Who Said I was Sweet?

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The room was mostly quiet as he walked in, barefoot, the plush carpet feeling good on his naked feet. His toes sank in and he curled them for a moment, making little fists in the plush pile. It was a very pleasurable sensation, as he started to disrobe.

The room was rather modern in design, with black steel, glass, and deep red being some of the color choices, accented with images or actual flowers – roses – here and there. There were actual plants in vases with the long stemmed and thorny petals, photos, and paintings. There was also lengths of shiny stainless steel or silver chain along the walls, at about waist height, that gave a certain… feel to the room. He always liked how this room made him tingle.

He cast his shirt and pants into a pile near the laundry basket in the corner, and then stopped by the dresser, where a bowl was stationed to receive his jewelry. He took off a necklace with a blood-red stone set in a circle of silver, the chain being a series of miniature steel chain of silver. He removed a number of rings from each finger, and various bracelets from his wrists.

He was soon totally naked, and his luxurious long mane of blond locks tumbled down his body, softly caressing his chest and back. He headed for the minibar just outside his bedroom.

He fixed himself a glass of some smokey looking alcoholic treat, with 2 ice-cubes that were clunked into the glass right before he poured in the liquor. He swirled the glass, and then took a long sip, and lifted his chin to the ceiling, letting the liquor burn smoothly down his throat. And then, he looked down and let out a long, relieved sigh. He smiled and licked his lips, and walked with swaying hips back into the bedroom.

He stopped a moment, and grabbed his fur stole from the rack next to his wardrobe, and very much enjoyed its soft textures, and the silver metal tip’s cool touch against his skin, as he let it draped it on part way, before he padded his way to the bathroom. It felt good on his skin, but he didn’t wear it for long, instead hanging it on a hook by the vanity.

He licked his lips after one more sip, and left the glass on the vanity, then moved into the shower. He leaned in, and turned on the hot water, adjusting the balance, until the steam to start boiling up from the spray and patter produced by the shower-head. He made sure the heat was right, before he grabbed a sponge and a bottle of bodywash, and stepped directly under the showerhead.

The heat was stimulating, as the water rained down on him, wetting his lush mane, and it clung alluringly to his chest and shoulders. He looked upwards and closed his eyes, like he was letting it caress him, the fingers of water sluicing over him, and sliding all the way down. It was like the fingers of an invisible lover, worshiping all the parts of him. He grinned a naughty smile, at the thought of what he’d do to that lover if he were in the shower, or what he’d make them do.

He began to soap himself, slowly, thoroughly, from neck to toe, and front to back. He took his time, with long languorous strokes, enjoying the slightly rough feel of the sponge. And then, he just leaned his head under the shower head and let the hot water beat on his back, the steam rolling off his shimmering body.

Eventually, he took a deep breath and turned the water off, before he stepped out onto the mat. He stretched and grinned, and took up the plush white towel he had hanging on the rack outside that clear glass booth, thinking of himself pressed against the glass.. He rubbed himself lightly all over, first his hair,then progressing downwards. He eventually wrapped the towel around his waist and tucked it so it clung low on his hips, before he grabbed his fur stole, again, and draped it over one shoulder. He took up another towel, and wrapped it around hair like a turban, and padded over to the vanity. He used his hand to wipe down the long mirror, as the condensation had fogged it quite well, until his hand squeegied it away.

And then he stared at himself – his chest glistening with beaded water, the fur stole and silver tip gliding over his skin, and his nipples hard in the cooler air. He felt clean and revived after the long trip. He picked up the glass with the dark liquor, and sipped more from it, letting its smoky flavor further enhance his mood.

In the other room, his cell started to buzz, and he frowned, before he slowly padded his way to the bedroom, giving his backside a last naughty glance in the mirror, swathed as it was in the towel-kilt, but it didn’t leave a lot to the imagination how nice it looked.

He made it to his phone just when the voicemail was kicking in, so he waited for the little buzz to tell him there was a message, tapped the icon on the screen, and listened.

It was his agent, telling him he’d been scheduled for another gig later in the week. And then there was another message from one of his content managers. He tapped it, and the message was that of a young man, enthusiastically stating how well the current track was doing on the market. “You gotta understand the impact your voice has. And your image – beautiful! You are so sweet!  Anyway, that’s the news- thought you should know. Call me back. BEEEP!”

As the message played, he slowly let his towel drop from his hips, as he sipped more of the liquor. He looked down at his body, and he was quite … happy. He licked the insides of his teeth in pleasure and shook his head, his damp hair coming loose from the bound up towel, as it, too slid off onto the bedroom floor. He lowered himself onto the bed, and started to shift and squirm into the middle of that soft and wonderful playground, letting the textures of the silk sheets, and the fur stole further tantalize his body.

“Who said I was sweet, “ he smirked, as he lay there, letting his hands start to move over his body. He was looking up at this nearly naked form in the mirror on the ceiling above. It was strange, looking down at himself, but it was a kinky feeling that turned him on. He was beautiful, and sexy, and he felt a shiver run through him, as he sighed and growled and slipped the fur over his skin, enhancing the feelings coursing through his frame. He wasn’t going to bed any time soon.

“Yeah.. who the hell said I was sweet… “

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair- pr!tty – Anya (Shiny Shabby)

Fur- ::GB::Offshoulder White fur RARE (Store)
Stole- *May’s Soul* The crow. Stole (Store)

Eyeshadow- Zibska ~ Sayuri (Store)
Lipstick- Clemmm – Tired Glitter Lips (Store)

Chains- E.V.E Chained to the First Kiss (L&F)


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