A Lonely Road

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Sometimes leaving is easy, you just have to not care.

That’s what Liam kept telling himself as he walked away. The road was littered with cigarettes and little bits of trash and leaves. He scuffed his sneakers over the little bits of detritus as he kept walking down the street, shoulders hunched in his own anger. He glanced over his shoulder and found they were glaring and staring at him, watching him as he made his exit. It was the bar owner and his wife. They both looked angry and accusatory.

So he turned, as he continued to walk backwards, and flipped them the bird. The look of the old bald dude showed his disgust, as he gripped his broom handle like he planned on running after Liam and using the broom as a weapon. “Don’t try it! You’ll have a stroke!” he taunted as he gave them a dismissive wave of his hand. His wife, the woman with gray hair but a more healthy pallor, despite being age worn, spat on the cobblestones, showing what she thought of the gesture, gripping her husband’s arm, and dragging him back inside.

Liam wasn’t a particularly nice guy. But he was in the right, and they were wrong. He had done nothing of what they accused him of. Well, mostly not all of it. He didn’t take blame for things he was accused of if it wasn’t true, at least as far as legal matters were concerned. And he never took lip from anyone. He had his pride, and he just wasn’t about to put up with ‘it’.

They’d all turned their backs on him – his friends and colleagues – if you could call any of them by those names. They were quick to be nice to you when they wanted what was in your pants, but mean spirited, when the next morning came if you didn’t give them what they wanted – a ring or a kiss or at least the lie of a second ‘date’. But since he looked different, had a different accent – he felt he was not measured by the same standards as others.

Maybe he’d brought some of it on himself, with the way he’d carried on. Maybe.

He’d had a different lover every night – especially when he’d get up on the little stage to play his music, using the acoustic guitar and singing the songs that he’d been learning all his life. The college boys and girls swirled around him like moths to a flame, and bought him drinks, and anything he needed. It seemed only polite to let some of them take him home after.

The one guy that had really tried to understand him and help him, that Shep guy (some kind of bohemian book store owner that could kick ass on guitar) – now he’d been fun. They’d gotten on great together, and even hung out and drank, and fooled around. He’d tried to give him help, and simple friendship. Well, nothing about friendship was simple. And just because you said the world wasn’t harsh, didn’t mean it was true. Having friends didn’t stop bad things from happening.

He didn’t know if the guy would ever forgive him for the things he said.

He didn’t know how to fix it.

But things he did know – at least about the bar: He didn’t steal the cash. He didn’t lie about the break in. He wasn’t the one that robbed the bar. And he sure as hell wasn’t the one that set the place on fire.

He frowned and shook his head, reaching up to grip the necklace dangling from the cord at his neck, and squeezed it. He couldn’t bring himself to throw it away. But he wasn’t ready to ask for help. He didn’t know if he was capable. At least not yet. Things would have to go so far south for him to call in this marker.

So he kept walking down that street, a bag in his hand, a cap on his head, and memories that would have to last him a long time, because he really didn’t know where he was headed, nor what he was going to do next.

All he had was the open road, and his pride.

It was a lonely road, when it was paved with pride.

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

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