Battle Plans

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The bombardment had gone on for days, with little effect, until the dark magician had arrived, throwing his daemonic power again the magic-reinforced walls. His spells had unlaced the intricate magics protecting the stone and mortar, and then – they were just rocks – no match for the dark wizardry. The ensorcelled stones had burned and blasted the walls, causing the main wall to crumble under the assault. And now – as the Minions of the Horde ran for the breach, the ravening beasts had only 1 thought in mind: Destroy the Keep, and take them all – dead or alive.

But Alphier couldn’t hear them now, not in his grandfather’s study.Time was standing still while he was in there. He didn’t quite know how – he had much to learn yet. But for now, he could think.

The young man, had been thrust into his birthright – Lord of the Land. And now it was up to him to think of a way out of this terrible mess. He knew the answer was in his grandfather’s old study, the one his father had locked up and said, “No one shall ever go in there again, not as long as I draw breath!“ He’d locked the room, and had tried to erase the older man’s legacy. And it had led to this situation – the attack that was going to destroy them. Then his father got himself killed.

The old man wasn’t drawing breath now. And he wasn’t here to berate his son – not any more.

Alphier had tied his hair up in a rough ponytail, and the fur stole of his birthright, and stalked through the lines of armored warriors, all of them looking kind of like chess pieces – rooks, knights, pawns – no bishops- and there wasn’t a King any more – unless he counted himself. He’d kind of thought of himself as a queen, to be honest, since that piece could move so fast and far on the chessboard.  

Truth be told, he was a pretty young man and that bothered him sometimes because of how most of the big burly men looked at him. But he’d shown his bravery, despite his father’s dislike of his ‘soft’ appearance. Perhaps he had reminded his father too much of his mother – he always suspected his father blamed him for his mother’s death. But there wasn’t a man that could beat him at fencing or with short swords. He was quick, and he was deadly, even if he wasn’t the strongest man in the fort.

But still, he couldn’t stop a hoard with brute force. He needed a plan.

He’d entered the room, the door creaking open in protest after so long. He rubbed his tattooed arms, and shivered as he came into the room. Cobwebs were not in evidence- it all seemed the same as it had been, 15 years ago, just the way Grandfather had left it. In fact… nothing moved in that room. At all. There was a candle burning in the corner, but the light did not flicker. The clock on the mantle – its pendulum swinging upwards, frozen. Time stood still in here.

This whole situation nearly freaked him out, as he felt a humming against his throat- the choker necklace that had the metal loops. The necklace began to softly glow, and the door behind Alphier closed. He was locked in!

As he glanced around, a light appeared – and it was in the form of his Grandfather! He materialized next to the fireplace, a spectral figure, looking as he had in the prime of life. A tall man, with a salt-pepper beard, neatly trimmed, and gray eyes like fog on the ocean. His long dark hair, streaked with a lightning bolt of gray at the temples, and dressed in his ceremonial robes of blue and black. He seemed regal, and if he wasn’t translucent, he’d have been alive.

“Grandpa!” Alphier cried, as he ran across the room to him, stopping just short of the man.

The ghost smiled and said, “The answer is inside you.. You must make your future a victorious one, undaunted. You are the Lord of the Keep now. All of its power is yours to command. “

“But .. but how? The walls are breached – they’re going to over-run the walls!“

“I am forbidden to tell you what you need to know-directly. However, I am permitted to give you a hint. The answer lies not with the pieces on the board – Nor in their positions – the squares on the board aren’t just squares – there are lines. Read between them. Now I must go, child.. Farewell. “

With that, the spectral figure vanished, but the room still seemed frozen.  Maybe his grandfather was giving him this frozen moment to figure out what he meant? He dove into the books from the desk, piling them on the floor by the fireplace, Alphier set to reading until he drifted off exhausted into sleep, and there – he dreamed.

He was sitting on all of those books, piled up into a throne of sorts, on a little patch of grass and flowers, vines dangling against his shoulder. Giant chess pieces were piled behind him. He petted Toby, the little black pup –  his companion growing up. He looked around, and the little dog licked his neck and face, and Alphier giggled and sighed for that moment of delight.

That’s when he noticed that he could see the battle field all around him, like he was hovering above it, on this little patch of grass and piled up books, with Toby in his arms. And he looked back at the castle, and there, at the base of the central keep was a light – and then he noticed the light was actually part of a line that stretched out in 4 directions, like compass points.  A clue! Something there was what he needed in the basement.

And now he remembered what stories his grandfather had told him about the ley lines, and the power of the keep. “All -RIGHT!” He said, now knowing what he had to do. He started awake in the frozen room, and shook his head, everything was as it had been but he could swear that the clock’s pendulum was slowly starting to swing down. He had to hurry. Frozen time was running out. So, he had to make it downstairs and unleash the power of the ley lines. And do it fast. Their lives depended on it.

~Dehrynn Shepherd

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