Don’t Hurt Yourself There

Featured Items: CURELESS [+] Serotonine (TSS),  {Lunar}.::Cubic Cherry::., CUREMORE / Lovely Clinic, C L A Vv. Shoegazer (The Epiphany), Zibska ~ Quip* (Store), & E.V.E Koi Glitter Puffs (We ❤ RP)

It was a wild concert. The band was all dolled up. Literally. It was a VK concert to remember. The music was wild and sensual, rock with that special flair that gets down into your groin and makes you happy and naughty and so free to just let go.

The concert’s lights were blazing down and it was sweaty in the first row, with all those bodies pressed in, jumping and singing out to the lyrics. It was wild and crazy, and rather arousing, especially when she had touched him.

Fane was down in front, and he couldn’t help but jump up and try to touch the hand of the crazy nurse .. well, the hot guitarist that was up on stage. He couldn’t help but grin wildly, as her long, delicate hand gripped his, as she smiled down at him, the sweat on her face making pink tear-streaks down from her eyes, almost like she was crying pink blood. It was so hot! He brought his hand to his lips and imagined he could taste some kind of lotion that might have been on her skin, as she danced away.

Vixon was her name, the wild child of the stage. She and her band, “Vixons of Future Metal” were all over the map, traveling for concert dates spanning the Pacific, from South America, the US, Canada, and all over Asia.  Tonight she was dressed as a cute J-Rock nurse, and she spanked and stummed and played that guitar like it was her lover. Her outfit had a cute little nurses hat, with pink ribbons tying up her blond locks into pigtails.  Her skin was a perfect white, almost plastic in look, and she had a big pink X-Ray Viewer Heart bolted to her chest, that showed her insides – a ribcage, and a pink cross as a heart.

Her pink and white diamond patterned tights covered her long sexy legs, with high heels of silver on her feet, that complimented the white and pink nurse’s dress. It let Fane’s imagination run rampant – and he was almost embarrassed by such thoughts. There was a giant crescent moon wrapped in ribbons over the stage, that glowed and sparkled above the performers. It was such a great concert!

Fane had a crush on Vixon, ever since the first time he’d heard her play. And tonight, he was dressed up in a latex lab coat, with a surgeon’s mask and one of those old fashioned head reflectors on his head, the kind that surgeon’s wore in those old TV shows and movies. He was wearing black scrubs underneath, but black Doc Martins, with steel toes, and laced up to his mid-shin. His shoulder-long black hair was damp with perspiration, and he was rapt in the knowledge that he’d finally touched her.  

As the concert finally wound down, and he’d made eye-contact with Vixon more than once, he’d started having fantasies about meeting her backstage. But when the final number was done, and none of the stage managers, roadies, or other concert security staff approached anyone in the front row, he sighed and slumped his shoulders. He ran those fingertips over his lips, as he followed the thinning crowd towards the exits.

Strangely enough, the call of nature hit him on the way out, and the line was formidable, so he looked around, and saw that there was a set of double doors that a roadie propped open, that showed what looked like a restroom down the hall. So he snuck down that corridor and found that restroom unmanned.

After he was finished, he came out, and he heard virtually nothing, other than the distant sound of roadies dismantling the instruments and stage gear. And then he perked his ears at another sound. It was rather close, and it sounded like crying. And then a voice said, “You’ll need to be looked at tomorrow, once we get back to the lab, dear. I’ll go and get the kit, and try to patch you up.“

Fane was curious, so he followed the sound, and then he panicked when a man in a long gray trenchcoat came out – it was their stage manager, Mr. Heartwell. Fane flattened himself against the wall, and the fact that the man was already facing the service entrance helped him remain unnoticed.

When the manager was out the door, Fane crept and peeked around the doorway, and saw that Vixon sitting on a chair, in the room alone, with her back to him. She leaned forward a bit, and sounded like she was crying. Her shoulders were shaking a little every few seconds, almost like clockwork. He didn’t really think about it, as he stepped into the room and approached. He stopped as he was beside her, and saw that her dress was open in the front. His eyes went wide and he meeped in dismay, his face flushed as he backed away, hiding his eyes, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to… I mean I meant to come in .. but I didn’t mean to .. catch you.. so .. naked!”

Vixon turned slightly, and her head tilted as she said, in a soft tone, “You’re the boy in the front row.. the one that kept looking at me.“

She moved her hand to do something.. there was an audible click, like an appliance door being closed with a magnetic seal, and when he lowered his hand, he saw her buttoning up her tunic. “You seem rather embarrassed, but I assure you, I’m ok with it. Just as long as you don’t go telling all of your friends you caught me with my top off.“

“Oh No! I wouldn’t think about doing that!” He paused and gulped and shoved his hands in his pockets so he wouldn’t fumble with them. “I just thought I heard some crying, and .. well.. no, I won’t tell anyone what I saw,“ he said, as he gulped, and blinked. He’d been so flustered at what he thought he saw, the soft curve of her bosom, that the rest had to have been costume special effects and didn’t make sense otherwise.

“Good,” she said with a soft smile, and she reached out her hand to him, as she tilted her head back, a soft whirring sound could be heard for a moment, like a tiny servo motor.

“I wanted to say you were fantastic tonight – I loved the show, and you were amazing,“ he started excitedly, feeling like such a fanboy, gushing. She smiled a warm smile, and as he took her hand, she squeezed his fingers gently, but then, after a moment, there was another sound. It was a soft gurgling sound, as pink liquid started to trickle down her arm, and that arm started to droop. In fact, it felt almost dead and a little cold to his touch as he let go, and she grimaced, pulling the arm down, and holding it in her lap.

“Are you ok? I heard that man, I think he was your manager, say you needed a med kit or something before I came in. “ He moved closer to her with  a concerned look, furrowing his brow and wanting to do something to help.

She paused before responding, and smiled gently, then looked at him again, “You’re really sweet to ask, but I’ll be fine. He’ll be back with the kit in a few minutes, and I’ll be good as new. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a major malfunction after a concert.”

He nodded his head, as if understanding. She must have some kind of condition, and he blurted out, “Do you have some kind of disorder or disease? My dad’s a really good doctor, if you need a second opinion.“

“What she needs is a good technician, young man, “ came a rather stern voice of an older man – it was Mr. Heartwell, obviously returned, and he was holding what looked like a silver aluminum case, a large pink cross on its front. “What the hell are you doing back here? I’m going to have to fire the security staff for not keeping this place secure!”

“I’m sorry, sir!” Fane began, as he looked alarmed from the performer to the older man. “I heard crying so .. I came in. “

The older man walked towards the table, set the aluminum case on it, and undid the latches and opened the lid. “Well, you’re intruding on a very private thing. I don’t think you should be in here.“

“Please, let him stay, “ Vixon said, as she glanced up at Fane with a smile, then to the manager. “I feel much better now that he’s here. “

“You’re just extrapolating that from some other memory, my dear. Pay it no heed. He’s not supposed to be….”

She interrupted him as she stood, and placed a hand on Mr. Heartwell’s shoulder. “I said, I want him to stay. Its calmed down my malfunction. “

Heartwell looked at her, startled, and then back at the young man. “You need to keep that kind of talk to a minimum while he’s here. You don’t want anything strange getting leaked to the press. There are enough weird stories about this band, as it is.

“What are you talking about,” Fane exclaimed, rather heated, like he was being accused of something sordid.  “I won’t say a word. If she’s sick, get her to a proper hospital.“

Vixon gave Heartwell a sidelong glance, before there was a sound that came from her chest and she started to shiver and shake, like she was having a seizure. Heartwell gasped and grabbed her by the shoulders, and tried to direct her to her seat, but she pitched over and fell into Fane, and the two crashed to the floor, the boy had his arms around her waist from behind, and she was between his legs when they hit. He cushioned her fall, but he hit his own head, and he blacked out for a moment.

When he came too, Heartwell had Vixon’s costume top off, and the x-ray panel heart was missing now, and there was pink hydraulic fluid all over the floor.  Heartwell was kneeling over Vixon’s abdomen, and he had a power drill in his hands and he was using the tool to screw something in her chest cavity. Fane gasped, and Heartwell looked over at him with dismay, then with sad acceptance, said, “You might as well be of help. I can hardly do this alone, She must be stabilized quick. Hand me that black meter and the pliers up there from the kit. HURRY boy! NOW!”

“Umm. Yes Sir, “ he said faintly, as he levered himself up and moved as quick as his woozy head would let him. Fane blinked at the carry case, finding electronic and hydraulic components, and tools of various sizes and shapes. He saw a black meter with leads, so he grabbed that and a pair of needle nosed pliers, and handed them to Heartwell. And that’s when he got a full view of the singer’s body. With her chest panel open.

It was like something out of a sci-fi movie. It wasn’t quite blade runner, but kind of like Data from Trek. But female. He blinked and gasped, and sank to his knees beside Mr. Heartwell, and looked dumbly for a moment. And then she said something in a strange voice, like she was speaking from far away. “Don’t look at me like that, please. I preferred how you looked at me before.“

He shook his head and then said, in a soft voice, “You’re not real.“

“I am real, just not in the way you thought. I’m as real as you are. Just different,“ she replied.

He gulped, still trying to process what this was. His dream girl. “But – you’re a robot.“

“She’s a living android, boy. And you’re hurting her feelings. She’s the first true A.I. and she wanted to be a rock star. And she wants to be a woman, and not a thing.“ Mr. Heartwell huffed rather angrily, as he used the meter, then the pliers to adjust something.

After a few more minutes of silence between everyone, as Heartwell worked, Fane looked into her eyes, and saw the pink tears slowly sliding down her face, and she smiled at him softly. Very humanly. And he swallowed. “I’m.. sorry, Vixon. I didn’t mean .. I mean I hope you’re gonna be ok. Will she be ok, sir?”

Heartwell closed her chest up, and there was a snick like before of a panel closing. The older man wiped sweat from his brow, set aside the tools, and stood up. “She needs more work, but I think she’ll pull through. It was a near thing. Her hydraulic system overheated for some reason. And she was leaking fluid, but that should stop now.” He eyed the young man, and then saw he was just looking into her eyes.

“Don’t hurt yourself there, boy. You know a secret that only a few people know. But you should know that you don’t want to stay around here, now that you see what she is.“

“Why is that,” Fane asked in a rather upset, distressed way. He felt something settle down in his chest, his heart beating stronger now, as she kept looking at him, and she reached up a hand and touched his cheeks. He was wet with tears that he didn’t know he’d started to shed. “I .. think she’s even more awesome now. I don’t know what it means, but she’s special, and I want to know here for what she truly is.”

She blinked and her eyes teared up, this time with clear saline tears, and she gasped. “I want him around, Father. I feel something for him that I’ve not felt before.“

The old man looked up at the ceiling, and shook his head, “Why me? Did this day have to come now? Why not a few more years down the road? “ He glanced down at her, and then him, as they both helped her to stand, though she really didn’t need the help.

“Let’s not talk about such things now, but if it’ll help you stay more stable, he can stay. But once we get you stabilized, he has to go! Now, we need to get you cleaned up and changed, and then we can all talk about this later. “

Fane and Vixon held hands, as the older man packed up, but something special had just happened, and it was hopefully something that would last. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t look it in the eyes and find love, you might miss it. You can find love in the strangest of places. Even in an android’s heart, if the program is right enough.

~Dehrynn Shepherd

Hair- Magika Surprise (Store)
Skin- CURELESS [+] Serotonine (TSS)
Eyes- {Lunar} eyes – forest & aqua .::Cubic Cherry::. (The Epiphany)

Dress, Hat, & X-ray- CUREMORE / Lovely Clinic (The Epiphany)
Guitar- C L A Vv. Shoegazer Guitar Pink RARE (The Epiphany)
Leg Art- Zibska ~ Quip* (Store)
Shoes- REIGN.- Onyx Heels (Store)

Moon- {Lunar} wrapped moon silver .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE (The Epiphany)
Glitter- E.V.E Koi Glitter Puffs (We ❤ RP)


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