Revolution is in The Air

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There was a peal of thunder, as the rain pelted down hard, making splashing ripples in the muddy puddles that were spread as far as the eye could see across the sodden and empty farmland. His tall rubber boots squelched as he slogged his way across, heading for the west side of the property. The gray sky had opened up, once more, and rained its tears of frustration and despair, as if the wounded sky did not seem to know how to stop. The sun was almost a distant memory, since it was rare that it would burn through the shroud that had hung over the area for the better part of the summer, and now the fall.  

Not since “the Catastrophe” had happened.

The black leather-clad figure had a bundle on his back that seemed to weigh on his shoulders. It was wrapped in old plastic bags, and secured with bungee cords, strapped to an aluminum backpack frame. It was an unusual size and shape, and though it seemed to have some weight to it, it did not slow down the tall, lean figure carrying it.  He moved over the muddy field without slipping or sinking down into the mire. That, in and of itself, was impressive.

The landscape around the old farm was empty, boggy fields of mud, with nothing but split-rail fences, in the outer areas, and the remains of 2 barns and a blasted farm house, which seemed to have been destroyed by an explosion of some sort. The chain-link fence and barbed wire was torn like tissue paper, and gaping holes ran through the middle, wide enough for a tank to drive through. Several leafless trees dotted the farm yard, seemingly unharmed, but looking rather bleak and lifeless, all the same.

The figure bypassed the house, and the barns, and strode on through, heading towards the hillside at the back. He came around the far side, and there was the ‘house’ that he and Lykin had built. It was a small building, looking as if it had been created from material scavenged from the barns and the farmhouse, and had been built onto an already existing small outbuilding, to create what looked like a 4 room cabin or shack. A steel pipe poked through the roof, that emitted puffs of smoke, and there was a dim light to be seen in a window in the wall, though it was heavily shaded by thick curtains, and the grime that caked the windows on the outside.

He approached and stopped about thirty yards away. He picked up a rock, and threw it at an old brass cow bell that was hanging down on the side of the little porch, and it rattled and clanked with the accurate throw. He waited a moment, then threw it again, and then continued onto the front porch of the sturdy but rough looking cabin, and then did a knock on the door. “Shave and a haircut – two bits”, he murmured through the black cloth mask.

There was a sound of wood scraping on metal, and steel locks being turned, and then the door opened, to reveal a shirtless young man, with a collar on his neck dangling a chain, and with a fur draped over one shoulder. He wore jeans, and was barefoot. He was pretty or handsome, and his body was lean and in shape, with an ammo belt slung around his thigh. His ears were strange and unusual, almost elfin, but pierced and his face was young and alert, with vibrant eyes narrowed and suspicious. He held a sword at the ready, as if he were going to strike the person at the door if it weren’t the right person. He slowly lowered it when he saw who it was, and stepped back, “Get your ass in here, you’re letting out all the heat.” He muttered, as he opened the door back further. The leather clad man slipped inside, and tugged at the straps to the backpack frame, as soon as he cleared the door.

Lykin shut the door and slid the bolts and locks back into place, and then turned around, to observe the taller figure pull off the face wrap, and a toboggan, to reveal his own visage, that of a high cheekboned handsome man, with several days’ worth of stubble across his jaw and cheeks.

“Well, “ Lykin began, as he glanced at the wet figure, dripping on the floor. “Stay on the rug there, and strip off those leathers. I’ll get you a change.”

The tall, lean figure nodded, and smiled, “Sure, I don’t want to get this nasty mud anywhere else. “

Lykin returned a few moments later with a bundle of clothing, and a robe, and set them down on the table where Shaeffer was stripping down. He was nearly naked and taking off the last of the leather gear, letting it fall heavily to the floor with a flapping noise that wet leather and steel rings make when it hits the floor. Lykin arched a brow and put his hands on his hips, as Shaeffer toweled himself down, sinewy muscle glistening in the dim light.

The inside of the hovel was lit primarily by the cast iron stove, several candles, and a lamp or two that were scattered around the place. There was the smell of candle and woodsmoke, the oil lamps, and the smell of a bubbling stew that was cooking on top of the stove, filling the air with the scent of a veg and beef stew.

“Mmmmm that smells appetizing, and I am starved.” Shaeffer rubbed his long, black tresses, and let them tumble down his naked chest, as he finished rubbing down the rest of his body, and slipped on the underwear, black jeans and a t-shirt, then a hooded robe of blue worn terry cloth.  He stuck his feet in slippers of old, worn felt, and hugged himself. He shuffled over to where Lykin sat.

Lykin’s skin gleamed in the candlelight, and he was now sitting on the double-seater couch, near the stove.

“So, what is it you found out? You’re being an ass, keeping me in suspense like this.”  Lykin huffed, as he wrapped his hands with cords, and glanced curiously over at his companion. Shaeffer plopped down on the old, worn sofa, and it groaned softly with the added weight.

“Well, I got the supplies we needed,“ Gesturing towards the backpack bundle. “All of it. We have what we need to start, now,” Shaeffer added, as he grabbed an old blanket and slipped it over himself, a shiver running through his frame as he inhaled more of the aroma of the stew that softly bubbled on the stove.

“Well, that’s good, right? And what about the others? Are they on-board?” Lykin’s voice was business like, almost, but there was an undertone of curiosity, and perhaps contained excitement, at least for someone that might know him.

“Yeah, I persuaded them all, that if we don’t act now, we’ll miss the best opportunity we’ve had in years, “ Shaeffer said in reply, glancing over at his friend, and smiling softly. “I had to be a little extra.. persuasive .. with Lincoln, though.”

Lykin narrowed his eyes, and arched a brow. “You slept with him, didn’t you? You seduced the bastard, and … “

“Hey ! How did you know? “ Shaeffer replied, in mock surprise. “It’s only the 5th time that’s had to happen, right? But yeah, I pushed his buttons and got him to commit. He and his crew are all in. We have, in all, about 700 fighters, all ready to come in, at the predetermined places that we agreed on. They won’t know what hit them. They all have the signal too. “

He paused a moment, watching the reaction of Lykin’s face, as he leaned back, and sighed, relief in his features, as if he’d been holding his breath for a very long time, and just now could let it go and relax.

“It’s going to work, Lyk, “ he said, as he reached out a hand and grinned, “We’re gonna kick General Richard’s ass. “

“You never count your chickens.. yada yada yada, “ Lykin said, as he glanced over, and arched a brow at his companion. “Besides, you always know that the best battle plans never go the way you think they will, after the first encounter. After the first move of the plan, it’s all fluid, and the chance for an “October Surprise” is always there. “

“Yeah, but you’re forgetting one thing, “ Shaeffer said, seriousness in his tone.

“Yeah? What’s that?” Lykin replied, wary but curious.

“You’ve got me on your side. Ain’t no way I’m letting that craggy old despot keep us down and starving any more.  And we’ve got our own ‘October Surprise’ right over there, “ he said, pointing smugly towards the doorway, where the plastic-wrapped package sat.

Lykin glanced at the elfin-looking dark maned Shaeffer, and then back at the package. “You think it’ll really make the difference? Will it do all that Jones said it would do?”

“That, and more, if we play our cards right,” Shaeffer said, as he stretched, and prepared to stand. “It’s gonna be quite a surprise, when the big bad army dictator has to use stone knives and bear skins to fight us with, instead of his mechanized industrial complex.” He stood, and gave a little shiver, rubbing his tattooed forearms, and then approached the stewpot, taking up a bowl and spoon, and then the ladle hanging from its hook. “You want some, Lyk?” he asked, his blue eyes flashing in the low flickering candle light.

“Nah, I already had some. Eat your fill, dude. I might have some later, if you don’t bogart it all.” Lykin gave him a smirk and lifted a brow in challenge. Shaeffer shrugged and nodded, and then filled his bowl with the steaming, aromatic stew.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ve gotta keep up my strength, “ he said around the first mouthful. He glanced over at Lykin, still staring at him. “What?”

Lykin sighed and nodded. “You know, this time next week, we’ll either be dead, or eating stew in the General’s compound, planning our next offensive. “

Shaeffer made Mmmmmm noises as he shoveled spoonful after spoonful of the hot stew into his mouth, gravy leaking at the side down his chin, until he set the bowl down and wiped at his face with his hand. He grabbed a rag, and wiped chin and hand, then set to the bowl once more. “Damn good stew, Lyk – but don’t you worry, I plan on collecting on that bet. “

“What bet are you talking about, “ Lykin said, arching a brow in question.

“That bet where if I am the one to capture or kill the General, you have to make out with me for 5 minutes in the General’s living room,” He grinned, waggling his dark brows.

“In your dreams, you perv!” He said, chucking a pillow bolster from the couch at Shaeffer, who deftly avoided it, watching it bounce on the floor nearby. Lykin narrowed his eyes, but his cheeks had reddened, heating at the suggestion. The two had been friends and survival companions for a long time, but their relationship had never gone there. Shaeffer just liked riling him up.

“You’re so gonna lose that bet, you ass, when I capture him, and you’ll be wearing a French maid outfit, cleaning my quarters for a day. “ Lykin growled, the initial blush replaced by the heat of challenge on his pale features.

Shaeffer shrugged, and grinned, “We’ll see, but really, it sounds like a win-win situation for me, either way.” He laughed, and Lykin hissed and shook his fist at the taller man.

Shaeffer finished off the stew, his spoon clanking in the bowl, as he set it down on a side table and settled back down into the sofa. He took Lykin’s hand, the black painted nails on both their fingers glinted in the light. “We’re gonna get through this, and we’re gonna change the world. It’s going to be a long, hard road, but with our new advantage, and the wiliness and cunning that I’ll bring to the table, “

Lykin punched Shaeffer in the arm at that, and he winced, “Ow!!.. as I was saying, “Shaeffer continued, “We’re gonna bring a better world about, and kick some despot ass. Before you know it, we’ll be in Springfield, kicking the dictator’s ass and the whole country will be behind us. “

“Yeah, and then the real battle begins. “ Lykin said, softly, squeezing Shaeffer’s hand. “Its like that old saying about the dog chasing the car.. once he catches it, what does he do with it?”

Shaeffer laughed, and shook his head, “One thing at a time, Lyk, one thing at a time. Revolution now, government later. “

They sat on the couch for a long while, and then found their way to their bunks, and dreamed of the coming days of revolution. It was going to be a busy day tomorrow and the next few days, and they needed all the rest they could get. It was the calm before the storm. The storm of Revolution.

Story by: Dehrynn Shepherd

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