The Time Is Now

The lights in the club pulsed and throbbed with the music playing. The bodies of the club patrons writhed, gyrated, and moved to those rhythms, as if they were all in some state of bliss. Some had drinks in their hands; others had their dancing partner in their hands, in the hot and sweaty confines of the dance floor. It was wild, and seemingly uninhibited.

Everyone wanted to dance with him, as he ground and spun and press against boys and girls, stealing kisses with a naughty smirk, and then spun into another group. Del was hot, and sleek, all dressed in black, his suit-jacket open down the front, showing his flat stomach and lean physique, black chains with crosses dangling from them decorating pale chest and stomach. His neck had a black metal choker collar with a little lock on it, and every finger had a ring upon it. He had piercings glittering on his ears, when they peaked out from his waist-length brown tresses. He was beautiful, and dangerous, and his eyes could hypnotize those that dared to stare too long.

That’s how he felt tonight. No one could stop him. He just wanted to dive into this mass of humanity and disappear. And there were so many that would be willing. He glanced down, and a handsome young man was kissing his chest, and had gripped his long neck chain between his teeth, thinking he was being teasing. Del gripped the guy by the back of his neck, his styled white hair slightly damp from his exertions on the dance floor, and pulled him up to his face. He looked into the boy’s eyes a moment, then down at his lips. The boy opened his mouth, letting the necklace drop. And they kissed, hard.

But Del had a flash of a memory – one of several times that Kris had done just that. Something brittle inside seemed to break open and he gritted his teeth, nearly biting the boy’s tongue. There was a gasp and a huff, and “What the hell, man?!”

Del pushed the blond away, and got several dirty looks, including the middle finger from the blond, who thought that Del must be baked out of his skull.

The memory was almost like a physical blow, because Del seemed to lose his balance a moment, but he stumbled but a single step, then righted himself and strode off the dancefloor with a cat’s grace. He focused on the bar. There were a few already ahead of him, but he elbowed his way in, giving an angelic smile to a young lady with hip-length neon blue hair, in a tight silvery metallic, short skirted dress that clung to her athletic and curvaceous frame like a second skin. It shimmered in the club lights to make her like some goddess that stepped out of a dream. She had circlets of silver at her wrist and neck, and they accented the motions of her throat as she sucked on a straw from the drink she just got, a golden-sparkling drink that smelled of apples and rum. He gave her an appraising look, and she shrugged as she brazenly brushed herself against his front, as he took her place at the bar. She winked at him and laughed, as she disappeared into the tide of humanity behind.

His face flushed as he leaned over the bar a second, grinning strangely to himself, wishing the moment with the girl had lasted longer, but also glad that the moment had passed from the dancefloor. He wanted to get more alcohol, to banish the bad feelings for the rest of the night.

He held up a finger above his head, pointing down to himself, as he tried to catch the bartender’s attention. It took a few moments, but when he did, he saw that the young man wave a hand in acknowledgement, as he finished up making a drink for another patron.

The bartender had shoulder length black hair, a slim athletic build, tattoos of blue and black and of an arcane design, that were partially hidden behind a black fishnet shirt and a sleeveless leather vest that was open in the front. Low slung black jeans that were skin-tight, molded to his legs, and when he turned, his eyes were cobalt blue. Piercings and rings of various types were sparsely found on lip, ear and finger, as he slowly made his way down the bar towards Del. His face was angular, and there was something about his features that spoke of being from somewhere else. He moved with a confidence and casualness that said he was in command of the noisy and demanding barside scene.

Del frowned, almost angry with himself, for checking out the handsome bartender, but then wondered why. Really, why shouldn’t he think that way? He was supposed to be having fun tonight, not being all maudlin about Kris.

“What’s your poison, handsome,“ the bartender said flirtatiously, with a smile that was full of charm and wit, despite the tired cliché line that bartenders used everywhere.  The boy was about Del’s height, if just a touch taller, as he leaned in to be better heard over the din of the club.

He reached over the bar, gripped the bartender’s vest, and pulled, which had them both leaning over the middle of the bar. He spoke into the boy’s ear, “Give me something dark and sweet, with a sinister hook in the background.”  His warm, moist breath ghosted sensually against the bartender’s ear. And then let go of the vest. The bartender grinned and nodded, as he leaned back to his side of the bar, and with a smirk, said, “Oh, you’re in a mood then, are you? Coming right up!”

Del watched as the bartender went to work with several bottles, mixing what might have been anything, into a tall lemonade glass, with a hint of ice, golden liquid with a strange ribbon of what must have been some kind of thick black syrup that coiled inside the glass like a serpent.

When he completed the mixture, he pressed it across the bar on a cocktail napkin, and leaned in, beckoning Del across the bar.

“This one is on the house, and my number’s on the underside of the napkin,“ he said, and then surprisingly, kissed Del’s cheek. He then pushed back from the bar with a wiggle of his eyebrows.  

Del’s face flushed and he swallowed, as he picked up the drink, turned over the napkin, and then stuffed it into his pocket, when he saw the note in a bold and flowing script, “I can’t believe I’m doing this – I’m Stephen”, with a phone number printed below with a smiley face.

He watched the bartender briefly, as he moved down to the next customer, and noticed him glance back up at Del, and give him a strange, shy grin, like he’d just done something he never did.

Del wrapped his lips on straw in his glass, and gave it a suck. The liquid flowed in and a myriad of flavors seemed to insinuate and flow over his tongue. His eyes brightened up, and if someone had been looking really close, they actually both took on a golden glow for a moment, but flecks of gold sparkled in their depths. He took another sip, and was amazed at the taste, as he held It up to the light, and wondered what in the world this perfect drink was. It was everything he’d asked for and more. He really should have tipped “Stephen”. Maybe he’d find a way to repay him later?

He found himself being edged away from the bar, as the tide of bodies pressed against him, and pulled him away back into the general dance floor. He felt elation spring through his body, as he didn’t want to do anything but dance. The night swirled around him, as did the enjoyment and elation of thoughtless bliss and getting lost in the wonders of the energy of so many beautiful people.

Eventually, he found himself slumped in a booth, as the crowd had begun to thin out, 2 young ladies on one side of him, slumped together, kissing one another, each eying him, wanting him to slide a little closer and join in.  One had wavy brown hair, sort of like his own, and seemed exotic of ancestry, and the other was a platinum blond, with short bangs and a butch look, with black leather and a spiked collar, that said she would probably be in charge if he got involved. Both were so beautiful, but right now, he was content; Tired – Like he’d had an orgasm that had gone on all night, at least since Stephen had given him that drink. Well, that might be an exaggeration.

But he had finally let loose and had a good time. He pushed off from the booth, giving a little nod of his head and murmured “Goodnight, Ladies,” To their disappointed pouts, and he wondered why he didn’t want to go join them. They’d been fun to be sandwiched in between on the dance floor the last hour.

Del slowly wandered towards the entrance, in a vague sort of way. He didn’t really want to leave yet, but he was slowly feeling the normality seep back into his thoughts, and figured he should be thinking about going home. But he stopped, and blinked, looking around. The dancefloor was relatively empty, and the staff was helping people to the coat check and then out the front door. He rubbed the back of his neck, and sighed, heading in that direction, until something stopped him.

Del glanced over at the bar, and saw that “Stephen” was leaning back against the front of the bar, fishing into his pants pocket for something, when he looked up, and saw Del’s gaze. He blinked a moment and tilted his head, before he strode over towards him, and waved a hand, and said, in a normal tone of voice, “Yes, we’re past last call, I’m afraid, so if you need anything alcoholic, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.”

Del shook his head, and looked down, grinning, “Nah, I don’t need any more booze. That drink you fixed me earlier was amazing. I only had water after that. I was flying high on whatever buzz you gave me from that. “

Stephen smiled as he looked down again, and stuffed his hands into his pants pockets, his face beautiful in the club half-light as he chuckled. “Oh, you mean the ‘Serpent’s Ambrosia’ drink,“ he said in a soft voice, nodding in remembrance. “You won’t find that drink anywhere else; it’s something I brought from the old country.“ Stephen had a strange hint of some kind of accent, which he’d not picked up on before. He said that last with a hesitation, and then looked up into Del’s eyes, and smiled, noticing the green right and blue left eye.

“It was delicious, and was exactly what I needed,” Del said, as he reached out and touched Stephen’s shoulder with a smile. Stephen nodded, and was about to say something else, but he shook his head, as if having some conversation with himself in his mind, that stopped him from commenting. Instead he said, “It really was something like that. Oh, and I’m Stephen, by the way. Do you need a lift home? I don’t usually offer, but we seem to have decided we can talk now.“

Del chuckled, and shrugged. “Otherwise it’s a long walk to my apartment – that would be brilliant, actually, if it’s not too far out of your way.“

Stephen pulled out a keyring and pointed towards the doorway, “I’ll pick you up out front in 5 minutes!” he said with a grin, as he went towards the “Employees Only” doorway behind the bar, and vanished at a light jog.

Del wondered what the hell he was doing, and a broody thought snuck into his mind, that maybe he was doing this to get back at Kris, though the little ass probably hadn’t given him a second thought after what he had pulled. Kris had made his own decisions, and somehow, Del was able to think objectively right now about it. Earlier, every time he’d thought about Kris, he had been struck deep like a stabbing wound to his heart. He was being so bitter about the break up. But now, right now- he could see it for what it was. Kris had chosen his path, had deliberately fucked things up, and had not cared for the consequences of hurting Del. And now, Del needed to just let him go. Needed to let that part of his life fade into history. He needed to heal.

He wandered out front, and it was raining. The lights of the street lamps and the neon signs from liquor stores, shops and the club were giving it an otherworldly hue, like he was stepping into a dream. A few moments later, a sleek black classic car pulled up, and the driver leaned over to push the passenger door open. It was Stephen.

“Hey! You waited! Good! Come on- get in out of the rain! “ The young bartender said, as Del glanced from one side to the other, as if he were making some final decision.

“The time is now,” he whispered to himself. He slid into the passenger seat, and slammed the door, on the rain, and the past. It was time to move forward.

And that’s when Stephen stepped on the gas, and they were gone.

~Dehrynn Shepherd

Hair- Tableau Vivant \\ Blair II (Salem)

Suit & Chain- ::GB:: Halloween Gacha (The Epiphany)
Collar- **RE** Savage Collar (Romp)
Rings- [MANDALA]Sinra Rings Season3 (Store)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Sayuri (Store)


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