A Little Apprehensive

Featured Items: Zibska ~ Zelai & Sumiko (Shiny Shabby)

The line was moving slow, but steady, as Reggie and Travis wound their way along the path to the entrance. There had to be a good 50 people ahead of them, and they weren’t quite sure what the hold up was.

This was the line of folks going into the Tailor-Mosely Center, for the staff and performers, caterers and maintenance people – basically, everyone that was involved in setting up booths, food stands, utilities, or performers and general staffers, were entering the building.

The black-shirted security staff were watching the line, with some stationary, others roving up and down to prevent line-jumpers. They wore black fatigues and polo shirts, had earpiece communication buds, and spoke into microphones that were attached to their shirt lapels. They all wore mirror shades, as well, and were easily over 6 foot tall. Most looked almost half as wide, Travis thought. “I think they could bench-press a small tank, “ he muttered.

“This is ridiculous, “ Reggie growled, as they got to advance a few steps. “I didn’t sign up for this. I’m one of the bloody performers. “

“Well, it’s a reality. I don’t like it either, but hey, at least our stuff was already set up yesterday,“ he sighed, as he stretched in the wan autumn sun.

Travis was wearing black leather pants and boots, with a dark blue button down shirt that was loose over top of a black T. His long black hair, which was accented with light blue streaks, stretched down past his shoulders, and his ears were pierced.  His angular face had high cheekbones and a narrow chin, with lips that were quick to smile and looked very expressive. Right now, however, they were drawn tight. Despite his verbal acceptance, his blue eyes and mouth were narrowed, drawn, and irritated.

Reggie huffed and shook his head, sending ripples of long blond hair sighing against his black sweater, the warm garment perfect for the slight chill of this late morning weather outside the center. He’d rolled the cuffs back a little, as the slightly over-large sweater clung to him, like his black, low rider jeans did. His high cheek bones and soft red lips were pouting, and alternately pulled back with a bit of an irritated snarl at the delay. He gripped one of the tumbles of hair that came down past his chest, and tossed it behind his shoulder, as if that might help vent a little frustration at the delay.

As the line slowly snaked forward, they passed a security guard, standing at attention. It was difficult to see where his eyes were looking. To Travis, that man’s head seemed to be roving side to side the way a security camera would. “I think they’re cyborgs,“ he whispered to Reggie.

The blond snorted and elbowed Travis, and said close to his ear, “Well, keep those kind of comments a little quieter. I think he heard you.“ Reggie pointed subtlety towards the closest guard, who seemed to stare right at them, and lowered his lips to murmur in the shirt-mic.  

“What, we can’t express our opinions?” Travis growled low and shuffled forward.

“Not if you don’t want to get us delayed even further, is my guess. Just keep your trap shut, Travis,” Reggie said, and sighed, looking up at the cloudy sky. The sun had gone to hide behind the gathering clouds. “I don’t want to get stuck out here if it starts to rain. “

“Oh it’s going to rain, all right,“ Travis said, glancing towards the clouds and then the front of the line. “It’s a race to the finish line right now. I wouldn’t want to be the suckers behind us, though. They’re gonna get soaked. “

Strangely enough, the line seemed to speed up at that point, and as they slow-walked around the curve of the fence that skirted the edge of the civic center, they saw that there were apparently double the lines open now to check people out, with a total of 4 open.

“This is like going through airport security – just no metal detectors,“ Reggie said, but then stopped, as a guard waved a detection wand that made high pitched noises as the guard waved it within inches of their body.

Travis shrugged his shoulders, and nodded, “Pretty much. At least they seem to be moving faster now. “

As they approached, an especially large dark-maned security guard, with a chest easily wider than Travis and Reggie combined, motioned them forward for the inspection, pointing to the table, “Please take out any metal objects, and place them on the table. If you’re wearing a belt, don’t worry about that, unless it has more than just a metal buckle.“

His voice was bored-sounding, but not unfriendly, as he pointed towards the table, and held the detection wand at his side, waiting for compliance. Travis moved up first and looked at the guard in expectation, as he began to empty his pockets.

The security man had short cropped black hair, and looked like he could bench-press a horse. Travis took out a handful of items from his pockets including change, his wallet and the stainless steel wallet chain, finger-rings, a metallic pentacle necklace, and lastly, his cell phone. He dropped them all into the basket on the table.

The guard waved his detector over Travis’ body, and it chirped and then buzzed an alarm. Travis rolled his eyes, and the guard said, as if from a script, “Sir, please remove all of your metal items and place them in the .. .”

Travis shook his head, and interrupted the guard. “I’ll open my shirt, and you can see what set off the alarm, yes? But I’m not taking them off.“  The guard frowned, then took a step back and made a ‘Get on with it’ motion.

Travis unbuttoned his blue button down shirt, and then lifted up his T-Shirt, showing off his runner’s physique, and the stainless steel lightning bolts for nipple piercings that he had in. Tribal or mystic symbol tattoos were seen as well, accenting his pectorals and his stomach, and the hip-bones at his waist, as he gave the guard a look. “Satisfied?”

The guard lowered his sunglasses, and arched a brow, then stepped up closer to Travis, and ran the wand over each nipple, and then down his stomach and around his waist. It alarmed at the nipples but no where else.

“That’s good enough, sir. And might I say, you look like you take your work-outs seriously – My compliments.”  Travis gave the large man an appraising glance, as he lowered his shirt and collected his things. The guard almost seemed to grin back at him, and Reggie wasn’t sure but the big man might have licked his lips.

And then he glanced back at Reggie. The bull-chested security man waved Travis on past, and folded his hands in front of him, and tilted his head, in expectation. Reggie was still slowly taking his various items out of his pockets, which there weren’t many –  Just his wallet and a few finger-rings, and his cell.

The guard held out his hand and motioned Reggie forward.

Reggie gulped and sighed, apprehensive suddenly, as the large man raised the wand, and began his scan. He got to a point on Reggie’s mid-rift where the machine alarmed, as it had with Travis, and Reggie frowned, “What the hell, that shouldn’t be going off. “ The young man huffed, and the guard took a step back. “Please double check that you’ve removed all your metal items, sir? Your friend had .. umm.. jewelry.. he didn’t want to remove. Perhaps you have the same?”

Travis shook his head, and huffed, “But I don’t have nipple rings.  I don’t have anything like that. Maybe your detector is broken.”

The guard arched a brow at the comment, and then flicked a switch that ran the detector through a test phase, which took about 30 seconds. When it finished, showing all green lights, he ran the detector over Reggie’s chest and stomach again, and it buzzed again, detecting something.

“It’s working fine, sir, I’m sorry, but I can’t let you pass unless I can resolve this.“ The guard looked sympathetically at Reggie, and seemed in earnest. But Reggie had his suspicions. This guy had to be a perv.

Reggie huffed as Travis said, “Just undo your sweater and show him. Maybe it’s the buttons on the sweater itself?

Reggie growled at the elf-like friend, and shook his head in annoyance, but then in a bit of apprehension. He felt like he was being violated to have to undress himself, even like this, in public. He felt like he was being picked on. But he slowly undid the sweater, as Travis looked on, watching the guard.  Several other people that were being put through the same screening process at other tables nearby could be seen watching, as well.

Reggie got all the buttons undone, slid the sweater off his shoulders and halfway down his back, exposing his torso. His skinny physique was pale and sleek, and the first spatters of rain came down to streak his pale chest. The cold droplets made his nipples harden, and the surprise made him blush furiously.

The guard stepped forwards, and ran the detector wand again, over the strange fern-like necklace he was still wearing, that apparently didn’t set off the detector, and down to his midriff and jeans. The guard seemed to smile, maybe even smirk, but he didn’t say a word, until he swept the detector wand around the side, and came to one of the buttons of the sweater, which set it off.

The guard nodded and then stepped back, gesturing, as the rain started to come down in earnest a moment later. “Sorry for the inconvenience, sir, Please button up and take your things. You’re cleared.”

Reggie grabbed his things and Travis gave the guard a narrow-eyed glance and helped tug his friend’s sweater up back over his shoulders, and the two raced for the waiting entryway, as the rain really started to come down.

“I’ve never felt so exposed and perved on,” Reggie said, as he got everything back into its rightful place.

“Sure you have – when you’ve modeled for my stories. You call me a perv all the time, “ the black maned boy said. Reggie shook his head, sending ripples down his slightly damp blond tresses. “No, not like this. I at least trust you. That guy.. He perved on you, then me .. one after another. “

“Well, yeah he did.  Ummm – I guess we can make a complaint to the Security supervisor, if you like?  But I think the worst that will happen is he’ll get a stern talking to.“

“You’d back me up, if I made a complaint? I was really feeling a little bit apprehensive when he wanted me to open my sweater. I didn’t like that feeling. “

Travis reached up and squeezed Reggie’s shoulder, and smiled. “Reg, I’ll back you up, all the way, no worries. “

Reggie smiled and gave Travis a quick hug with a squeeze, and then stepped back with a wry grin on his face, “I think you were more his type though, Trav – He even complimented you on your work out.”

Travis blushed and gasped, in mock dismay, “He wouldn’t know what to do with me. “ He chuckled.

Reggie smirked and shook his head, “I dunno, pretty boy like you – I think a big boy like him probably wants you to spank him and make him tell you all his dirty secrets. “

“He wouldn’t be the first, “ Travis chuckled, making a fist and shaking it at his friend. “Come on, let’s go get some coffee and try to humanize, after that debacle outside. I wanna get some caffeine in me before the crowds start coming in, being all grumpy from the rain. “

The rest of the day was much better, besides the rain, partly in the knowledge that a certain security guard was getting drenched in the cold showers outside, while they sipped coffee and enjoyed the warmth of the inside and the safety of their friendship.

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Gloomy (Store)

Sweater- ::GB::Off Shoulder Cardigan (MOM)
Pants- ::GB:: Stripe Sweat Pants (TMD)
Necklace- Zibska ~ Zelai (Shiny Shabby)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Sumiko (Shiny Shabby)

Tree- LB_LondonPlane (Shiny Shabby)


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