Send Me an Angel

Featured Items: Y-U: MARCO, Bauhaus Movement – Inkie, CM)Mato, // bird’s nest collar, Air_Ciel, [White~Widow] Deepwater, Kirin Poses – Alma (TSS), Zibska – Selise (TLC), & E.V.E Sugarflies (Labyrinth)

Purple and green lightning cascaded between clouds and occasionally a bolt would slam down and strike a building, a tree, or some unfortunate creature. Or so I imagined it must be, by the howls I could hear raging across the streets of Olde Towne. It was hell on earth, as fires raged in some of the buildings, and explosions were going off. Someone had planned a Devil’s Night party, and I’d been invited.

I was dressed in black leather jeans and a biker’s jacket, my brown hair looking black and wet plastered against my head and back, as water streamed over me. My boots were black and military surplus. Yes, I was pretty well decked out to blend into the dark, in my monochromatic garb. But hunting monsters had always been my thing. Until tonight. Tonight, I was the hunted.

My name was Andreas Marl, and I was a survivor. Or so I thought. You have to be self-reliant to get that title, and I’d done ok for myself through my life. It wasn’t until this special evening which I thought, in my hubris, that it was all about me – them catching me – that I had to finally face my mortality. What a blow to my ego to find out I was just a pawn in a larger game.

They had chased me down the dark, wet streets, the rain slashing down, and lightning flaring in the sky like jagged glass that had shattered above. How I managed to stay ahead of those horrible creatures, I’ll never know – except I had my silver amulet – the angel figurine that I had always known as Raphiel, around my neck.

I glanced over my shoulder, and one of them was closing in on me. It was a particularly scary thing. Perhaps it was a demon? If that was the right word. Putrescent green skin covered in boils or lesions, gnarled horns, fangs and claws, purple glowing eyes. The stink of its breath and body were worse than anything a charnel house on a hot Georgia day could generate.  It smelt of death.

I darted down an alleyway, and shot off the lock of a metal door with my pistol. Forcing my way in, I slammed the door behind me, but there wasn’t a way to keep it shut, so I ran deeper into the dry, and silent building, my boots making wet sounds on the dusty concrete, and the occasional crunching sound of loose gravel or a beetle carapace. I could hear the rain pelting down on the roof, and I found that I was inside some old, abandoned parking garage – nothing but a few wrecks or abandoned vehicles from another age seemed to be here. It was eerie.

There was a terrific crashing noise from behind where I’d come from, and a bellow like something out of a Hollywood monster movie – like Predator or the like. But 10 times worse. It chilled my blood, but I kept running. There was a purple putrescent light that was growing behind me, as the beast tracked me down somehow. And then there was the sound of broken glass from above, as another one of the creatures entered from the other end of the building, and I could see more of that horrible purple glow shimmering from that direction.

They were closing fast. I pulled out my pistol again, slammed in a fresh clip, then yanked my sword from its hidden sheath inside my jacket. Its edge started to glow red with anger, as the creatures approached. First one to catch up to me was the one that had come from the alley behind. It loped at me,, it’s growls shattering the air, as it charged. I leveled the pistol at it, and said a prayer, and shot after shot from my steady hand scored on the things body.  Most of them caromed off its thick and nasty hide, or else didn’t seem to phase it.

So as it came into range, and swiped its enormous long clawed arm at me, I ducked under rolled past it, and cut at its hamstrings  as I passed. It screamed as my enchanted blade bit deep, and  for a moment I thought I had a chance. Then the thing backhanded me somehow, and my controlled tuck and roll turned into a bowling ball wildly hopping lanes as I slammed into an old brown Plymouth that had seen its prime 40 years ago.

I dented its door with my back, and the wind was knocked out of me, as well as my pistol. Somehow, I’d retained my enchanted blade, Firefang. It was trying to pump energy into my aching body, to keep me alive. A pulse and I suddenly could draw breath, and I thanked it mentally, as the beast came limping towards me at an ungainly speed. I could see its twin loping now from the far end of the structure towards us.

They called out to each other, as the wounded one charged at me, and I leapt over the car at the last moment, up, over, and behind it, and the beast rammed headlong into the old sturdy Plymouth. The impact lifted the vehicle off the ground a few inches before it crashed down and the beast fell backwards, having left one of its horns stuck in the steel door of the old tank.

Hell’s bells – that could have been ME crunched up and impaled there.  I leaped back over the car, and came down with a surgical slash, and cut the creature’s neck deep, Firefang fairly singing in my hands as it happened. The beast was fast though, and as I landed, and before it gurgled its last, its hand swiped at me and connected, sending me slamming into a concrete pillar, and I heard a sickening snap in my leg. I crumpled down as the pain hit and it was all I could do not to scream in my frustration and pain.

And the other beast was almost there.

Hellz Bellz indeed. Someone hated me. Really bad. And to make it worse, more answering yowels and hoots and roars sounded from around the structure, more glass shattered, more doors were battered in, as I watched demon #2 slowing its gait, sniffing is dying comrade. It screamed a horrible roar at the sight of its mate, perhaps, passing, and the cacophony of the others that had just entered was nearly deafening.

They had surrounded the place. I was in some deep shit.

As one will do in a foxhole, I started to pray, holding the figurine of Raphiel in my cupped hands. “I know we don’t always see eye-to-eye, but I’ve tried to do right in my life, and by others. I really need some help. Please. “ Yeah.. I prayed my ass off.

As the beasts circled around me and started to take pleasure in watching their prey helpless, I was so astonished, that something strange happened at the final moment . It was as if another door opened, but this one in the air above me. Large white wings spread wide arched above me, as a light of warmth beamed down from above, from this figure that descended and landed hard on the floor beside my prone form. He was barefoot and luminescent, with a cloud of butterflies surrounding him, and those beautiful wings seemed to fold inwards, and vanish, as the figure stood over me, protectively.

He was something from heaven above. Literally.

His pale skin was flawless, and he looked slim and beautiful, dressed only in a white skirt that rode low on his hips. He wore a black leather cord tied at his waist, at the wrists and his neck as well, each with star shaped flowers bound to them. His body was toned, and skin flawless, with delicate, lacy tattoos accenting and drawing the eyes across his chest and shoulder, wrists and lower biceps. Multiple golden piercings were in his ears, and his strange and mesmerizing eyes were accented by golden tinting around his eyes.

His hair was white, being drawn into 3 tightly woven plaited rows against the top of his head.  A golden framework fanned out from behind, with feathered wings emerging from either side of his head. His nails were a starry night black, and they looked both nimble and strong.  He stood over me, and I looked up, seeing his eyes were different colors, the left was blue and the right was green. He had a little necklace or choker made of woven vines, and I could see his lips were soft and pink and I wondered what wisdom was going to come from them.

And oddly enough, the reason I knew he was an angel, and not some simply gorgeous earthbound creature, was his complete command of the room, as he stood there, in a relaxed stance, surrounded as we were by the 6 beasts.

He reached down and cupped my chin, and smiled, his white teeth gleaming in the soft light of the room, most of that light seeming to come from his own self. A diffuse glow radiated from his body, and I could feel it like gentle sunlight on my face.

I could barely breathe, as he smiled down at me, the pain in my leg seeming less than it was, simply from that smile. He uttered a few words, “Hush now, I’m here. “ And then he turned and leapt at the nearest beast, his hands penetrating deep into its chest, as if ripping through paper. In less than an eyeblink, he had ripping out something that looked like a black shiny wet lump of cooked meat, and he threw it away, and the first beast collapsed. In that moment, the others all leapt from their respective positions.

All but one. It stood behind where I was. I still gripped Firefang, and it was being wary about approaching me. Perhaps it wanted to make sure that the 4 others could kill the angel. Perhaps it wanted to just make me pee my pants. I don’t know. Neither of those things happened, however. And I am rather proud of both.

The angel was a blur of power and grace, conservation of motion, as he systematically tore the head off one, while disemboweling another. The third leapt on his back and tried to rend him with its horrible claws, and pustules on its skin erupted and coated the glowing angel with its pestilence. Or tried to. It was like water hitting a hot frying pan – it simply turned into little puffs of smoke that left the angel’s skin unblemished.  

And Raphiel – the Angel – Grabbed the creature’s arms, forcing it away from his body, and then using it as a flail against the 4th.  The two demons wound up almost tangled in one another’s horns and claws, while the angel leveled on hand at them, and a ray of blue white light that was accompanied by the sound of the heavenly host singing at full volume filled the room. And the two creatures simply withered like a time-lapse film. They shriveled and mouldered to dust in moments.

The 5th one decided to leap on me, as the blinding light came, but FireFang saved me there, and when it landed on me, my sword rammed up through its jaw, into its skull, and came out the top, splitting it like a melon. I doubt I could have done that on my own, but its bulk and the force of its fall did all the work for me. I was just damned glad my arm-bones didn’t shatter from the force.  But now I was covered in ichor. And it stank and it burned.

Raphiel lifted the carcass off of me, and picked me up in his arms, like he was carrying a child. As I basked in his radiance, he sang to me, and the disgusting fluids seemed to change to butterflies and flower petals. And I felt no pain.“Th..Thank you.. “ I stuttered.

Raphiel smiled and carried me outside, and his wings spread, “I’m taking you home now, Andrea. You’ve earned your reward. Sleep now. “

At this point, I don’t know if I’m alive or not. But it’s been a beautiful place to recuperate – if this is heaven. Sometimes your prayers are answered. Sometimes you are sent an angel, just when you need one.

But I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of me in the future.

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

Hair- Y-U: MARCO (TSS)

Skirt- =Zenith=Druid Long Dress (Store)
Necklace/Bracelets- Bauhaus Movement – Inkie (TSS)
Choker- CM)Mato, // bird’s nest collar (TSS)
Head Wings- Air_Ciel (TSS)

Eyeshadow- Zibska – Selise (TLC)

[White~Widow] Deepwater (TSS)

Butterflies- E.V.E Sugarflies (Labyrinth)

Pose: Kirin Poses – Alma (TSS)


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