2007 was a Good Year

“They’ll be here any minute,” Lyle said, as he fussed with his lens. “Just be patient.”

D.S. swept a hand through his long dark mane, as he glanced over his round-steel rimmed glasses. “But did we have to schedule this so late? I mean, why not Noon? It’s nearly midnight!”

Lyle gave D.S a deadpan look, and arched a brow at his assistant. Lyle was envious of D.S. sometimes, since even after pulling a week of all-nighters, with a drinking binge in between, he still looked good. “If you have any more beauty sleep, princess, you’d probably be captured by a wicked witch, ” he told his assistant, sticking out his tongue.

D.S rolled his eyes and chuckled, “You keep saying things like that and I’ll think you want a tumble in the hay.” The pretty boy wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. His smoke blue eyes glimmered with mirth

Lyle almost blushed. But he didn’t take the bait. Instead he smirked and shook his head, “No, you’re too much of a tart for me. Now.. make sure the laptop is booted up.”

They were sitting in what looked like a study of some well-to-do rich person, and the decor was old world money. Large portraits on the wall, a stuffed deer head over the mantle, crystal decanters with expensive liquor, and a pipe tobacco humidor decorated the room. The furniture seemed to fit the olde world decor, as well. Some of the artwork was odd, however, as it had been.. ‘criticized’ with a red paint. Lyle sighed, looking at it.  “Everyone’s a critic,” he said.

They’re here, D.S.. Look alive, ” the photographer said, as he heard footsteps on the hardwood floors, outside the room. His green eyes glittering as the door opened.

Two figures entered, striding along with easy steps. They chatted quietly until they saw the photographer and the assistant. They covered the distance, coming to stand in front of Lyle. They spared a look at D.S, but focused on Lyle.

The taller one wore a bronze colored top hat, a similar colored scarf, black trousers and an open suit-jacket. It revealed a naked chest and stomach, pale skin, and his long dark tresses and glasses framed a curious handsome face with intelligent eyes and a bow of a smile.

The other was had a wild mane of brown, almost lionesque hair. He wore black trousers and a suit jacket, in an older style, with a white shirt underneath a black waist coat, and a tie … no… a padlock on a collar around his shirt collar. He had some intense facial piercings, and was pale skinned but exotic looking. Both were different, but they seemed to go together.

“Hiiii,” the smaller of the two said, “I’m glad you guys are already set up. We don’t have a lot of time. ” The taller of the two held up a hand, “Manners, Ralphie, “ he said to his companion, before turning back to the photographer, “We’re glad you could be here. This is Ralphie, and I’m .. call me Serenity. “

Lyle’s eyes narrowed and he frowned as he peered at Ralphie, as if he was trying to remember something. “What, do I have something on my face?” Ralphie said, frowning back at Lyle. “It’s not polite to stare, you know. “

D.S. was looking over curiously and he hissed, “You’re STARING, Lyle.. stop perving!”

Lyle shook his head, sighed, and passing a hand over his face. His Nikon swayed from his neck on its strap. “My apologies, “ he started. “For a minute… I thought I recognized you…Sorry.. So.. Ok.. let’s get you two in front of the fireplace and we can get this shoot done.. “

“Make some magic, partner!” D.S. said from across the room, as he made sure there was a bluetooth connection between the camera and his computer.

Ralphie and Serenity moved to the fireplace, as the photographer adjusted the lights, and then started to shoot. “Perfect.. you both are really photogenic. You ever thought about modeling?”

Ralphie gave Lyle a frown again and opening his mouth to say something, when Serenity made a hissing sound, and Ralphie subsided, and simply said, “Just take the pictures, photo-boy, please? We’re on a tight schedule. It’s our anniversary!”

Lyle glanced up from his camera, poised for another photo, “Oh? What kind? “

“Kinda like both our birthdays, but not really. Let’s just say 2007 was a good year. “

Lyle opened his mouth.. Then closed it, and shrugged. He just began snapping more shots. Finally, D.S. gave him the ‘thumbs-up’. Lyle let his camera rest against his stomach, as he put the lens cap on. “Well, I think that’s probably all. I’ll send you the proofs tomorrow morning. That sound ok? “

Ralphie glanced at Serenity, who shrugged and and then nodded to Lyle. “Sure. Sounds good. Thanks for .. doing your thing.. Now, not meaning to be rude, but we’ve got some parties to attend.. Goodnight!”

Lyle watched Ralphie flash a grin towards Serenity, who paused, and said, “Take care guys – it can get dangerous around this neighborhood,  so be safe.” Ralphie tugged at Serenity’s arm and said, “Oh, please. They can take care of themselves.” A pause. “Well – maybe not. Guys- Get home fast.“ With that the two swept out of the room, chatting together in a low murmur.

Lyle and D.S. glanced at one another, and D.S. frowned, and said, “See, I told you we should do these things around noon. “ Lyle waved him off and said,“Let’s just get packed up and out of here.”

It took about 20 minutes – they were pretty efficient, and got their things into the van in no time. The van was parked by the curb, looking black in the dim lighting. It was quite dark out, with only the dim streetlight above, and the wan sliver of a scythe-like crescent moon in the sky. As they started to walk to the front of the van, the street light started flickering above them.

“Well that was pretty painless, ” Lyle said, as he fished in his pocket for the keys.

D.S. glanced back at the old mansion. He seemed thoughtful. “You know.. Ralphie seemed familiar, ” the pretty man said, “But damn Lyle – you gotta stop perving on the customers! I was so embarrassed!”

Lyle gasped and spluttered, “I was NOT perving.. I was just.. He seemed so familiar!”

D.S. chuckled, and smirked at his easy-to-bait companion.“We did that shoot with Ralphie a few months ago, remember? He had his hair totally different, AND he was half naked. You perv-zoned out staring at him that time too, if you remember?” he smirked at Lyle in the dim light.

As Lyle prepared a blistering reply, the two were distracted, as the streetlight above exploded with a flash. Shattered glass and sparks rained down around them in a shower. D.S. covered his face to protect his eyes out of instinct, while Lyle gasped and dropped his keys in surprise. Lyle cursed and muttered, covering his own head. “Holy crap! Let’s get out of… oh no.. “

Shaking his head to get the glass out of it, he heard a scraping sound, like rebar being dragged on the pavement. He looked over his arm, and saw Lyle was backing away from the van and … Something.. It was hard to see, but it seemed a creature, over 7 feet tall, like a gargoyle statue had come to life. And it menaced Lyle.

The two were half hidden by the van, as Lyle backed away in terror. The creature lunged and scooped it’s victim up in its arms, like grabbing a child’s doll, and Lyle screamed, but it sounded as if it was from far away.

D.S looked on in horror, and then up, as the creature spread its wings, leap into the air, and flew up and up, it’s dark silhouette blotting out the thin crescent moon, Lyle dangled helplessly in its taloned grip. “They said it was dangerous, “ he muttered, and then, as his anger and resolve came back, he narrowed his eyes, and scooped up the keys. He lept into the van’s driver’s seat.

The engine roared to life, and D.S. jammed it into gear, and peeled out.

He was going to track down his friend, and try to get him back from that thing – whatever it was. But the night was dark – and so were his chances.  “Don’t take midnight jobs,” the young man muttered. “I told him it was a bad idea.“

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

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