I’m Broken

Featured Items: .::Cubic Cherry::. {Loss} tears&eyes BLOODY, Scars/Staples- CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Shattered Existence (The Nightmare), & Trees- Rekt Halloween Tree (SaNaRae)

It happened in bright flashes, between cold eternities of darkness.

First it had been the explosion in the basement that had shattered the building.  He remembered gasping, and trying to claw his way out. His whole body hurt. Then the ceiling caved in, and he blacked out. Then.. FLASH

Get them all! Get everything into the basket! Don’t leave out one scrap! We don’t have much …

Darkness enveloped him. And then FLASH.

I don’t care if you have to tap your own arm.. we need more O Neg now! We’re running out of…

Darkness again, like a horrible abyss. And then FLASH.

Sutures! I don’t give a … all right, give me staples, and superglue! NOW!

Then he fell down once more into that awful abyss, but he wasn’t so far down, and he could ‘see’ a pinpoint of light somewhere, and faint sounds like at the end of a very long snaking tunnel. But it was getting cold now. Much colder.

And then .. the light rushed up at him again FLASH!


And a double flash, and pain –

Beeeeeeeeeeeep Beep Beeep Beeeep Beeeep Beeep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

The darkness this time was not all harsh and cold, but now it was like being in a warm blanket, and his dreams were strange. He was sitting in a warm room, looking outside at snowfall in Winter, a fire crackling in the fireplace, a patchwork quilt over his legs, and he was sitting in an overstuffed recliner, with a sliding table in his lap, doing a jigsaw puzzle of himself.

He couldn’t find all the pieces, but beside him, in a wooden chair, was sitting that damned Elf, Elryn Shenizada – the one that had always ‘invaded’ his dreams, and sometimes he’d seen glimpses of in what he’d always considered hallucinations in reality.

The elf was wearing a latex lab coat, sitting next to Del’s chair, his long black mane shimmering in the soft firelight. He toyed with a strand over his chest, as he contemplated the puzzle pieces..

When he moved, Del noticed that the coat would show gaps, and suddenly realized the elf was naked under that latex lab coat. He blushed at the thought, and got furious at his blush. He then noticed that the elf had on thick black latex gloves, which one might use for electrical work. He was somehow easily picking up puzzle pieces and manipulating them into the puzzle, even with those ridiculously sausage sized fingers. The gloves made stiff scrunching sounds as he flexed his fingers, and the labcoat had that squeak sound of latex against skin when he moved.

“Such a pretty picture this will make, once we complete the work, “ he was saying, as he smiled. His face was pretty, angular, with a small, narrow nose, dazzling gray-green tilted eyes, and tanned skin. He was athletic of build, in that slender elven way, and he kept showing the tattoos and flesh on the inside of his lab coat, his nipples glinting with the silver piercings inside.

The elf seemed oblivious to his current state, while Del was sitting in his almost Victorian pajamas, with his shaded silver mane conspiring to cover most of his face. His velvet robe had voluminous sleeves that hid his arms. He flapped his hands, but the sleeves wouldn’t roll back.

“What is this.. Why can’t I see myself? And why are YOU here? What the hell are you doing in my dreams,” he inquired in an almost sullen voice.  “I feel like I’m being smothered here, but .. strangely, I’m sort of comfortable.” That last he said as he was curiously feeling rather euphoric,  as a feeling of relaxation started to settle in. He dropped the puzzle piece to the table, and the piece glided down like a leaf falls from a tree, to settle in perfectly. It completed part of his face.

His cheek was a line of bloody tears and cuts; a patchwork of flesh stapled back into place. It was as if he were looking through a broken window at himself, instead of at a partial picture..

He wasn’t too alarmed however, since this was a dream, or possibly nightmare.

“That looks like me. In that picture, “ he said in a drowsy voice. “I’m Broken. “ he said, as he tilted his head lazily, and the lethargy kept invading him.

“Hmmm,” the elf said as he made a concerned sound, crossing his arms over his chest, and settled another piece onto the puzzle with the flick of his wrist. “I guess you could say I’m here because .. I kind of owe you. And I’m trying to help keep you here. You’re in my realm after all. The dreamworld. But only in the Shadowland border.”

Del furrowed his brow, the annoyance at the cryptic answer seemed to rouse him a little from his lethargy. “You.. mean that I’m .. not really in my own dream, but I’m in some kind of dreamworld you control? That’s just.. Silly. “

The elf smiled a soft, apologetic smile. “That about sums it up, though you have some measure of control here, as well as I do, I’m just really good at it, and have been doing this for millennia.”

“They don’t call you the Dream Prince for a reason, and I want.. Want to know that reason right now.. Why am I here?“ The younger man said, as he tried to reach up and move his hair. More pieces flew by themselves from the edges of the puzzle, and settled in to make a broader picture visible of the stapled and wounded face.

Elryn Shenizada rubbed his chin, shrugged, and made the latex gloves vanish. His long, elegant fingers now made motions in the air, as he spoke a few words in the elven tongue. Del’s outfit slowly changed from the victorian robe to a black sweater with a white shirt underneath, a string of black beads on a necklace, laying against his partially exposed chest appeared. There were horrible wounds, as if his hands had been crudely severed at the wrists, and his neck had been partly severed as well, along with so many cuts, like someone had tried to peel his face off in strange puzzle shapes, and then stapled them back on. His eyes were blood red – not just the iris but the entire eye, looking demonic in their gaze.

Elryn swallowed softly, but he didn’t lose his smile, as he reaches out and touched Del’s hand gently. The flesh seemed warm and comforting to Del, but he slowly withdrew his hand from the elf’s.

Elryn spoke more of the elfin mystic words, directing a finger towards the puzzle, and all of the pieces flew in to complete the picture in a moment’s flutter of puzzle pieces. and then, all of the puzzle shapes vanished into a smooth picture, that softly shimmered to become a mirror. Del could now see the extent of ‘reconstruction’ that had happened to himself.

“What.. happened to me,“ Del said in soft horror, looking down, now that the lethargy seemed to have evaporated from him.

“I must apologize, Del – I tried to keep you asleep longer, so you could have time to heal and adjust. But – well.. You’re already this far into waking up – your will is just too strong to be diverted when you want to wake up, it would seem. “

“But.. but.. My eyes!! Why are they red! Gods, I look like some kind of Frankenstein’s Monster! Or demonic thing from a Kruger film!”

Elryn was silent a moment, his eartips seeming to droop with the burden of what the young man was going through, but then pursed his lips with resolve, and said softly, “Do you want the truth, or you want me to tell you some elaborate story and keep you asleep now? It’s up to you. I can do either. “

Del furrowed his brows, and pointed an almost accusing finger at the elf, and sparks started to flicker from his long, black fingernails. The elf didn’t quite flinch, but he gave Del a cautious look. Del spoke in a cold, calm voice, “Stop lying to me, and give it to me straight. You’ve come this far, so SPILL.”

The elf squared himself up with Del, and his outfit changed to that of a black sweater, over a black silk shirt and linen trousers, with a long leather duster, and a pentacle amulet at his throat that gleamed with small jewels inset into each point, inset into a silver frame. His long black mane tumbled shimmering down his back, with a silver circlet on his forehead, a single lavender jewel set in the front. His expressive mouth seemed compressed with his determination, as he started to speak in a low, but clear soft voice.

“You were in an an attack – an explosion. It was caused by a demon that targeted you. It wanted to possess you, apparently. However, when the spirit tried to possess you, you fought back, and somehow, beat it and absorbed it into yourself. At least from what I can tell. The Demon’s mind seems to be missing now, like you killed it’s motivating spirit when you stole its power. Anyway, that power is how you survived. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this chat.“

Del blinked and pulled a disbelieving face,  holding up a hand to forestall any more of this bizarre story from the handsome elf. Elryn’s voice trailed off, and he sat back in his chair.

Del put his head in his hands, but winced at the staples under his fingertips and hissed, then glanced down at his hands and the blood that was seeping from the wounds, and reaching up to touch the oozing wounds at his neck.

“Why do I look like Frankenstein,” Del finally asked.

“Monster,” Elryn replied.

“What?” Del said, annoyed, but not quite following.

“Monster. Frankenstein was the scientist who built the monster. So you want to know why you look like the monster, right?“

Del narrowed his eyes and hissed in anger, annoyance and frustration – a burst of red energy flashed from his eyes and struck the elf like a charging bull, wiping the smug look off, and the wild expression of upset made Del smile. It sent him tumbling him from his chair, arms and legs, flailing, but then he seemed to compose his tumble, and smoothly, elegantly, stopped and then rose to a graceful stand. “I guess I had that coming,” he muttered, before glancing at Del, “Now.. Hey, calm down.. You can channel a lot of mojo now.”

“Calm down?!” Del sputtered. “DAMNIT! Look at me!!” His eyes started to seethe with power, and smoke started to curl up from his tear ducts and wreath him in an unholy light. “You ARROGANT ass, “ he shouted, anger seething from him, “DON’T you DARE tell ME to calm DOWN!”

Elryn held up his hands in a defensive gesture, as he slowly approached again, as he resumed his seat beside the young man. “Yes – CALM DOWN, Del – consider this. You’ve been given a second chance. And you have new found power – granted it’s a bit volatile, and you’ll have to learn how to master it, but I can help you with that.“

“But.. what about.. About .. THIS!” he gestured at himself, and the patchwork of his body.

“You will heal – this – all of this.. Will heal!” He said, as he reached out to take the younger man’s hand. “You have wounds that will have scars, but I’m outside tending you right now, and you will survive and thrive. You just need time to heal, and you’ll be.. “ he stopped himself for a moment, then grinned, “you’ll be a sexy beast soon enough. The daemonic energy is going to make you whole and complete again, it’s just going to take time to heal all the wounds, to body and soul.“

Del frowned and huffed, as he slowly calmed down, and the elf handed him a black cotton handkerchief, dabbing at his eyes, and sighing. “You are an insufferable ass, you know?”

“Yes, I know Del,” Elryn said as he smirked, but squeezed his hand affectionately. “Why do you think I’ve been watching over you for all these years? You’re kind of special. And now, even more so.” And then, as if to distract, he gestured at the table, and the mirror vanished, and it was now a collection of puzzle boxes. “If you want, we can do a different puzzle, or I can send you into a dream with lots of hot boys, a wrestling ring, and some baby oil? Or mud! They can wrestle in the mud!”

Del’s cheeks blushed as the thought seemed to trigger an image of a bunch of college boys started – they started to materialize, wrestling in mud on a large mat. “No!! No!! Not with you watching! AGH! Stop it! “

“Actually, Del, “ Elryn started to say, when the red-eyed boy gave him a furious look. “Okay okay! “ and Elryn waved his hands and the image vanished like smoke.

“Just.. “ Del started to say, in a softer tone, “Just .. tell me a bedtime story, and then, stay with me while I sleep. I want to just dream normal for a while, and then..when I’m ready, I want to wake up and face what I’ve become. Can you.. Help with that?”

Elryn reached out again, taking Del’s hands in both of his, and nodded slowly. “Yes.. I can do that.” He slipped over, just as the chair became a large, overstuffed couch, with a fluffy quilt, that the elf drew over Del’s shoulders, as the younger man pillowed himself against the elf’s body, and sighed. He was rapidly getting sleepy, and the elf had started to hum a tune that seemed to help him drift off.

“You’re not so bad, elf, “ he muttered as he smacked his lips, and drifted off, a smile on his lips, as Elryn sang in soft tones, a tale of tragedy and triumph in the elven tongue, stroking Del’s hair,

“Sleep, child, and dream only good things. I’ll watch over you. “

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

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Hair- =DeLa*= “Dorothy” (Store)

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Bloody Eyes- .::Cubic Cherry::. {Loss} tears&eyes BLOODY (The Nightmare)

Scars/Staples- CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Shattered Existence (The Nightmare)

Trees- Rekt Halloween Tree (SaNaRae)


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  2. What head was used for this? because its not the TMP one and I haven’t been able to find any other male one that has such beautiful skin for it


    • it’s actually a system head. I’m way too picky about mesh heads and have yet to find one that I will wear but the skin is .:Soul:. Dominic with the eyebrows violetta. -male eyebrows 02 & Clemmm – Curtain Lashes if that helps any


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