Taste of a Poison Paradise

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“Wake up, “ the voice said, an almost coo in his ear. It startled him awake, and he could barely prevent himself from leaping out of the chair.

Sure hands, strong but not ungentle, held his shoulders back. Elden looked up into the face of .. of .. who was this he was looking at. He blinked rapidly, his eyes gummy with something crusty, like he’d been in salt water. He swallowed hard and relaxed back in the seat, as he reached up to rub the crustiness, perhaps it had just been from a deep, long sleep?

He opened his eyes again, and it was still a little blurry – well more like everything had a halo around it. He inhaled as he looked back into the face of the person that apparently still held him back in that gentle but firm fashion. He saw lips that were full of dark promise, with with green and black gloss, curved into a smile.

He calmed down and began to examine what was in front of him. The face was flawless, a cute nose, with kissable lips, a pale complexion, and strange eyes that looked dark and mysterious. The he noticed that the eyes were different colors -one green and one blue. And they were, staring back into his own gray hues.

The young man had a wonderful mass of long, soft and loosely coiled pale hair, that hung like a tumbling torrent of silk down his back. As this young man leaned back, releasing Elden’s shoulders, he was revealed to be slender but toned, his torso unencumbered by a shirt. His upper chest, below his navel, and down each arm were tattoos of a fun and strange nature, crawling down in dark ink against the pale canvas of flesh.

He wore a low-slung black skirt, that clung just below the waist, exposing hipbones. He wore a choker at his neck – no,it was an old collar with spikes coming out of it and a length of broken chain at the front, hanging down between his pecs.  The boy’s ears were strange, as if sculpted into an elaborate elven shape, perhaps? Each ear was pierced with pointed labret spikes, and bars, and studs. As he got a better look, he could see the young man had what looked like tattoos of black tears running down his cheeks from those dark eyes.

“I’m glad you’re finally awake,“ the soft voice cooed. The pale boy moved in a slow and and graceful way, revealing that they were in a cozy room, soft lit by little green fragrant candles and a fire burning in a mantle behind where Elden was sitting. It was almost warm in the room, though there was a hint of a chill, like a draft were coiling through the chamber, and the young man’s chest showed the fact with a little hint of goosebumps and stiff nipples. “I’ve been setting the table for you, as my guest, since you seemed so keen on .. watching me this afternoon. “ He chuckled at that – a soft and sultry chuckle.

The man in the chair was Elden Shaffer, a young and ambitious private investigator. He’d been a cop before this, but had quit several years ago because the rules were too slow, and the pay sucked. But he’d found he had good instincts for detective work, and was seldom wrong about the conclusions he came to. He’d gone on to make a nice living at peeping in windows and snapping scenes of infidelity for paying clients, finding out things that people didn’t want found, and even dabbling in areas that would constitute blackmail and extortion when he found something juicy enough. Being a PI was even fun, but this way he could pay his bills and live a little better than the gumshoes from the old detective novels. Ok, so he didn’t take a lot of missing child cases or the like, but he was good at what he did.

He’d been watching and following the man that now seemed to be his host, Dee Dee Lykin, for several days, after he’d been hired by a client that wasn’t exactly a savory person to do business with. But he’d paid a fat wad to do so, up front, in advance. He wasn’t sure what the older man’s interest was, but it didn’t seem to be for selling Dee Dee a box of girl scout cookies.

As he sniffed the air, there was the smell of something sweet and wholesome in the air – cookies, after all – fresh from the oven. This mingled with the scent of the candles and woodsmoke, and the of a pot of fresh brewed tea. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. He felt a little groggy and his stomach rumbled a little at the scents.

“I’m glad you’re awake, “ Dee Dee said again, as he gestured towards the wallet on the table. “Elden is it? You seemed to have hit your head on a low hanging branch … outside the house. I wondered if you were some kind of city inspector, being outside my window,“ he said with a soft grin. Those luscious black and green lips glistened invitingly, as Dee Dee rounded the little table, the skirt of the tablecloth fluttering as he did. There was an elaborate tea set on top, with a plate of fresh cookies and candles set beside a serving tray. Several porcelain cups were on the tray, with a pot, a cream pitcher, sugar bowl, and little silver spoons. A setting with several roses that seemed to have seen better days were drooping on the table top, as well.

“I was.. going to .. knock on your door, once I found out if you were home or not,“ he started lamely, his pretense merely that, since Dee Dee had found his wallet. He wasn’t sure, but he felt groggy, and his thoughts weren’t flowing that well. He wasn’t wearing his sport-jacket now, and that’s where his sidearm had been. His blue dress shirt was half unbuttoned down his athletic frame. His black slacks were feeling odd on his legs, like his legs were a little numb. He shifted in the chair, feeling light headed, and not wanting to try standing just yet.

“You took a nasty knock on the head,”  Dee Dee said, as he set about tending the tea pot, lifting its lid and taking a sniff at the steam rising up, smiling, those dark tinged lips looking shiny and moist and inviting in that curving smile.

Elden was watching the young man’s movements, and with the wooziness in his head, they looked fluid, graceful, sensual. He was kind of getting aroused, for some reason, as if this were a long dream that involved some kind of sexual connotation. It was strong enough a feeling that he shifted in his seat, as he caught the curve of Dee Dee’s back side peeking out of the top of that low-slung skirt.

Dee Dee looked up at that moment, and arched a brow, as Elden blushed – there was no way the young man could have known he was being perved on, could he? No. There wasn’t, Get a grip, he thought to himself.  But he looked down at his hands. They were shaking just a little, as if he were nervous or indeed, the blow to his head had been a bit much. He reached back to rub the tender spot where the lump resided.

It was strange that his head didn’t really hurt, he thought. His shoulder-length brown hair felt damp, and there was a lump. And the dampness felt sticky. He pulled his hand back to look at it, expecting to see drying blood, but actually, whatever was sticky back there wasn’t red, but was clear on his fingertips.

It was also funny that he couldn’t quite remember hitting his head.

“I hit my head, you say? “ Elden began, as Dee Dee put the lid back on the pot, and lifted it to pour, filling two cups. He didn’t answer the question yet, but instead gestured, “Do you want some tea? It’s fresh. Sugar? Cream?” he said with a smirk on his lips, as he wiggled his brows.

Elden suddenly felt parched, now that he thought about it, and he nodded, “2 lumps, to go with the one in back, please, “ he chuckled. Dee Dee took a set of small tongs from the tray, made a show of taking each lump of sugar from the bowl, and dropping it into the teacup with a plop.

A small spoon was placed in the cup, and Dee Dee brought the drink over to the detective, who took it in slightly shaky hands. “Thank you.. It smells delicious.“ He took a moment and inhaled the steam, closing his eyes a moment. It smelt of black tea with a hint of orange and some other scent that seemed almost nutty, as he took the little spoon and swirled it around in the cup. He couldn’t help but stare at the Dee Dee’s behind, his hips swaying almost suggestively as he went back to the little round table to get his own cup.

“You said I hit my head,“ he began again, letting the spoon rest in the cup for a moment, as he started glancing around the wood-paneled room, seeing that it was rustically decorated, but sparsely so. “I don’t remember how that happened. Did you happen when I hit my head, out of your window, I mean?” Concentrate as he might, he just couldn’t remember much about the last few hours, other than having followed the young man to this old house, and surveillancing it from his Charger.

“Actually, I wasn’t at home, when you came to the house, I was coming back from the store, and I saw you from behind. You seemed to get stung by a hornet or bee, and you swatted at it, when several more came, and you hit your head trying to avoid that. At least, that’s how I saw it.“

Those dark, sensual lips touched the lip of the cup and sipped, almost like he were kissing the drink.

“Come on, you gotta get your head on straight!“

He said to himself, and Dee Dee said, “What was that? Your head?”

There was a touch of concern in his voice, when he asked, setting his tea cup down on the table. He had been about to sit down, when the comment had come. Elden cringed a little, not having realized he was babbling his thoughts out-loud. “Sorry, yes.. My head feels funny, like I can’t think straight. I might have to see a doctor, “ The detective said.

“Oh my,” Dee Dee said, arching a brow, then standing up, walking back over, the detective catching a sway to those hips. “You might have a concussion, or are you allergic to bee stings?” He placed a hand on the detective’s shoulder, and walked behind him, sliding fingertips through his hair, over the lump on the crown of his head. Those fingers.. The fingernails caught lightly as if he were massaging his scalp, and he wanted to lean back and let him massage his head like that. The fingers retracted after a few moments, “I don’t feel any cuts, but yes, the lump is a little swollen,“ Dee Dee said.

Elden shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Then he brought the tea cup to his lips, and started to take his first sip of the aromatic drink. He sipped in a mouthful, he noticed something written on the teapot, the letters “Arsenic” written in calligraphy on the ceramic. He panicked and spit out the mouthful of tea, and the cup went clattering to the floor, breaking in two, and spilling its contents all over his pants and the floor. The saucer it had been on fared slightly better, and merely spun a few times and made a little clatter as it settled on its bottom, as if placed there.

“What the hell! Arsenic! “ he exclaimed trying to stand. His legs wobbled under him, his head spun, and he started to fall when his legs didn’t respond. But Dee Dee was on him, sliding his arms around his waist, pressing his lean body, warm and tight, behind Elden’s, holding him so he didn’t fall. The beautiful young man’s lips were right against Elden’s ear, breath hot against his skin, the words soft and gentle as they wove their way into his brain.

“Detective.. Private eye.. You naughty boy. You were spying on me, weren’t you? And you didn’t know that I could feel your eyes on me. Now, that you’re right here, up close and personal, you’re going deny that you have been looking at me for days? You should have worked up the courage sooner to come in. I’d have given you a good show for your client. “ he smiled – at least, Elden thought he could hear one in those sensual lips. It was sending chills up and down his spine, and he swallowed hard. “But, what .. you were .. going to poison me?”

“Poison you? With Arsenic? What do I look like, an old movie buff? That’s just a novelty for parties, that tea pot. No. But!” He paused for dramatic effect, and then softly said, his lips pressed right up against the PI’s ear, “I’ve already giving you a little something to keep you out of trouble. That’s why your head feels fuzzy, and your legs don’t work so well. “

“You poisoned me? Why?” The detective was feeling hot in the face, and trapped. He didn’t like how he was feeling, and his lips seemed to be tingling – his whole mouth. The sweet, nutty flavor of that tea was still in his mouth and he wanted to spit. But he couldn’t. He could only feel the warm arms around his chest, holding him.

“You were watching me – and you have a certain.. Toxic reputation, Mr Shaffer,” Dee Dee said. “Thankfully, toxic is my specialty!“

Dee Dee grinned as he drew the wobbly detective back into the chair, and then moved around in front of him, his hand on Elden’s shoulder, as he straddled his legs and pushed him back against the seat back. He looked him right in the eyes with those dark eyes of intense blue and green.

“I looked through your notes,” The younger man said, and he placed a fingertip on Elden’s lips. “You’ve been collecting information on me for days now. But you haven’t really seen anything that’s worthy of your client’s high priced fees. Nothing damning. Nothing until now.”

He leaned in and whispered in his ears, “Not until you pissed me off, that is – trying to catch me in the house, with that little camera of yours. What were you hoping for? Dirty pictures? Maybe me masturbating or something?“

Elden’s face heated up again, and he was getting angry, and that was helping to clear his head a little, but he still couldn’t make his body work, and his voice was feeling thick in his throat. “Gods, no.. I .. NO! I didn’t .. I didn’t know what I would see. Sure I think you’re attractive, but if I’d caught you naked – sure I’d have snapped a few pictures, but the client wanted something like you disposing of a body .. “ he couldn’t believe he was babbling now, admitting to what he was going to do, and he couldn’t stop himself, it seemed. “I just wanted to take pictures of you, catch you and maybe blackmail you if I got something juicy. That’s why Mr Acmar wanted me to investigate you.“ Why couldn’t he stop talking?

“You’ve probably wondering about now, why you’re being so honest with me? Part of it is the mouthful of tea that you had. Well, it wasn’t arsenic, but that nutty flavor in your mouth, my dear, is a truth potion. You just needed a mouthful for skin-contact. And it’s in your system. Now, you might think, “it was only a moment.. I didn’t swallow!”  But it only takes contact with your inner membranes. Sure, if you’d swallowed, it would have been quicker, and God only knows what secrets you’d be telling me now. Maybe about your darkest bedroom fantasies?”

Dee Dee shook his head and chuckled softly, “Oh my..but this will do for starters. I want to know alllll about your sordid dealings with Mr Acmar, and then you’re going to tell me all about your little extortion campaign. If you play your cards right, with my brains, and your skills, we can make a killing literally on Mr Acmar, and drag down his little poison paradise of slime.”

Dee Dee leaned in and placed a long, slow, sensual kiss on Elden’s lips, and he felt a soft tingle – the tea that Dee Dee had drank – its residue was on the boy’s lips, too! And he didn’t want to stop the kiss at all. He was caught. He was trapped. But it wasn’t all bad. Dee Dee was a good kisser, after all.

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

Hair- TRUTH HAIR Xia  (Store)
Ears- Erosin – Serrated Ear Series – Torn (Salem)

Skirt- >glYph< Acolyte (Store)
Caller- .random.Matter. – Wretched Collar (Memento Mori)

Eyeshadow- {Loss} tears&eyes INK .::Cubic Cherry::. (The Nightmare)
Lipstick- Zibska Sorcha Lips (TLC)

.Reckless. – Legend (TMD)

Chair & Curtains- -DRD- Gothic Vampire Bed Set (TLC)
Table & Tea set- -DRD- Black Widow Tea Table (Group Gift)


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