Children Behave

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The house was quiet, except for Johnny’s terrified rapid breathing, as he heard the rhyme coming from the outside his window. Was this some twisted Nightmare? No, he was definitely awake. He wished it was a nightmare, but this wasn’t a Wes Craven production.

He’d been unable to open the doors or windows of his house since the blood-moon rose in the night sky. There had been little warning before things went strange – scary fucking strange. Sure, there had been an unscheduled eclipse of the sun at midday. It had lasted an entire hour.But it hadn’t been the moon. They couldn’t explain it. But how did that have anything to do with him?

The night before, he’d made it home just after midnight and everything had seemed ok. But he’d had nightmares where something had happened to that boy after he left, whom he’d been making out with. Like some stalker had killed him or something. Terrible! But just a dream. He’d been so high he could barely remember.

A thick fog had rolled in outside, and the red-light of the autumn moon was making it that much creepier, and he was so scared!  His attempts at leaving the house by conventional means were prevented by some strange force. Johnny had even tried putting an axe to the large plate glass window – but it had rebounded like a nerf bat had struck it. The same for the doors, and walls.

He was a prisoner in his own house.

And then the rhyme had started. Over and over it repeated from outside the house.

“One, Two – Ralphie’s gonna find youuuuu…”

This whole thing was freaking him out, so Johnny went upstairs, to his bedroom facing the street, hoping he could signal someone. He wrote the words “H E L P – I  AM TRAPPED” on the bedroom windows in large red spray-painted letters, but no one seemed to notice that passed. Some folks even had waved at him and kept on walking or driving by.

Johnny had tried his landline, and his cellphone, tried to call 9-1-1, but the phones were dead and his internet seemed to be out.

So, he did what any sane person would do. He cowered in the closet. It was where he’d gone when he was a kid, to hide from his bully of a brother. The mean one.

He had his head in his hands, and just shook his head, his ponytail swishing against his shoulders.  Johnny was almost too handsome, with high cheekbones, vibrant green eyes, his mouth framed by a goatee, and his shoulder-length mop of chestnut hair, accented with a blue ribbon that pulled it back into a nice full ponytail.

His lips were compressed, in distress. Usually, however, anyone that saw him knew that he used those lips in many ways that were just for his own pleasure. When he smiled,it looked good and charmed people. When he kissed, his companions swooned. And he knew how to say things that would get him into most people’s pants. And he knew what to do with his lips when he got into their pants.

There was a sound downstairs, of the front door opening and closing, its hinges squealing like nails on a chalkboard, before it slammed shut, hard.

“Three, Four – Walking through your dooooor!”

The voice making the sound, was almost like a child’s voice from one of those horror movies. Trying to sound sweet, but sounding creepy as hell.

So, whatever had been outside, was now INSIDE, and his stomach seemed to drop. He felt like he was going to throw up. But why was it happening to him?

There were sounds of bare feet on the hard wood floors, and then on the steps from downstairs, coming upwards.

“Five, Six -. Get some candle sticks!”

The power winked out, and he was REALLY in the dark now. He grabbed for his camping flashlight and it seemed to flicker like the batteries were dead. What was this ! He tried using his cell-phone for a light, then, and even its power flickered and went out. And the steps sounded like they were right outside in the hallway – right on the other side of the bedroom door. He heard what sounded like the rhythmic shuffling of feet – not a dance, so much as – something with a definite pattern. Hopscotch? Whoever was outside his bedroom was playing hopscotch?

“Seven, Eight – You’re up way too late!”

He’d locked the door, and put a chair up under the handle, but looking through the slats in the closet door out into his bedroom, he could see the doorknob twist and turn with no effort, and then the chair seemed to move , as if by an unseen force, to move the obstruction. It glided to the side, and the door opened.

And there, in the doorway was a strange young man – it looked as if he had heavy makeup around his eyes, making them look almost like hollow sockets, save that there were milk-white eyeballs in them. His platinum hair was laced with flowers, and his skin very pale. As if from some illumination from an old bible, a strange halo rose behind his head and moved as he did. It provided a ghostly illumination around him, as if a spotlight were on him from an unknown source. He was barefoot, dressed in dark pants, a white long sleeve shirt, and suspenders. Tattoos covered each of his hands and forearms and he carried a dirty and ragged child’s stuffed toy.

The figure seemed to look from side to side, and then tip toed through the room, looking under the bed, then under the desk, and finally coming to stand in front of the closet.

Johnny was so freaked out, he had to cover his mouth with his hand, to stop from screaming. This looked like the boy from last night, sort of, but not like him either. But the hair! The clothing! The tats! What had his name been? Randall? Rudolf? He couldn’t remember. But could this be him?

He’d gotten what he wanted, and the boy had enjoyed it all, right? Not that it mattered. They’d both been too inebriated to have remembered much of anything, right?. But how did this thing find him here? And why did he track Johnny down – why was he doing this?

“Nine Ten –  Never be bad againnnn, ” the ghostly boy said outside the closet door, placing his hand on it, and pushing – the hinges creaking as the door slid open.

Johnny’s eyes went wider and he cringed back, “Whaaat! What d-d-do you w-w-ww-ant! “

“Didn’t you know? I’m here to play a game with you!” The pale boy said, as he smiled huge, showing his teeth, pale and white and sharp. “Its called break the bad boy! Isn’t that right, Mr Giggles? “ The boy raised up the floppy eared rag-doll and to Johnny’s horror, the doll raised its head and nodded, with a mouthful of shark’s teeth grinning back at him. “Oh my yes, Master Ralphie – and Johnny’s been a very very bad boy. “

As the doll leaped on the cowering boy, like some quasit demonling from myth, Johnny remembered that he’d left the boy from last night passed out by himself at the train-tracks. They’d watched the moon rise, the stars had come out, and they’d fooled around. Johnny had gone too far, done things he shouldn’t have. They’d argued,

He remembered the boys name now. It was Renny. How had he not remembered that?

Johnny had hit Renny with a rock,when the argument went bad, and that had stopped his protesting. He wondered, briefly, if the blood from the head-wound was actually that bad – they said that scalp wounds bleed superficially. Now he could see that after he’d left him-Renny had died from blood loss and head trauma.

Strange that he was seeing that now in something like a moment of clarity. But how was that his fault, and why was he dwelling on it now, when a creature from hell was gnawing at his throat.

“Nine-Ten – Never be bad againnnnnnn” Ralphie, the spirit of vengeance, repeated the rhyme while taking grim satisfaction in Johnny’s last moments, making him realize what he’d done, and that he was facing the consequences of his actions.

Ralphie watched Mr Giggles tear into the nasty man, and then turned his face upwards. He spoke to the spirit of Renny. “Vengence has been done. Rest easy now.”

~Dehrynn Shepherd

Mesh- TMP Deluxe Body (Store)
Hair- Love [Hello Heartache] (TFC)

Shirt/Pants- ::GB:: Henley shirt & stripe susupender pants  (TMD)
Flowers- *N*SweetAutumnClematis (TFC)
Halo- {Zee} halo .::Cubic Cherry::. (TFC)
Bunny- *Drot* Antique Stuffed Rabbit (TFC)

Eyeshadow- IGOTIT – Lexa Tattoo (TFC)

.Inhale. Creeper  (Shiny Shabby)


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