the one Jadd had in his hand.

“Hey, where are my manners, dude, “ Jadd said in his dreamy voice, as he patted the seat on the couch beside him. “Come on, we’ll do hits together, yeah?”

Aaron pushed off of the recliner, and Jadd just pulled his legs up, as his friend settled on the couch beside him. He could smell Jadd’s body, a combination of weed smoke, and a musk that was alluring and somehow a little disturbing, though he couldn’t pinpoint why. Jadd always smelled yummy.

“What have you got this time -anything new to try out?” Aaron was eyeing the bong, and the little baggie that stuck out of his friend’s pocket.

“I’ve got some killer bud, my friend,“ Jadd said with a grin, as he took the baggie out of the coat pocket. Aaron examined it, and it was reddish in color, instead of brown, and when he opened the baggie, and inhaled, there was a smell of something spicy along with a sticky pungent smell, that made his heart race, and his chest tingle. His nipples grew hard, and that surprised him as goose bumps set off on his skin.  “Man, what.. what is this stuff? It smells.. amazing!”

Jadd grinned and wiggled his brows, as he took the bag back and took several pinches to place into the bong’s bowl. “It’s called Devil’s Own – Get high with me, yeah?” he said almost ritualistically, and nodded. Then he got out his lighter, flicked it to life, and took a very long hit on the bong, before passing it to Aaron.  Aaron didn’t think Jadd’s lungs could expand that much for such a deep hit – he was impressed.

Aaron took the bong and did the same, inhaling the smoke and then holding it in, leaning back on the couch, his shoulder touching Jadd’s, as they looked at each other. Jadd’s eyes did something, as Aaron looked on, and it would have sounded an alarm in his head if an unbelievable sweet buzz didn’t descend on him at that moment. He just slowly exhaled and closed his eyes. What he’d seen was Jadd’s eyes had changed to red from their usual green and blue individual colors.

“Woah,” He said, leaning his head back against the couch, as the mellow spread through his whole body. It was the fastest buzz he’d ever gotten, especially from just the first hit off of something. It was potent budd. And it was good. He felt a tingling in his whole body, like he was aware of every nerve cluster in his body that was significant for pleasure at that moment, and he found he was getting excited, in a way he didn’t normally, below the waist when he toked up.

He swallowed, and felt the brush of Jadd’s leg against his, and looked over. His brown haired friend wiggled his eyebrows, and said, “Now you see what I mean? This is really good shit, man. “

Aaron leaned in on impulse and kissed Jadd, who slipped a hand around his friend’s neck and held him there for a few moments, kissing back hard, before releasing him, and holding up the bong. “It just gets better, and lasts a while if we finish the bowl. “ Aaron was feeling his whole body pulsing with desires now, but it wasn’t hard and urgent, but it was insistent., so to speak., The buzz rolled through him in a second wave and his eyes turned red as well. He caught his reflection in the mirror, and grinned at Jadd. “We’re a couple of high flying sex demons, aren’t we?” And Jadd giggled at that comment.

Aaron was now beginning to feel more in control of of his increased libido, but he could tell, this was going to be like edging for hours, he thought. He grinned, “Hell yeah, light the puppy up.”

They smoked the bowl and found they got even more of the feeling of being aroused and aware of their bodies. And it was almost like they could sense the feelings of the other’s body as well.

Aaron got another look at Jadd’s eyes, and indeed, his eyes had kept that reddish film to them, and looked sexy and bizarre. Perhaps that’s why it was called the ‘Devil’s Own”?

Both stood up, seeming to have the idea at the same time, to head for the bedroom.

Jadd smiled and took Aaron’s hand, and tugged him along, “Come fly with me now, eh?”

And the afternoon just got that much better.

Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

Hair- .Shi : Kadosh (Crossroads)

Coat- ::GB::Fur jacket (TMD)
Jeans- not so bad . PAOLO jeans (Store)

Eyeshadow- Clemmm – Insomniac (Store)

Building & Furniture/Nicknacks- -DRD- CS – The Joint Coffee Shop (6 Republic)
Raccoons- JIAN :: Raccoon Collection (FaMeshed)


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