It Don’t Matter

Featured Item: Zibska ~ Saffi Uomo (SCALA’s Freakshow Carnivale)

It was a costume party, but he didn’t really have a lot of time to prepare. Still, some little effort had to be put forth, and so he worked it in that way that he always did. He thought up a theme, and began with contrasting lines, black, white, shades of gray.

He decided not to dye his hair, but left it as its glorious silvery white, though he did some shading of some of the locks, to give the lovely mass some differentiation, and make the whole look more full. It tumbled down gloriously past his shoulders, and he loved that. Many men, and quite a few women, would die to have hair as lush as his.

He dug through fabric and outfits in his massive costume closet. Being a make-up and effects genius and a model for his little company, which did so many different and varied photos shoots, necessitated him having a massive collection of all sorts of outfits; Medieval, Sci Fi, Horror and so forth.

And of course his love of doing cosplay outfits for himself and his friends, was mainly how he started his costume and effects business, in the first place. He’d always had a flair for the dramatic, and it helped his career in doing what he loved doing. He’d put together outfits that had been smash hits at the various cons, events, contests, and even getting regular photos shoots for some really cool magazines.

He picked out a pair of black leather pants that slipped over his legs like a lover’s caress, and buttoned them up in the front. Then he chose a sleek black leather belt to slip through those loops. It had a silver skull for a buckle, and he grinned at that..

So he slipped into a tight fitting black and gray striped shirt, and then began a search for something to go over top. He found an outfit that had an elaborate and strange suit jacket that would be perfect to put over top. That is, if you’d call it a jacket – if that was the correct word. It had puffs and curls and nuances, but all with stripes of black and gray and white that poofed out from sleeves and the length and body of the tunic.

And then he sat before the mirror and worked on his face. It was a pretty face, and his eyes were amazing, but he accented them with liner and shadowing around his eyes. His skin was flawless otherwise, and he didn’t have to do much in the way of makeup, but still he applied a base and then thought about what else to really set off the piece, and sell it as “Halloween-ee”.

It finally occurred to him – a memory of something he’d seen before, to finish off the look. He went to one of the trunks that held his horror props, and found the proper box. A metallic mask was there. He slipped it onto his face, and it fit like it was meant to be there. Which, in fact, it had been, since it was molded from his face. It had only been the month before that he’d used it in a photo shoot where he’d been an android assassin seeking to destroy his dark-tech masters.

Although it had been a lot of fun, he’d been glad to get out of the hot lights and smothering latex outfit. He’d been hot in more ways than one, too, before he had stripped off the form-fitting black outfit.  He’d admired himself more than once in the mirror, and gotten looks from those ‘receptive’ individuals in the studio.

And there was the fact that he’d gotten lucky with the photographer’s lighting assistant that night. He smiled at that thought, and shifted as he adjusted the mask.

He got the spirit gum and worked on the ‘bolts’ that make it look like they were driven into the flesh in his cheeks and jaw, with the ease of a practiced horror make-up artist. He looked at himself in the mirror, and placed his hand flat on the table, and he was impressed.

“Now I just need a name for this,” He said to his strange, transformed visage in the mirror.

Sure there would be horrible creatures and cheesy creatures at the event, people that would out gore the most gore-filled horror films for their over-the-top grossness. But He had style, and he had a sense of subtle horror with this outfit. Like something seductive out of a nightmare.

“I’ll call myself “Shadowmane, the Dream Assassin,” he said, grinning behind the mask.

He went to the party, and mingled for a few hours, meeting and greeting, and making small talk. He admired other’s costumes, and was admired in return, and it was actually a lot of fun.

He found some there that were as elaborate and creative as him. Some even had a sense of style that he’d come to appreciate and admire. In particular, was that photographer’s assistant, the one that he’d had a fun-time with the month before. He was impressive and caught his eye again.

The boy had come dressed as someone called Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, and was able to pull off what others there would say was an outstanding likeness to some of the artist renderings from Neil Gaiman’s comic series.

They had clicked once again, and the attraction was unusually intoxicating. It wasn’t what he’d gone there for, not really. But he wasn’t about to fly in the face of a wonderful time.

The two had come back to his place, later, and snuggled on the couch together, eating popcorn, and just sharing a good time. They watched a bad slasher movie from the 80s.

They had such a good time that when they woke the next morning, they both blushed like crazy, seeing the bits of each of their costumes laying on the floor, and they being naked and tangled up on that same couch. Only a blanket covered their modesty. But that was ok. It made making coffee that much more interesting when they went into the kitchen.

Things had a way of working themselves out. Things didn’t always have to be black and white. But occasionally, the shades of gray were more than just a metaphor. They were the shadows of the predawn light when you woke up and weren’t alone anymore.

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

Hair- Exile::Hot (Store)

Suit, Frills, & Bobbles- Zibska ~ Saffi Uomo (SCALA’s Freakshow Carnivale)
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