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The Ghoul of the Looking Glass was a creature of the darker recesses of the supernatural world. He would seek out the vain and the evil and the dark of spirit. He was a creature of spectra, of all colors and none.

Legend has it that he was once a beautiful boy, that was captured by his own reflection – such perfection of form, skin, and hue, like Adonis of the Greek myth – so beautiful that he inspired passion in all that beheld him.

The stories say that when he was but a mortal and in his early prime, he would spend hours upon hours simply watching himself in the mirror, enamored and wishing that he could have a double of himself as a lover – truly so he could be with the most beautiful creature in his world.

Days would pass, and he would lay with himself, surrounded by mirrors: floor wall and ceiling. He would imagine having lurid affairs, touching himself in that special way.

But he was not so enamored of himself that he did not realize he was mortal, and so he delved into ways to keep himself young and vital, and to search for the answers to preserve his perfection through all time.

He threw himself into the studies of the arcane, and upon chance, contacted a friendly spirit that helped him to yet more powerful sources. He began experimenting, and even managed to enthrall the helpful spirit, to keep its services and advice.

A year passed, and then two, and then five more, until the young man and his spirit thrall found a special artifact that could ensure his immortality, and an unending state of beauty.

They found the Specularum of Elder Gods, an artifact from an older world, an age of magicks and power unseen in our day and age. The spirit counseled caution, but was optimistic that they could tap the power of this Elder god artifact.

So the boy and the spirit studied and experimented, with little success, until one night, during the full moon, writing appeared on the mirror, as if someone had fogged the mirror and scribed the runes of power onto its misted over surface.  The runes would not last long, but just long enough to be copied by the boy.

The captive spirit and the boy studied the runes, and found yet more runes every night of the full moon, for the next 11 months. Each successive group of runes gave additional pieces to this puzzle, until finally, they were complete. They had the formula and the means to activate the Specularum of the Elder Gods. The spirit was suspicious of the source of these instructions, and felt there were missing runes that would provide context or information on exactly what this ritual or spell they had been assembling would do. But without further information, experimentation was the only way to know.

So, on the 13ths full moon, they cast the spell, performing the ritual on a night which promised storms, but at the moment, the moon was shining full and clear, the night sky only thunderous in the distance, near the horizon. They were up on the mountain where they had found the mirror, and it was a cold night at that.

As the spell reached its climax, the mirror sprang to life, glowing with an unholy light. The boy smiled and touched its cool surface, and found it felt like water, and rippled like that as well. And he could now see another world on the other side of the mirror, his reflection was reduced to that of an after image in its surface, though the spirit looked more solid than the boy!

On the other side, he could see a mountain dell, with what appeared to be a swirling of red ribbons, as if a festive silk streamer had been caught in the wind. It was fluttering around a field of what looked like spider lilies. The spirit approached the mirror’s aperture, and placed its ghostly hand on it, and to both the boy’s and the spirit’s surprise, it was sucked into the other side!

The boy was awed and frightened, as he watched the red ribbons suddenly stop their lazy flights andt struck like vipers at the spirit, piercing it, impaling it, feeding off of it! And the ribbons cocooned around the spirit’s body like it were solid. The Spirit screams in anguish and pain, as the ribbon creature lashed around it like some terrible serpent nest.

The boy turned to run but the tendrils of blood ribbons struck through the mirror at the movement, and snaked around his neck! They yanked him backwards, hauling him back towards the mirror, as more ribbons tried to to do him, what had happened to the spirit on the other side. The ribbons flailed around him, striking his perfect skin like serpents, leaving little cuts here and there, as he was drawn backwards towards the mirror’s opening. He gasped for breath, getting weaker and weaker until he grasped a rock and threw it at the mirror’s opening. The rock struck what seemed like a hard surface and rebounded. For some reason the rock couldn’t pass the aperture?

The boy grabbed another rock and hurled it even harder. This time, there was a scream from the ribbon creature, as fractures in the mirror formed. Where the mirror fractured on the image of the  blood ribbons coming through the mirror, it cut them in two, leaving them severed like earth worms squirming on either side, but still alive.

The boy fell to the ground, and he too screamed, as fractures appeared in his reflection, and the power of the mirror surged to deal with this threat – not by destroying the boy, but yoking him to its power, as the spell had awoke its nascent intelligence, and the purpose of the spell became apparent – as the mirror shown its light, healing its own surface, and locked the image of the boy into itself – the mirror had just acquired itself a new servitor and guardian to do its will.

As the mirror’s light struck him, he screamed as out of his back, fragments of mirror shards sprouted, like vestigial wings,, and his beautiful eyes were pierced by mirror glass as well. The blood ribbons struck at the bloody places that had just opened on the boy, and forced some of themselves inside, but the magics of the mirror did something to them.. And the blood ribbons became one with the boy, becoming extensions of his new body.

It was a terrible price to become one with the ancient gods’ mirror. For now, he was not just himself, he was a creature of light and blood. And he had a craving for it now. And he had to serve the mirror up its bloody tribute.

And so every night of the full moon, he would look through the Mirror of the Elder Gods, into those mundane mirrors of the mortal world, and seek out the vain and dark of spirit. And he would woo them with promises of pleasures of the flesh and promises of immortality.

And he would collect them, love them. And then drain them of light and blood.

The Ghoul of the Specularum would then resume his former beauty, if only for the rest of the night. And he could stare at his reflection, or have those that he chose, stare at him as well. Until he would take their eyes. And take their light.

Beware loving yourself too much in the mirror, and beware wanting to be immortal. For the price is sometimes high, as the boy found out.

And you could find yourself staring back at the reflection of the Ghoul of the Looking Glass.

~Dehrynn Shepherd

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Ribbons- .::Cubic Cherry::. {Aarya} (Memento Mori)
Glass Shards & Blood- CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Blind Angel (Memento Mori)

Bloody Lip- .ARISE. Blood Lip (Memento Mori)

Mirror- {anc} Looking-glass. {magic mirror} DAYDREAM RARE (Salem)
Flowers- anc “silence” spider lily (TMD)


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