Wish Upon a Pisces

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In space, he drifted. He had visited many suns, many spheres and moonlets, and even drawn near to those pools of utter black that were deeper than the soft and easy realms between the stars. He visiting places such as the little blue and green water-heavy world of Terra. But those little mortals- How could they know the joys of drifting in the currents between stars? They could only dream of knowing the void as he did.

The void.. What a poor choice of words. For it was full of wonders and creatures! And so much that most of those flat-faced little monkeys could even begin to comprehend. The universe was magnificent, and the sounds of the stars were like bells in the darkness.

His body was magnificent, his eyes shone like a small twin suns, and his silken hair was so long, that it swirled in ribbons and caressed his beautiful skin, as he rode the tides between stars.

As he swam through the void, he heard the peel of a new note – one that he had heard sometimes, but could not pinpoint until now. It was so clear! He really heard it! It was such a different note!

It had been a long time since he’d found one that he could relate to – sometimes the others, the cosmic beings, were just strange and wanted to be left alone. But he had to find out, the call was so inviting!

Ralphianus, child of the stars, focused on the constellations, and picked out the one he heard the soft and strange singing coming from. Spreading his arms, he leapt, as if diving from a cliff and … the stars started streaking past, redshifted and elongated as he traveled at phenomenal speeds.

He could sense others – ones curious at his passage, but either too lazy, or too insular to stop him to chat. Some were even laying traps for him HA! , let them try to catch him! But for now, the star child ignored the others.

Ralpianus shook his head and the streaming locks of pink and green and purple twirled around him as he spiraled in the warp field, joy radiant on his face. He sped through the depths of the stars themselves. Until.. There it was.. The song – near that large blue star!

Ralphianus slipped back into normal space, and hovered at the edge of the solar system – and found himself floating inside the gravity well of the huge blue giant star. He cried out in greeting, as he smiled and swept around the various planets that orbited in the outer zone of the star. The gas giants hummed, giving off their own pulses of energy and music, all in harmony, as if they were crystal spheres vibrating a welcoming to him.

And then he heard the ancient but ever young celestial creature, the one known as PIsces.

Ralphianus swam near, in a swirling misty nebula that ringed that world. And there, Pisces and the star child froliced and swam in space near the planet Pisces called its home. A meteor shower began, and the two laughed as the little rocks changed to water as they neared their cosmic flesh! Plink plink plink! It was simply beautiful and fun. They laughed and smiled at one another.

Pisces, the old and wise one, a fish of incomprehensible beauty in its aquatic guise, swam up and swirled around the visitor, and spoke in a sing-song voice, “You heard my call, child – is there a request I can grant you? You came such a long way. What can I grant, besides my company? “

It slipped into his hands, and Ralphianus cradled the ancient but ever young one against his chest. Pisces gave him a fishy kiss on the nose and nuzzled in, warm and radiant, as the star child  contemplated. “I love traveling through the stars, but I wish I could understand the little fleeting ones, the ones that cry out.. Like the little monkey-creatures on that place called Terra. “

“Ahhh, you are curious about them, as they are about you, eh? “ Pisces said, as he wriggled up against Ralphianus’s chest, his fishy twintails softly rubbing the star child’s chest.

“Yes, I am.. They live such fleeting, confined little lives.”

Pisces was quiet for a while, and then spoke, “I could grant you the chance to understand, but to do that, you would need to become one of them.. At least for a time. Is that something you would want to do?” He said that in a cautionary way, slipping out of Ralphianus’ grasp and swimming in space to face his companion. “You could learn much from them, but not all knowledge is worth the risk. “

Ralphianus paused and frowned – the first such frown to be seen on his face, since the last time he nearly got too close to that black hole. “Perhaps. But why would you help me do this? “

“Oh, partly to give you a chance to experience things you haven’t yet known. And you might find something of value. And in particular, there are immortals amongst those ‘little monkey creatures’ – the elves for one, if you can find them. They have a perception more like ours.“

Ralphianus sighed, and smiled, and tilted his beautiful face, and kissed the fishy one. “I would like to do that. But not now. Let’s play some more!  I’ll race you!  Last one to the outer rings is a brown-dwarf!” And Ralphianus laughed and was gone in a streak of stardust and light.

Pisces smiled and flashed after him. It was playtime for now. Wishes could come later.

~Dehrynn Shepherd 

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