In the Last of Days

Featured Items: E.V.E Broken Chains {The Bomb} & [CX] Spindle Antler (TSS)

You wouldn’t think it to look at me, but I’ve actually been around for quite a long time. I mean, I look like I’m a young man in my prime, or perhaps just coming into it. I’ve chosen to look this way for millennia. Why, you ask? Well, its more fun to look this way than a skeleton, or some over-muscled super-freak with biceps that could knock the moon out of orbit. It feels more like ‘me’ to be honest. Oh yeah, I should tell you my name, I guess, since you’re my audience.

I’ve gone by many names. Most recently, it’s Ralphie. Yeah, I know. It’s kinda strange for an immortal being to be called like that, but I rather like it. Not that I usually am the one to choose what I’m called.  I’ve been named Ares, or the Roman’s decided it should be Mars, and I was known as something far back before the first Neanderthals learned that they weren’t the only ones walking erect.  Death. Yeah, that’s me too. It is probably the most common name, in various languages across the globe, and really, across time and space.

Mortals love to label primal forces of the universe, and try to define us by a given shape and think that perhaps we were given impetuous by the collective unconscious of the minds of the universe. But actually, I was here before them. So where does that leave their theory?

No, I’m not God. But I do have a purpose. Much like my.. let’s call them my brothers and sisters (well, we all manifest as whatever we want, when we feel like it, so – that’s just a term to use for my little narrative here).  There are a dozen of us that we know of, and you could say we’re a pantheon unto ourselves. You might have heard of one of my meddlesome brothers. He runs around in the form of an elf, calling himself Prince of Dreams – Elryn Shenizada. Like me, he mingles with humans and demihumans and related species, or whatever other sentient creatures that we currently are manifesting near.

In the last few thousand years, I have taken up brooding in my ‘lair’, “Death’s Hidey-Hole”, as Elryn likes to call it. The current state of the world really bothers me, though to be honest; it’s pretty much the same as it has always been. There are just a lot more people crowding it than there used to be.

I let my attention wander, and Elryn sort of just projected his visage into space near me, as he will do at times, when he’s bored, or senses that I’m brooding too much.

“What’s troubling you, brother dear? “ Elryn asked.

I gave him a long look, his perfectly straight silken hair was purple today, with little streaks of silver and black in it. He was pale as a vampire, and had pure blue eyes that looked like they had 3 iris rings in them, each ring a different shade of blue, that strobed inwards as he gazed at me.

“Why do you think something is troubling me, El?” I asked him that in what I’m sure I thought was a civil tone, but he cringed and one eye closed while the other narrowed and his projected image shifted back a few feet. “Ouch, you are in a bad mood. “ He said that last in a rather matter of fact way.

“Again, El, what in the world are you talking about?”

He paused and pointed with his chin to look above me. I turned around, and saw that autumn leaves, vines and spiders were blowing around my Fortress, and parts of the Scorpion Throne were floating around in segments. There was a chill air in the room, and a large silver bomb hung in the air behind me. It was a primitive nuclear device, or what they used to call an “Atom Bomb”. Then he spoke a word and a mirror appeared, and I saw that I had taken on the aspect of the Master of the Hunt – Antlers with mighty rings were manifested out of my head. I took a moment to examine myself in the mirror.

And I saw that my brother was also interested in the image. I had dressed myself in the form of a young man (I mentioned this earlier- I prefer being in this incarnation), with tattoos inscribed all over me, wearing electric blue denim jeans, and bare feet with painted black nails. I wore a green hoodie, open in the front, showing off pale skin and my lean physique, and I wore a choker and my brown mane was swept out of my face. I looked like I’d been in a fight, with my jeans torn, and a nasty red wound on my face. I didn’t remember asking for that wound. It puzzled me.

“Were you in a fight, Ral?” El asked me as he manifested the rest of his form. He was wearing a long shimmering white robe with green leaves, outlined in gold, that was patterned all over, with a belt of woven mithril wires clasped at his waist. The robe caressed and outlined his lithe, athletic form, and it fit him almost like a glove, but left some areas less defined than others, and pooled around his feet just enough to hide whether he was wearing shoes. He wore a simple ebon circlet woven of metalic vines and tree branches on his head, elvish in style, patterned in a woodland kingdom style of leaves and stags and the like.

I considered him a moment, and thought about my mood and wondered, “Why would he ask that?“  But the evidence was staring me in the face. “I don’t recall being in a fight, El. But now that you mention it, I’ve been sitting in the dark here in the Fortress and you’d say I have been brooding. “

El summoned the vines and leaves out of the air around me, and they assembled into a throne-like chair next to mine. He sat, and took one of my hands in his. He had purple painted nails and a ring on each of his fingers, and some in his pointed ears.

“I felt a rash of nightmares being loosed on the world, and I had to round a few of them up, myself. That only happens when you’re having a really bad day – it’s been a century or so since that’s happened. SO – Spill – what is it?”

I sighed and growled low, not wanting to be psychoanalyzed by my brother. “You just want to  hear me say it, that I went and got in a dust up with one of our family. “

“Well, Chaos did send out a general mayday a little while ago, which cut off abruptly. “

Chaos, as he liked to call himself, was one of those braggarts that loved to shoot his mouth off and lay claim to the title of Death, since he could make situations fly into a frenzy of non-ordered events, and he reveled in the destruction it could cause.

He was one of our brothers, and I think I’d done something to him.

“El, I’m not sure, but I think I might have.. well.. Put him down. “

El looked at me with grave reserve, as he sat back in his chair, and his eyes took on an alarmed look. “You ended Chaos? But.. Why? How?”

I thought long and hard for a few minutes, trying to reassemble the event .. a vague notion of a fight came into my mind. But, despite my power, Chaos was a formidable force of our kind, and his powers had scrambled my recall of events enough that it seemed like trying to watch a digital recording, when the DVD has a scratch on it, and the screen gets pixilated and wonky- disjointed images devoid of sound or context that flash in and out of perception. “I think he wanted me to kill someone for him.. or end them prematurely. And I said no. I think. And he hit me – hard. So very hard. “

I thought harder, forcing my will to reshape the thoughts into a cohesive train, so that I slowly saw the entire series of events. And El could see them too.

Chaos had struck me hard, and had kept on hitting me, with only the first blow doing any real damage to me. Tainting my vision with my own blood, I sat there, growing angry and I told him to stop, but he wouldn’t, so finally, I lashed out – I opened the Ebon Gate, and fed him to it. And he screamed a silent scream for a moment, and then he was gone- into the Dark Lands.

“It’s shit like this that make me want to just END IT ALL, El.. Just .. turn up the war-chants to 11 and let the universe tear itself apart!”

I think I was actually shaking with rage and grief.

He was quiet for a long time, but he leaned forward and did something he hadn’t done since .. well since way back when. He wrapped me in his arms and hugged me, and kissed my brow. The feel of his lips on my forehead was like a cool breeze and felt like it sucked all the bad feelings out of me. It was a benediction and an absolution for what I’d done. One of his special abilities.

Then he sat down on the edge of his chair, and took my hands in his again, and looked into my eyes. Not many could look into my eyes without flinching.

“It was his choice to let his own nature drive him to do something so rash, to force your hand. It’s certainly not something he should have done. Maybe you could have not lashed out so, but from what I can see, he provoked you in the worst terms. He’s always been jealous about you, and truth to tell, he’s plotted against you for millennia. “

“Yes, well – he always wanted the two of us to tear loose and destroy together – rampage through creation and leave a swath of destruction. I never was too much into whole-sale mayhem, except that one time, waaay waay back when. “

El nodded, and smiled, “We were all a little foot-loose and fancy free, back in the day. But you’re not that young any more, and you do know that Chaos will be replaced – it’s just the one we knew has passed on, and a new manifestation will soon emerge.  “

I looked at El, as he was being so damned rational, and I just wanted to lash out at him now, for being TOO damned forgiving, and TOO damned assuring, and too damned accepting with what I had done.

He smiled at me, and said, “The reason pointing these things out, is that you have to understand that if you cut loose, it will take us Into the Last of our Days. The End Times. Ragnarok. The Big Sleep. No More Reality. And that is what Chaos’ ultimate goal was. He wanted to drive you over the edge. And unleash Never Ending Night on the universe. He had a master plan, hon. And you’re not going to walk right into it, are you? “

The cold, terrible logic of what El had just said struck me like a bucket of ice water would wake a sleeping man back on Earth.

“That little shit,” was all I could say, seeing the logic of it all.

El was quiet, just holding my hand as I took a shuddering breath and swallowed hard.

He knew I had been so close. So … Damned … Close.

“Come on Brother. Time to get you out of here,“ he said, as he stood, and tugged me up to my feet. “No more brooding. Time we walked on the green grass and had some ice cream, eh?”

“Ice cream? Brother, you are just way too human for your own good,” I said with sigh.

“Nah, just taking pleasure in the little things of life. After all, it really is the end times if we can’t enjoy simple pleasures once in awhile.“

He really isn’t that bad of a brother, when it comes down to it.

But I was really not happy about what Chaos had tried to manipulate me into doing. I wasn’t brooding for the moment, but I wasn’t going to let the matter drop either. If he could distort my perceptions, and disrupt my remembrance of events, perhaps he had been distracting me from some other true purpose. I was bound and determined to find out. Even if El was going to get in the way. But instead I’d get El to ride shotgun with me, unless he decided to be too stubborn and not help. But it was a mystery, Like a tale of Holmes and Watson solving a mystery, though I wasn’t sure which of us was which, at this point.

A cosmic murder mystery. What better way for two immortals to spend their time?

So, Little Chaos – you’re just going to have to wait here, in my Hidey Hole, and wait until El and I come back, Ok? I’ll bring you back an ice cream cone if you’re good.

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

Hair- *Drot* -Ash- (Store)
Antlers- [CX] Spindle Antler (TSS)

Jacket/Hoodie- ::GB::Long Hodie & coat (TMD)
Jeans- not so bad . PAOLO jeans (TMD)
Collar- ::GB::Plate Chain Necklace (Memento Mori)

Blemish- v. -slight injury (Memento Mori)

*Bolson – Hanzo (TMD)

Bomb & Chains- E.V.E Broken Chains {The Bomb} (TSS)
Leaves- Kalopsia – Flying leaves (Store)


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