I’ll be There for You

Featured Items:  E.V.E Broken Chains: Scattered Roses (Crossroads), [White~Widow] Loving, REKT Iron Room Divider, & {Ayx} ram horns .::Cubic Cherry::. (We ❤ RP)

It wasn’t a normal romance, but then, it’s hard to have a normal romance in the court of the Goblin King. Especially when you were out of favor with him.

Charlie was wandering through the courtyard, towards the entrance to the Labyrinth, when he stopped, as he always did, in the same place as always. He stood beside the statue of his girl, Zubrette. She was a lovely woman, with wide, amazing eyes, and a face that poets would dream to make verses about. She had twin curving horns that dipped elegantly and curled on either side of her head, and the rest of her frame was curvaceous and desirable on so many levels, that it boggled his imagination how he could not ever find her attractive and be in love with her.  That hadn’t been a problem. He’d fallen for her the first time he’d set eyes on her.

The only problem was, she was a statue of bronze.

As he stood there, he looked around to see if anyone else was present, and he reached back to touch her hand. It was cold, and smooth, and he could hear a humming in his head when he touched her, as always.

He smiled at that. She was humming to him. If he held her hand long enough, he could hear the tune “As the World Falls Down”, and soon he could hear the worlds, in her voice. He closed his eyes, holding her hand, and silently stood, looking around the entrance of the labyrinth. He had to find a way to restore her to life – full life, not just this frozen metallic statue, a mockery of it.

As he thought on this, he murmured the question to her, softly, so that only she could hear. “I so want you with me. I want to be here for you, but I must find a way to change you back.” He sighed, and then his eyes narrowed, as he could suddenly notice that the humming and lyrics had stopped.

“The Goblyn King can restore me, with his power, “ she whispered in his mind.  “Otherwise, you’ll need the Grommocculus from the center of the labyrinth. “

He furrowed his brow, and he almost said it allowed, “What or who is the Grommocculus?” But managed to keep it in his mind. A flash of a picture appeared in his mind, as she sent him the image. It was a floating eye-creature, about as large as a human head, but like one large orb of gray flesh, encompassing an eye with a golden iris behind its heavy lid. It floated around in the center of the labyrinth.

“If I retrieve this, it will change you back?” he asked this in his mind.

“Mmmhmmm, it will, “ She said.

He glanced back at her, and planted a soft kiss on her lips, and squeezed her hand. “I’ll be back soon,” he said, softly, and then released her hand. And he ran for the entrance to maze.  He had been here for years, and knew the Labyrinth intimately. He had a way to find the path through its ever changing corridors, and shifting walls, pitfalls and traps.

Still, it took him hours upon hours to find his way through the confusing array of tunnels and hallways. He didn’t have any real problems negotiating his way past the guardians. Simple subterfuges and misdirections served to get him past many of the guardians, and then there were bribes and threats that enabled him to pass.

Finally, he found the central garden at the middle of the maze, and as he entered, he found he was having de ja vu. He had been here before? No, it wasn’t possible was it?  And then, he started recognizing features of the walls and the statues that were placed in various locations. He blinked, and slowly walked towards the far side of the court yard, where he found, to his disbelief, the statue of his Zubrette. Her bronze shimmering body was unmistakable.

He swallowed, and looked slowly around, trying to see if the Goblyn King was there, but despite his special powers of vision and intuition, he could not sense the monarch. All he could sense was Zubrette. And one other thing. Hovering above her, almost imperceptible, was a hazing in the air, like a heat shimmer over black top in the hottest part of the summer.  He did not look directly at it, but as he walked up to his beloved, and took her hand, he turned to her and started to lean in for a kiss, when he spang up, and with both arms, grabbed for the distortion thing. There was a squeal, like a piglet had been grabbed, and slowly the Grommocculus faded into sight, in his arms, struggling, its eye rapidly blinking and it tried to pull Charlie into the air with its levitation. Charlie grabbed hold of Zubrette’s hand and held on tight with the other to the Grommocculus, and the small eye-thing couldn’t lift both, and it seemed to overstrain itself, and grew heavy, like it had fainted, in Charlie’s arms.

“What do you want of me, Courtier?! I am but a humble Grommocculus! Let me go, “ it exclaimed.

He was startled by the reedy, nasal sounding voice. He caught his breath and said, in a low tone, “You can change my love back from the statue she is, to the woman she was. If you do that, I will let you go!”

The Grommocculus shook in his hands, and replied softly, “I cannot do such a thing! It is beyond my powers! “

He still had a hand on Zubrette’s hand, and in his mind, he heard, “He is lying – he has to merely visualize me as I was, before. Don’t you, Grommy?”

Somehow, since the creature was held by Charlie, and Charlie was holding onto the statue, the Grommocculus could hear Zubrette’s voice too. “Noooo! I could not! I do not know what you looked like before!”

Zubrette sent the image that she remembered from her standing in front of a mirror to Charlie and the creature, and the creature screamed, “Noooo don’t show me that! No No No!!” Charlie squeezed the bulbous creature hard in his arms, and gripped the bottom of its eyelid, and forced its eye open, and looked into it. The creature struggled, but sighed and stopped after a few moments. “You will help! You know what she looked like. SO do it!”

The Grommocculus sighed, and said, in a resigned voice, ‘If you promise to release me, after she is returned to flesh, yes? I shall do it. “

“I promise, I shall release you once she is restored.”

“Point me at her, then, and do not get in between me and here, or I cannot say what will happen to you!” That last was a firm statement of fact. So gripping the eye-creature on either side of its orb, he pointed it at Zubrette, and … nothing happened. At least not at first.

The eye slowly blinked, the great fleshy lid raising, and then falling. And when it opened again, Zubrette shimmered and the bronze sheen faded to that of flesh. She was pink and perfect, and flesh, and she drew in the largest breath, before she let it out and then giggled. “OH .. oh my! I’m alive again!” She twirled on one foot, and giggled and laughed, and then threw her arms around Charlie.

“You promised! Let me go now!” The eye said, as Charlie started to release the Grommocculus. Zubrette grabbed the eye-beast from Charlie’s hand and made sure the eyelid was pointed away from him and her, and she hissed, “You did this to me in the first place, you little nasty beast. “ And with that, she marched over to what looked like a stone seat, and she grabbed the edge of it, and it turned out to be a lid, more like a stone chest.

She flipped it up quickly and stuffed the eye inside. “NOOOO! “ it squealed, once more making the sound of a piglet in distress, “Its too dark in there! I won’t be able to SEEEEEE!!” She slammed the lid back down and sat on the seat. There was some struggling sounds from inside, but after a while, the sounds subsided, and she looked pleased over at Charlie, who slowly walked over and sat down beside her. He took her hand, and she squeezed his back. They kisses on the seat, and looked into one another’s eyes. “I don’t know what to say, Zubrette. I didn’t know this day would come. But, now that you’re free.. what next? “

“Now, we find our way out of the Labyrinth, and fall in love, properly, “ She replied with a soft smile. He grinned back at her, and stood, bowing gently, as she rose from the chest to stand with him.

They strode towards the Labyrinth entrance, this time together, hand in hand, ready to find their way through to the world outside.  

As they passed into the Labyrinth, the Goblyn King shifted into sight, from a statue that he was masquerading as, to the side, and he opened up the stone chest, letting Grommy out.

“Do you think they suspect, Grommy, “ the King asked, with a smirk, checking over the ocular creature. “You don’t seem to be too worse for the wear, little one. “

Grommy hissed and shivered. “She was going to do something much worse! I know it! But thankfully they just wanted to leave. But no, I think they don’t have a clue. “

“Good,“ The King replied, as he smiled, and ran his hand through his long, fabulous white locks. He sat down on the stone bench and started to sing softly, and Grommy orbited him in bliss.  

“They’ll be all right, I think. But I want you to keep an eye on them, Grommy. Cloak yourself properly, this time, and watch them. And if they get into any real trouble, you let me know.”

The eye creature sighed, and then slowly nodded. “Yes, Sire, “ he said, and faded from view, as he sped into the maze after the young couple.

Story by Dehrynn Shepherd

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Room Divider- REKT Iron Room Divider  (We ❤ RP)
Statue- Evie (Coming Soon to E.V.E)
Horns on Evie- {Ayx} ram horns .::Cubic Cherry::. (We ❤ RP)


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