Good Night Campers

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Camp Woyo was an older camping ground that was run by a non-profit organization that tried to promote ‘old fashioned’ summer fun for kids and adults alike. It tried build relationships between regional communities, with the focus older teens, especially troubled ones. There was quite the variety of boys and girls that came.

Lark, Robyn, and Daryl were shuffling around, waiting for the camp counselor to arrive. They’d all 3 been waiting more than a half hour, and the evening was slowly fading, and it would be twilight soon. But it was a warm night, with a clear sky, and the crickets and frogs were had begun chirping. It was the end of summer, and they had a few days left at camp. This was going to be a night under the stars.

Lark and Robyn were twins, identical except Lark had shoulder-length brown hair, and Jeremy was blond, and both liked their hair up in man-buns. They had startling jade green eyes, and angular features, and seemed to be eastern European in descent, from their facial features.

They were handsome, athletic, about 6’ tall, and both were on the football team. They dressed in cut off jeans, and sports jerseys. – Lark wore a black and gold croptop Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, and Robyn wore a Dallas Cowboys, in Silver and Blue. They both wore Converse sneakers, and both wore brown leather belts.

They had a tendency to get into trouble together, but seemed to be behaving themselves tonight. At Least for the moment. They turned 18 a few months ago, this being their last year in school.

Daryl was a head shorter than the other two, with hair as dark as a raven’s wing, long down to mid-back, and he was athletic too, but less muscular than his companions. He had more of a wrestler’s build. His face was angular, with high cheekbones, and a wide expressive mouth. You could call him pretty almost, rather than just handsome. He wore knee-length black cargo pants, black Doc Martens, and a black Foo Fighters T-Shirt. Leather bracelets cupped his wrists, and a wallet chain swept around his hip, going from the front of his cargos to his rear pocket.

Though he wasn’t a total loner, he wasn’t as boisterous and rowdy as Lark and Robyn, even though he had just turned 18 the day before. But he got along with most everyone. He had his arms crossed over his chest, and looked like he wasn’t too pleased with all the waiting around.

“It’s going to be dark by the time we get to the camping site, if he doesn’t hurry up,” Daryl muttered, as he glanced at his watch.

“Yeah, and we still gotta build a fire and roast our dinner, too,“  Lark said, as he elbowed Robyn. “I bet we should just go up to the camp site and not wait for him. I bet he already went up there, and is waiting for us now,“ Robyn said.

“I don’t know, guys, the counselor said to wait here for him.” Daryl narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two. They just grinned back to him, and shrugged, walking up with macho bravado.

Lark chuckles, “Hey, we need to show initiative! That’s what they told us earlier! Besides, it’s probably one of the old fogey counselors and he got his instructions confused.“

Robyn nodded in agreement, and put an arm around Daryl’s shoulder, and tugged him close, using his added height to influence the smaller boy. “Come on, live a little! What could go wrong? You’re not scared, are you? Chicken!“

When Robyn said ‘chicken’, Lark squawked and flapped his arms, “Bahk bahk BAAAAWK!!!”

Daryl sighed and shook his head, as the other two tugged him on, and he said, “Ooohh, Ok, let’s go. But if we get in trouble, it’s YOUR fault!”

“Relax, small fry,“ Robyn said. “We’ll be just fine!”

As they followed the trail up into the hills and around the lake, they came to a site that had been partially set up. A fire pit wasn’t dug, but a metal fireplace had been put out. There were camping chairs, lanterns hung, and pumpkins, gourds piled here and there, and firewood already split.  There were some strange carvings, too, including a silhouette of a flamingo propped against a tree. There was no counselor there, however, and the boys tossed their back packs down around the area that had been set aside for sleeping bags, near the fireplace.

“Looks like he’s already been up here, “ Daryl said, as he peered around. That’s when Lark grabbed him from behind, under his arms, and Robyn reached down and grabbed Daryl’s feet, and lifted him off the ground.

“Hey!” Daryl shouted in surprise, and started to struggle, twist, and yank his body, trying to break free, as the two larger boys lifted him and laughed, smirking and sneering. They hauled him into the woods nearby. “What the hell! You jerks! You ass-faces! Let go of me! Fuckers!! I’m gonna kill youu!!! Help!”

They laughed and kept a grip on him, as they carried him a dead tree that was used for target practice. It wasn’t a very big tree, but it had a large bulls-eye hanging about head-level, and an archery locker beside it. They stripped him of his clothing with deliberate moves, keeping him controlled, and there was seeming nothing he could do to break free.

They pinned Daryl to the tree, once he was naked, and whipping off their belts, using them to tie his hands behind the tree, and then his legs. They used Daryl’s belt to hold his head against the trunk, and they used rope they found lying in the archery locker, and looped it around his waist, immobilizing him. They tied a pocket handkerchief in his mouth like a gag, and the struggling kid’s shouts were but quiet muffled gasps through the fabric.

The two boys stood back and admired their handiwork. “Oh man, will you look at the pretty boy!” Lark laughed, as he walked up to Daryl, the boy’s eyes wide with dismay and anger. Tears were streaking down his face, as the tall teen placed a hand on his chest. “So you aren’t a girl after all, under that shirt.“ He looked down and his eyes got big as he saw what Daryl had down below. “Well, I never believed the stories, but damn, boy. Do you have a horse as a dad?“

Robyn stepped up beside his brother and rubbed his hand over his pumped chest and down his flat stomach, as his eyes traced a similar trail over Daryl’s lean frame. “Yeah, Lark, he’s just skinny and starving, like all those wrestler punks. They puke up their lunches so they can make weight, and starve themselves all the time. You’d think he was some kinda runway model. He’s prettier than most models though.“

Lark giggled and pinched Daryl’s nipple and watched it harden, and laughed, “He’s so gonna like what we’re gonna do to him! And yeah, he’s better looking that the girls down in the camp. We’re gonna have some fun tonight. “ He laughed and leered at Daryl.

Daryl stopped struggling, and just glared at the two punks, as they laughed and started pinching him, and slapping his body, making comments on his physique. They spanked the side of his tight hard behind, leaving red marks on them, but they could only get at him from the hips, since he was so well secured to the tree.

“We should have put him face-first to the tree, Lark, “ Robyn said, as he giggled, and glanced around, “That way we could have spanked him good and proper, among other things.“

Lark chuckled, then shook his head, “Nah, he’d just hump the tree and get his jollies off that way, and we can’t have that, now can we? “

“What is it we can’t have, guys?” A voice came from the forest behind the twins, followed by an arrow that struck the ground right between Lark’s feet. The boy jumped and shrieked in surprise, as an older boy with dark brown beaded dreadlocks, down to his waist, came into the light of the lanterns. He was light tan and tattooed on his arms and chest. He was wearing a muscle t-shirt that clung to every feature of his sculpted body, and his blue jeans were torn at the knee, and clung to his strong athletic frame like they were painted on. He had sandals on made from brown leather. Overall, he looked exotic, with high cheek bones and odd-colored eyes. A blue and a green one. He had pierced ears, and wore a strange cord and beaded necklace, like a belt, around his neck.  A leather wristband was on his right wrist, and his nails were painted black.

He held a drawn bow with an arrow knocked, and it was pointed at the two bullies. His arms were corded with the tension, as was the rest of his lean frame. He had a smirk on his face, as he gestured with his chin. “I suggest you untie our naked friend there, before he catches a cold.”

“W-who the h-hell are y-you,” Robyn said, as he gulped, fear in his eyes, as he looked from the bow and arrow, to the restrained, naked boy.

Lark made a sudden move, and screamed as an arrow went through the end of his sneaker, and pinned his foot to the ground. He stopped screaming when he realized the arrow had gone between his toes, not into his foot, just pinning his shoe. There was no blood.

The archer drew another arrow so quick that Robyn didn’t have time to run. He just stood there, paralyzed.

Daryl looked on the whole scene, watching the skill and poise of the newcomer, his savior, and gulped hard, wondering what the hell was going on, and why this guy cared about 2 boys bullying him. He’d never been so humiliated in his life, besides that time he was put in the industrial dryer at school, but that had been just that one time, and he’d gotten revenge for it last year. But he swallowed hard and watched the drama play out, helpless to do anything else.

The dreadlocked boy smirked again, and gestured with the arrow, “ You know, you boys might just be hard of hearing, so I’ll say it again. Untie him, and do it now. I’d hate to make you sing soprano by having a hunting accident, so… DO it RIGHT the FUCK NOW.”

Robyn lurched over to Daryl, and started working on the neck, and then the hands. Once his hands were free, Daryl started working to get his waist free.  Lark yanked his foot free, and went to undo the legs, and then Daryl was finally free of the tree.  He punched Robyn in the face, who had been taken by surprise, stumbled and fell down like a stone, stunned. Daryl cried out, and shook his fist, but he looked satisfied. “Take that, asshole!”

Lark snarled and started to launch himself at Daryl, when another arrow went whizzing by, and pinned the boy’s man-bun the bullseye. Lark screamed again, as he tried to get his hands on the arrow to yank it free. Daryl stumbled back and retreated towards the archer, and the two boys finally recovered. Lark managed to yank his hair free, the man-bun torn open and ragged now, and Robyn standing up finally, wobbly on his feet.

Daryl covered his crotch with his hand as the two bullies stood there, still covered by the archer, who gestured with his chin. “Get the hell out of here, go back to your cabins. You boys are going home in the morning. I’ve already called the camp manager. You’re out.“

Lark hissed and shook his head, “ You won’t get away with this. Our parents.. “

‘Yes you have rich parents, but so do I, and you were trying to molest a boy, and torture him. Yup, I have it on my phone cam, back there. “ He pointed back towards a little silver rectangle of a cell phone. “It’s all recorded, so if you want to become Action News at 11, go right ahead and threaten me.  And if you ever do anything again to Daryl, it’ll be leaked. Now scram, you whiney bitches.“

The boys gave the dreadlocked man the finger, and they ran off as best as they could.

Daryl looked up at his savior, and gulped, “Hey, man that was.. awesome! Thanks! I don’t know what I’d have done.. “

“I’m Lyle Crowe, the counselor, “ the older boy said softly, as he put his strong hands on either side of Daryl’s shoulder, and looked into his eyes, checking to make sure he was all-right. “We were supposed to have fun up here, tonight. Those boys just don’t know when to behave, do they?“

“They are jerkfaces, yeah.They suck!” Daryl said, as he put a hand on Lyle’s wrist and squeezed in appreciation. They let go of one another. Daryl went to his clothing and sorting through the pile. His butt shown in the moonlight, as he bent down. Lyle looked on, and grinned.  

“Well they were right about one thing, you certainly are in good shape.” Lyle wiggled his brows and tossed the dreads behind his back with a nonchalant motion. He strode over and took the arrows out of the ground and the bullseye, and put them back into the quiver he was wearing on his back after checking that the heads were undamaged.

Daryl blushed at the comment, and hissed, “Hey, I .. well, thanks for saying that, but .. dude.. I’m already blushing enough. Besides, don’t you have a girlfriend to worry about?” He asked that question, almost nervously, as he glanced at the tall young man beside him, as he took a few moments to slip back on his clothing.

“Girlfriend?” Lyle shook his head, the dreadlocks hissing against his shoulders. He continued with a sly smile, “Nah, but we can talk about that while we roast some hotdogs, yes? We have a long night to enjoy the stars, and .. it’s just going to be just the two of us now. I thought we could.. Talk. maybe wrestle some?“ His eyes smiled at he said that last, and the implication made Daryl blush.

It had been a long week, and he didn’t think he’d get lucky at summer camp. But damn, he scored big time. “I’d like that a whole lot, Lyle,” Daryl said shyly, but with a grin.

The two slipped their arms around one another’s waist, and headed back to the campsite. The stars were beautiful in the night sky, and they boys were hungry…

~Dehrynn Shepherd 


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